Battle Chef Brigade!


I don’t think the game actually has an exclamation mark at the end, but after an hour with this on my Switch I feel it needs one.

It has been a while since I have played a game this, odd? It seems so sure of itself though, the art style, the soundtrack, the voice acting (in parts). I feel like a kid again, I can feel my eyes widen as the next scene starts, as I have no idea what to expect next.

Maybe I have had too sheltered a gaming existence over the past few years. Certainly it has been a long time since the days of importing Japanese games and trying to work out what on earth was going on. This makes me feel like I am back in that time though. I want to stop the game, show my wife and go “this is nuts, I love it”. I won’t, because she just wont understand, but I want to.

Good times.


I’ve been reading about this game with anticipation for what feels like years now, so it’s hard to believe it just quietly slipped out yesterday. Definitely going to pick it up soon.


I’ve picked it up and the first two hours I’ve played have been fantastically charming and enjoyable. I was just expecting a standard match three with a bit of theming but the mechanics really do effectively emulate iron chef. You go in with a game plan in your back pocket, need to adapt it, have a lot to do in a short amount of time and will probably need to compromise to get something to the judges within the time limit. I’ve started to notice interesting interactions between the creatures you hunt too that produce different ingredients.

That’s not to mention all the lovely writing, art and voice over work.


Looking forward to getting it later this week (Money little tight). The only negatives I seen is the receptiveness of the game systems but Im ok with that.


I really am loving this. I do find that in the battles (as opposed to the less time constrained puzzles) I am throwing things around in a mad panic though. Especially when there are multiple dishes to be cooked. And then remembering what the special requests are (the fire/earth/water is above the judges heads but even that I keep having to run back to check, my bad memory I guess). So I find winning a bit less satisfying, as I don’t feel like Io have earnt it.

Anyone else get that?


i picked this up today, played through to the end of the tournament in a few hours and am now extremely salty as fuck at the absurd difficulty spike in the matches against the Final Three. Highest scoring dish I saw before this was like 180 and now the lowest score I’ve seen from the first one of these was 328, fuckin haxx


When you’re out in the field, the judges’ conditions are in the bottom right corner!

Also, I totally agree about the mad panic thing, but that’s when the game is most fun for me? I find that if you can get used to making two dishes and combine them into one you can get the higher scores and save some time.


Best thing about this game is the cats and their ability to have a coin to give to you.


Just finished the normal campaign for this game. It was a lot of fun! It definitely seems to be a game that is worth playing through again on hard to be challenged more on the mechanics. It introduces some interesting stuff right at the end which had me going “oh right! That’s how I was meant to use that stuff in the market”.really hope it gets some DLC. I love the world they’ve made (there’s definitely bits of the map that like are all annotated that aren’t even mentioned in the campaign)


I’m having pretty much the same experience but not with the score. I foolishly picked hard. I did not regret it at first, any loses felt entirely about me mismanaging my dishes. Then suddenly I hit the Final Three and am unable to even collect the required ingredients on account of any random monster can take me down to 2 hp in a single hit. Killing a dragon without using up my time limit currently feels like an impossible dream.

Anyway, I still think it is a super cool game that I hope does well for them. It really feels like playing a fun cooking shounen anime.


Oh man, I just had that moment that Austin talked about where I was wasn’t sure if I could make the cut at the end of the match.


I loved that this game got a shoutout on WPR, I started playing it on my switch when staying with family over thanksgiving and I fell in love with it. I really like the characters and the gameplay loop, it is a very good exercise in restraint in design, and also I just really enjoy it. I haven’t finished yet though.

I’m also playing like… I play games, which is, never letting myself lose a match. I’m not even sure what happens (I assume the game goes on and its fine, unless you mean the in-game disqualification condition. I like it when they say Mina is undefeated though)


Bought it on WPR recommendation and in love with it?! I especially like the worldbuilding. What is it like to be a line cook in this world? Like this. What is food science like? Like this. I’ve also started panicking while cooking at first, but then I won my first couple of matches and calmed down a bit. I find the game strangely calming now. It’s just so pastel and cute and the music is great. Hope the difficulty spike isn’t as bad on normal.

P.S. Can we talk about chairman’s outfits? They are magnificent. I want to wear half of them and want to have the other half just to look at it.


So I’m playing this game as a pallet cleanser from my Destiny 2 addiction and WPR is on point with this recommendation. It’s the Iron Chef game that I never knew I wanted.

Now it’s got me thinking what other cooking shows I’d love to see in a format similar to this, one of which is Cutthroat Kitchen.


Is this a good contender for pass and play style gaming? I’m looking for something that could be fun to take turns with my spouse and kiddo, to supplement our current Splatoon 2 playing.


I just beat Chapter 1. I assume I’ll eventually stop accidentally picking up the dish instead of stirring it.


The Story Probably not though the Daily challenge could be as it its repeatable so you could take turns trying see who makes the best dish


I’ve just bought this and golf story… can’t wait!


I’m still early in the game; can someone clarify this for me? If a judge likes water for example, should I match as many water gems as I can so I’m left with mostly those fancy swishing water gems, or is it better to clear the other colours and leave a bunch of water gems there?

Also, I just bought the first cookware that becomes available that allows you to only match two of a particular colour but you can only match that type. Should I have all three of these equipped and move my dish from pot to pot depending on what gems I need to clear or is that a waste of time? It doesn’t seem to let me clear bone gems if I do this so it’s probably not a good idea.

Any other tips and tricks? I haven’t lost a match yet but I feel like I don’t have a firm grasp on what I’m doing.


I say it best to have one of the element cookware base on the match so you can get the most gem of that element and use the regular pan to match out the other elements. Bones can only be match on the regular and combo pan. When dealing with judges with single likes of a elements focus on getting the most gems of that element in a dish.

Pro-tip - Turn the slow cooker on before getting more ingredients and just drop off ingredients and go right back to getting more instead of matching up the ones you have.