Batman Beyond Discussion

Yeah, in the JLU episode that is kind of an epilogue to batman they cover that.

Terry was an attempt by Cadmus to make a new batman so they replaced his fathers sperm with Bruce’s and planned to kill his parents (but they couldnt go thru with it. Ironically, his dad was murdered anyway)

Its hard to argue with it being silly, because it definately is. The episode makes it work though

Rewatching it now, that fight is still very good:

Batman whispering “April Moon” and that poor cyborg (with his very silly augment choices) just disintegrating until he’s a flopping torso on the ground, bebop music in the background

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My partner and I watched ‘Once Burned’ last night, and we were fawning over this ‘take no shit’ rogue-looking character at the card game being busted up by 10. Lula is her name. We need more.

This episode really bugged me though. 10 is explicitly stealing the wealth from criminals. I don’t understand why Batman cares. I guess because the loot is stolen itself?

10’s look in this is fire too:

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I can’t believe I only just now remembered this absolute goddamn gem. The early 2000s was a wild, wild time people

I kind of hate this too.

It seems convoluted in a way that the writers went, “Oh shit, Terry’s backstory is just like EVERY other Robin . We gotta shake this up somehow.” In a retroactive sense.

One of the things I genuinely LOVE about Beyond is how utterly TERRIBLE Terry is at being Batman. He’s dogshit. He gets his ass beat nearly every episode, and he hardly has any of those moments of, “I’m so lethal I’m scary.” Like Bruce does in the TAS. It makes sense, seeing as he’s basically running partnerless on his first year out as Batman without any ninja training, but I really like the arc it gives him. He’s just this street punk who actually acts like a punk when he’s in the suit. I feel like the previous Robin’s were pitched like this, especially Jason, but Terry really sells it with how often he fucks up.

I love it.


It’s the thing I like about a young peter parker. Terry is the star of his own snuff film on a regular basis. And then we see him figuring out that getting crushed on the regular is a bad look and he improves.

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I had a tiny bit of wine tonight, so maybe that’s affecting things, but I cannot deal with how fucking sad poor Magma is after punching Not-Mr. Fantastic by accident in the Terrific Trio episode. I can’t deal with that much depression in a Saturday Morning cartoon… :sob: Z1 Z2

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The series is great. There have been several followup comic series that take place in the same continuity as well. I would recommend all of them, but a good place to start is Hush Beyond, which I think is an even better story than the original.
Terry is a great character, and I’d love to see a live adaptation some day

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