‘BattleTech Advanced 3062’ Is a Massive and Beautifully Cruel Mod

BattleTech Advanced 3062 is a game about how people break, slowly. It has little interest in swift violence or sudden ends. The quickest death a pilot can hope for is a clean shot to the cockpit, which never comes. Instead, the shot swings wide and blows off an arm, or grazes the head of their mech, and the pilot slams forward. Something in them breaks. 

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Really great article on a mod I will probably never play but I love reading about. The enhanced human injury system sounds especially interesting, it would add so much brutal depth to my head canons.

Though you have inspired me to spin up BattleTech again and see if I can finally finish the base campaign.


Dammit, me, too.

I really liked Ren’s storytelling of those encounters, both on the podcast and in the article. It’s hard for me to pay attention to those narratives when I’m playing and focused on the mechanics, so I really love hearing stories like hers.