‘Battlegrounds’ Devs Respond to Community Pushback Over Microtransactions


The crate-and-key system is still coming, but some changes might be in store for those who don't want to pay.

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Honestly, I’m happy that they are introducing perpetual revenue streams. It indicates to me that they intend to run and support the game for a while coming. This isn’t necessarily a given for online multiplayer games like this.

Edit: That said, I don’t plan on ever buying a key…


I continue not to be sure about how a developer ‘should’ handle this. Overwatch is a game that I regularly spend upwards of £15 on most events, grabbing a couple of lootboxes just so I can know that I’ll be able to wear a beret when I’m healing. That said, would I rather that it didn’t offer me the option? At times, I feel like it shouldn’t (and that a full-priced game shouldn’t have paid cosmetics), but that might just be naive for me. Continued monetisation of a player base is going to happen because it’s an option open to developers now. I’m not entirely sure whether I’m okay with that or not.

That said, will I be paying $2.50 to have the opportunity to play fashion grounds with my character? God, probably. Just maybe I’m the problem here.


Doesn’t affect me in any way as I have a hard rule against interacting with microtransactions or skinner boxes. But I continue to be concerned over how this business practice openly exploits people who have a hard time saying no to this kind of stuff, to the point where we now all use the term “whale.” It’s loophole gambling, and it’s gross.