'Battlegrounds' Finds Streaming Success With Tense Human Drama

Watching 'PUBG' streamers is the closest thing to a horror movie on Twitch.

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Loved this piece. One of my favorite streamers is this guy called Aculite who is just… very down tempo. He gets excited but when he does, he whisper-shouts. Watching him play with his friends is the streaming equivalent of the cracking a cold one with the boys meme. There’s suspense and tension, but it’s like that of a surprise birthday party, not my nail-biting heart exploding matches on solo.

Watching Austin & Patrick play is fascinating because they are slowly learning and so they have peaks and valleys of tension and victory that don’t coincide with mine and would not happen to me (PATRICK PRESS Z or discovering a cool feature or executing a good strategy for the first time). When they reach that “asymptotic approximation towards that ideal arc.” that will be a MOMENT.

It’s incredible how the personality of the streamer can shape this game so much! How skill matters a whoooole lot but like the piece says, you can never be sure, until the very end, that you were watching the hero.

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