BATTLETECH,,,,, It's good


I don’t know if you guys are interested in giant robots shooting each other for money, but if you are not, then you should be because it’s great anyway I got like five missions into BATTLETECH last night and it’s very cool thanks for listening pls discuss what is your favorite Giant Walking Tank in the thread below

my favorite is probably the Hollander II, which does not appear in BATTLETECH the game because it won’t be built for another 29 years. unless… is there TIME TRAVEL?!? No, there is not time travel. dang

edit: here’s a really good spreadsheet for folks playing the game BEWARE THERE ARE SOME SPOILERS:


It looks cool as hell, and this is coming from a person who’s only interaction with mechs comes from playing into the breach, and watching and not really liking Pacific Rim.


what’s your favorite bigh mech and smol mech?

thanks, bradley

  • when you refer to LRMs, can you please pronounce it “LURM” as god intended?
  • were there many real use case scenarios for the small mechs?
  • which has better in-game fiction, Battletech or Brigador?
  • how do you feel about MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries?


Rob mentions the game really capturing the feeling of the OG tabletop war game. If someone is coming to this green; not having played any BattleTech previously, will they get lost in the minutia of what this version of BattleTech offers?


I’ve never been into the Battletech lore/world and I generally dislike pew pew lasers/blasters but I love mech games with a lot of actual shells/bullets/kinetic ammunition. (Say, Front Mission for example.)

Can I play this new Battletech game without the lame laser beams?


Might have to give this a try. I’m still behind on Into the Breach but this looks really cool. Also, contributing to the pissing off of some transphobes is a nice bonus.


Please, do go on about pissing off transphobes, cause I want to know more.


The game’s lead designer is a trans woman ( and some of the filth have been making noises about boycotting the game for that reason.

EDIT: As you can see, the effects of the garbage boycott have been… devastating


Originally I was interested just because of the Absolute Size Of These Units, but supporting trans women is another reason for me to check this out.


Have either of you been having any problems with bugs or performance? I’ve seen a number of reviews and players mentioning problems with optimization and unexpected crashes. Is it that bad or just the usual Paradox jankiness?


The inclusion of a pronoun selector rather than a gender selector, and the presence of a “they” pronoun appears to have caused some people to have a mental breakdown as well.


My favorite bigh unit is prolly the Awesome and my favorite smol is probably the Raven

  1. yes
  2. yeah they’re great for scouting and in-game they can be very hard to hit with evasion stacks, plus they can flank really good because they’re so fast
  3. dunno, Battletech has a lot though, brigador didn’t have a saturday morning cartoon so, you know, points
  4. haven’t played it

I don’t… think so? While it’s not the best tutorialized game I’ve ever played, it is pretty transparent and will give you a list of every modifier that’s applied to every shot. There’s a lot of lore out there, but it does that neat “hover over the dialogue” thing to give you a simple description of what’s folks are talking about.

But like most Lore, it’s fairly optional. While my knowledge of the tabletop game undoubtedly helps me with stuff like the 'Mech Bay, I think anybody willing to mess around with it for a while should be able to figure it out pretty quickly.

Hmm! All-ballistic mechs are definitely possible, but the thing is that guns use ammunition, and running out of ammunition is bad, so most 'Mechs have at least one or two lasers on them because lasers don’t run out of ammunition. The game does allow you to refit your 'Mechs to custom setups within some restrictions, so it’s certainly possible. I have a Centurion in-game right now with an AC/20 and some SRMs and that’s it

I’m having trouble thinking of canon examples of 'Mechs with no energy weapons at all- the original model Hollander only had a Gauss rifle, I guess.

The only performance problems I’ve noted are that loading takes a while (it seems to chug before it really starts) and occasionally the Cinematic Camera is a little janky.


Not sure how much the crew knows about BattleTech’s weird ephemera and deep lore, but there are some choice weird bits of fluff and also some genuinely cool, if often times quite dated, things in BattleTech’s lore catalog. If there is a familiarity (I’m assuming considering Rob’s review he at least has played tabletop BattleTech) I’d love to know what their favorite bit of BattleTech fluff is.

Mine is: there is a cocktail in universe nicknamed after the big sniper laser gun, the PPC, that is made only for pilots who want to show off. It consists of different ingredients depending on where in the galaxy you happen to be, but the general rules of it are:
4 shots everclear
1 shot of: peppermint schnapps (steiner)
sake (kurita)
ouzo (marik)
plum wine (liao)
bourbon (davion)
tequila (capellan march)

And honestly, there are a lot of disgusting things in this world, but 4 parts everclear/1 part peppermint schnapps makes me physically gag at the idea of downing that.


I really want to pick this up but I also need to play Into The Breach and also need to focus on school work and don’t know if I can handle two Mech Tactics games at once.

Who am I kidding I always need more mechs in my life


For me, the best bit of Battletech lore is the Steiner-Davion Wedding event that kicked off the Fourth Succession War.

This was a big political marriage between two of the major powers, and they had the in-game event occur by inviting people to the reception, which was held at GenCon in 1988. They had a big stage event with the conceit that people at the FASA booth were simply taking part in/listening to a broadcast of the wedding, one of hundreds of similar parties across the galaxy. They had printed invitations! The announcer was doing like a radio-play version of the in-game wedding, they gave attendees cake to eat, the whole deal.

And then, at the end of the wedding, the bride and groom gave each other gifts. Hanse Davion says “My dear… I give you the Capellan Confederation,” one of the other powers. Turns out that he had ordered a big invasion the day before. On the backside of the cake plates were planets that were being invaded, and FASA ran a huge tournament at GenCon to play out the Fourth Succession War.

Probably one of the wildest things a tabletop game has ever done as a promotional/lore event.


oh and since Austin apparently linked this thread on his twitter I guess I should clarify that my Excellent Battlemech Opinions do not in any way represent an official Waypoint Stance, and that I can only speak for Dogsarecool, LLC, Random Forum User.

ps battlemechs are better than gundams, Austin if you wanna fite about it meet me by the flagpole after school


I think the podcast extra should just be Rob and Austin having a completely unrehearsed conversation, because they are both so steeped in battletech lore and/or affection for space opera + big robots that obviously their natural enthusiasm and knowledge will just shine through and be great to listen to.

I backed the game, eventually over the years(?) forgot this, fired it up yesterday and it’s just cool as hell you guys. It’s fuckin rad. I love it.

It’s definitely suffering a little in UI details/design, some sludgy camera cuts and other little things, but what a great combination of style and substance. I am thrilled.


That is pretty great. I hadn’t heard that one. I have to say, on one hand I love FASA for just how bonkers they are in terms of those little lore things, but with stunts like that I can kind of understand why that company went under and had the financial issues it did.

Heck if TSR couldn’t continue existing through the late 90s…


I’m not sure if this question is relevant but I’m curious if Rob or Austin played the Sega Genesis Battletech game. I have no idea how it fits into the Lore TM but I enjoyed what I played of it. Also, how in the world am I meant to make it past the second mission with all the lava?