'Battlegrounds' Helped Me Understand People Who Argue Over Patch Notes


This isn't a new phenomenon, but it's the first time I've been part of it.

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The first time this happened to me was with overwatch. So I totally relate.


Is this a plea to ignite an argument about whether vehicles should face east or not? I hate to oblige, but


I really want them to randomize doors being open or closed.


I realise I’m doing the thing we’re sort of goofing about here, but I really hope they don’t randomise open / closed doors, and I’m a little sore about them patching vehicles to face in random directions. I liked the strategic depth that these arbitrary little rules added to the game! Setting ambushes with cars facing east and closing all the doors to make people think a place was uncleared is a cool thing IMO!


Could be worse; it could be like Smash Bros where the devs don’t release any patch notes at all for big gameplay balance updates and the whole community spends a few weeks just trying to figure out exactly what changed.

I play a lot of online games, so I’ve been reading patch notes since the days of Dota 1 and StarCraft Brood War. No balance patch will be 100% well received by a game’s community, but the best thing a developer can do is be transparent about what they want for their game and hopefully the community understands the goals intended.


The mind games are definitely cool! I go back and forth wanting it to be truly terrifying (doors and cars random) and wanting door opening and closing to continue to be a thing.