'Battlefield 2042' Offers Unfinished Experiments with the Series' Formula

Battlefield 2042 feels like a game made by and for people who don't like Battlefield games. It grabs at ideas that have become popular elsewhere and flings them into a game so uncertain of its identity that it has none at all.

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The writings were on the wall during the beta where the weapon-handling and Specialists really didn’t feel like Battlefield according to a lot of people.

We’re now 0 for 2 for the big end-of-year shooters. The only one I’ve been super keen for is Halo Infinite so hopefully that turns out okay. I’m also a lot more confident in Microsoft’s desire and intent to continue working on and improving their games after launch. The Battlefield games have improved over time to varying degrees, but Vanguard will be dropped like a hot rock when the next MW game is released.

Anyway, it’s a real shame that Battlefield has completely reversed the course-correction that was Battlefield 1. Admittedly, I’m an infantry player so that game was uniquely tailored to my preferences. Even counting V, I don’t see how they got to 2042 from there without a deliberate decision to cherry-pick design elements from all the major shooters it’s trying to compete with.

EDIT: I’ve seen some Portal footage and I can see why people are still excited about this game. This game may just sell because it’s actually a stealth remaster bundle of a bunch of great Battlefield games, and that’s really cool.


Like Rob, I also have a profound fondness for Bad Company 2. The game rarely crosses my mind, but the moment it does a highlight reel memories streams across my consciousness as I realize it was definitely the game I put the most time into when I was in highschool. It wa such a well-tuned multiplayer experience relative to the other battlefields I tried. I don’t really see myself picking up this game, but a stealth BC2 remaster is about as good a sell as I can imagine.

This… gonna be on Gamepass?

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You get a 10 hour trial for free through Gamepass ultimate, and a 10% discount if you want to buy the game. But it’ll eventually be on there for free in 6-12 months given how BF1 and V were handled.

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