Batman Beyond Discussion

Can we talk about Batman Beyond? Please?

I’ve been rewatching this show with my DC Universe account, and I haven’t seen it since I was a kid watching it on WB Kids. Holy shit does it hold up.


Oh my GOD this intro:

I Really wanna discuss this show critically. This forum always seems really deep into Cyberpunk fiction, and I think Batman Beyond was one of my first introductions to the genre. Plus that Doom-Like Buttrock. THE BUTTROCK IS SO GOOD.

One of the main critiques I see of Batman is that he’s pretty fash in terms of what he represents. Wayne is a billionaire who spends his time beating up low income criminals and mentally unstable super villains instead of attacking the foundations that create these issues. I think Reginald D. Hunter sums this up pretty well:

One of the interesting things about Batman Beyond is that the first season has Terry mainly contending against agents of corporate warfare instead of the regular street hustlers like the Jokerz. Sure, the Jokerz are there, but the real enemy is the billionaire Derek Powers, who uses his power in a number of evil ways. To be honest though, Wayne uses Terry more as an agent of his corporate interests rather than crime fighting. It’s like a campaign of Shadowrun with super heroes. Its great! Most episodes of the first season have Terry fighting with some agent of Powers doing some corporate warfare against another company. It usually ends with a whole building exploding. I started to laugh every episode, because they’d end with a GIANT explosion toppling down a whole industrial complex.

Honestly, the first season of this show is pretty fantastic. It has a small dip in quality at the start of season 2, but it then introduces one of my favorite characters Maxine into the mix.

I REALLY wanna talk about this show! I don’t know where I could have an interesting conversation about Batman Beyond anywhere else but here.

I also invite greater Batman/Super Hero discussion!


If only there was a way for us to be well and watch Batman Beyond again.

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I miss being 12 and totally missing the political undertones of my Batman cartoons.

Mask of the Phantasm still holds up though.

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I think Under the Red Hood is still my favorite Batman movie of all time.

It ends on such a bummer. I love it.

Hell yeah, Batman Beyond! My favorite animated Batman series!

I haven’t watched it since I was a kid but after reading your intro post I might revisit it. Definitely did not pick up on those themes when I was younger. Too busy having a massive crush on Maxine.


Not for nothing, the Batman Beyond suit would make for a really satisfying superhero game. Also the show is incredible.

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Maxine is so good!

I love that she figures out who Batman is on her own instead of Terry revealing it to her. From what I hear, she’s a big part of the Beyond comics because Wayne is dead at the point the comics are at.

One of my favorite jokes that I never picked up on as a kid is Terry ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, getting his kiss with Dana interrupted by some Batman shit or Wayne calling him to do something. EVERY TIME.

God, this show is so good.

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Batman Beyond is extremely good, and don’t forget to go and watch JL:U for the actual series finale once you’re done with it! (also just watch JL:U because JL:U slaps)

Honestly, the DCAU being my introduction to Batman is basically the sole reason I remain a fan of the character to this day, because it does not shy away from confronting these questions. I mean, the idea that Batman is not fundamentally solving any of Gotham’s problems is basically laid bare by just the premise of Batman Beyond being set in a future that is arguably worse than what you see in B:TAS.


I think you’ve convinced me that I need to rewatch Batman Beyond. I was 10 or 12 when I watched it so anything deeper than “wow cool batman” went right over my head.

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That is pretty much EVERY OG Batman villain though: Joker, Harley, Two Face, Scarecrow, Scarface… The good majority of the rogues roster is Batman beating mentally ill people to take them back to Arkham Asylum, which isn’t even proper mental care. They just put them in straight jackets and wait for them to escape. Someone realized that, “Oh, Batman is dark and gritty. What’s dark and gritty? Insane people.” The thesis around Batman is that carnage for the sake of carnage is more terrifying than stealing for greed.

And the Batman media that DOES address rehabilitation either mocks it, like Dark Knight Returns, or makes it seem completely ineffective.

I love stories about Rehabilitated villains. Two Face is probably my favorite Batman villain, because he at least has moments of clarity where he wants to come back from the brink of where ‘Big Bad Harv’ has left him. It’s definitely a comic book version of Dual Personality Disorder, which is problematic, but I love that Batman wants to HELP Two Face.

I mean, the idea that Batman is not fundamentally solving any of Gotham’s problems is basically laid bare by just the premise of Batman Beyond being set in a future that is arguably worse than what you see in B:TAS.

In fact, the majority of these villains are BECAUSE Batman exists.

