'BattleTech' Brings 'MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries' into a Post-'XCOM' World


Reinventing an Ameritrash board gaming classic, sans all the trash.

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I am beginning to feel a serious amount of hype for this game after some recent coverage on RPS and PCGamer. I played the Kickstarter backer beta a few times then decided to uninstall and wait for the full game. Now that the beta is no longer available I am jonesing to get my Mech Lance Mercenary Squad up and running.

Anyone else in the waypoint community interested in this game?


SUPER excited, unsurprisingly. Mecha Mondays is going to go deeeep into this game, I can already feel it.


I am looking forward to this one. I was a teenager during “peak-mech” popularity (nostalgia factor), and looking back, the idiosyncratic MechCommander was probably my favourite game version of the mech thing, so I’m very open to Mechs + XCCOM as an idea. I really dug the Harebrained Shadowrun games, so now I really can’t wait to get my hands on the Harebrained version. They kickstarted this after I burnt out on the whole kickstarter thing, and now I’m a little sad I didn’t contribute.


I’m guessing it’s just a typo, but I enjoyed the phrase “song-winded passages of flavor text”. I imagine it refers to information dumps in the style of epic saga poems.


Looking forward to those Mecha Monday streams.

I remember trying to get Battletech: The Crescent Hawks revenge up and running on my family PC when I was too young to even have any idea what DOS was all about.

I got XBOX LIve specifically to play Mech Assault back in 2002. So many fond mecha-memories.


I never bought in to kickstarter in its glory days so when I saw this one pop up I backed it right away. So far I am very happy with that decision.


Thinking about this game makes my teeth itch. Then again, any mention of Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries makes my teeth itch.

Also: I never thought I’d hear anyone else mention Crescent Hawks Revenge like, ever? I don’t think I ever beat that opening mission. One of these days I should dig out those old DOS games and see how they’ve aged.


But where will you find a 386 to run it?!!?!?!?

I want to frame some of my old 3.5" diskettes.

Diskettes. I just like saying that word.



I have a surprising amount of old, old PCs in working order available to me. I just need to dig them out of storage/retrieve them from relatives’ houses.

Sadly, the one thing I do NOT have is anything that will play Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries reliably without having to jump through a thousand hoops to get it running.