Say what you want about Marvel films, but I love Vision’s speech about how power is contested with greater power sheerly from existing. The super hero EXISTING by itself creates more problems than it solves:


Batman Beyond is so damn Schway. Masterful show. I’ve always wanted a Batman Beyond movie - and you could just take the Mr. Freeze episode and adapt that to feature length fairly easily. It’s incredible how much story they shoved into just 22 minutes with that.

“Remember, there might be some momentary discomfort”:

Also in this house we stan Inque.


I see your Marvel clip and raise you a J:LU clip:

Honestly it was either that or Captain Marvel’s speech at the end of “Clash” but that requires the entire episode to really land.

(Sidenote: “Clash” might be the best single episode of television ever made??? Look Terry shows up in J:LU multiple times so I’m justified in stanning J:LU here!!!)


“I’m an old lefty.”

Damn, imagine if this dropped today.

Also, The Question was the best part of JL:U

The GOOD Rorschach.


What I hate about modern and post modern batman is the attempt to ‘ground’ batman and his rogue’s gallery. It’s poop. It’s also significantly cut down on the baller villains. Not that it’s not good to examine what some of these villains could be implying, but the doubling down on these characters as mentally unstable criminals is not my idea of fun.
I also hate the escalation theory of super heroes. I fundamentally disagree with that style of story telling. That sort of idea just blows past the rest of society. It’s absurd to create a universe where you need villains to maintain stories and have the idea that villains exist be the hammer to strike the hero down. See: JLU’s “Patriot Act” episode. You can’t parallel super heroes to real police. Especially if you’re not about to examine the entirety of society that allows for police to act in the way they do.

Akrham is bad and is ripe for reexamination (read: deletion), but the biggest problem with Arkham is that most batman writers actually have no idea how asylums work beyond being fascinated by the imagery of ye olde sanitariums. Why I don’t get on with most dark realistic serious super hero comics is because most of them scratch the surface of the issue they’re getting at and let that stand in for doing harder examinations.


You say that but I would also pay like $100 for a Batman Beyond Arkham game.


To get things back on Batman Beyond for a tick, what stands out to me is how the rogues gallery of Season 1 is NOTHING like OG Batman. Severe mental illness isn’t a focus here. Most of the villains are corporate agents, assassins, narcissists, or some other thing. Arkham Asylum isn’t even in the series so far, as far as I can tell.

You have Powers, who’s the main antagonist. He comes off as a Lex Luther with powers. I find it incredibly funny that he has to wear a mask publicly as a CEO, and underneath is NOTHING but toxicity.

Willy Watt, AKA Golem, is a bullied kid who lashes out by telepathically communicating with his Robot Buddy. He’s the way he is because his father pushed him to answer aggression with equal force. He comes off like a Capital G gamer.

Terminal is the same way. Top Tier student who becomes a joker because of his parents who push him to go beyond his top ability. White, upper class kid who becomes a murderous Joker because he has a superiority complex.

You have Inque, who is a inky shape shifting corporate agent who is motivated by money and revenge. My favorite character. <3

The Terrific Trio is a FANTASTIC parody of the Fantastic Four and how it plays with the idea that the
Fantastic Four would hate their lives as the mutations they are.

Shriek, another corp agent who uses his sound technology to literally change or amplify sound around him. He’s motivated by having his technology getting funded by Powers.

10, who is part of the Royal Flush family. She’s a great character, forced into crime by legacy and a family motivated by social image.

Curaré who is basically HITMAN but blue and with a sword.

The only missteps I’ve had so far is with the Slicer episode. That’s when all the kids basically wanna become furries. It seems like it’s an episode against self-expression and body modification, probably as a ploy to keep kids from getting tattoos or whatever.

There’s also a hunter character named Stalker who is a FUCKING PROBLEM. I’d avoid the episode he’s in, because it’s VERY problematic.

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God, it’s been a long time but I have love for this series.
Yes on the butt rock!
I remember the villains having more of a sense of tragedy than classic animated series batman…if like every villian had as much pathos as poor ol Victor Freeze (forget how his last name is spelled)
Yes the ending of JLU that ties in with Batman Beyond is extremely good!
Under the Red Hood still my favorite batman cartoon as well.

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Now I’m just watching DCAU clips on YouTube and thinking about how good all those shows are.

(also, for those who don’t know: Rorschach was based on an amalgamation of The Question and Mr. A, another Steve Ditko character, who was basically The Question but with the Randian subtext made into extremely loud text)