BATTLETECH,,,,, It's good


There’s not many ways to optimize melee, you stick as many support weapons on as you can and max armor/jumpjets ad if you have extra tonnage you put in melee or dfa related mods.


I should probably know this already but what does more jumpjets get you? Lower heat? Further distance?


further distance, though they’re something like 2 heat more per jet. You get another few hexes per jet, until for some of the slower mechs with 4 jump jets, a jet moves further than their max base move.


yeah, Highlanders are very easily faster in the air than they are on the ground.


Watched the latest stream that was put on Youtube, the one where they recruit Snowbird. Austin and Rob both sound a bit exhausted so things got more and more loose as time went on (a good thing!) The excitement about Snowbird was puzzling but infectious.

They got to talking about good mech games, mostly the armored core series on ps3. I was wondering if there were reccomends for mech games available on the ps4?


Well, I think I’m getting almost all of this request in the first DLC pack (my only concern is that it could be a pretty thin pack with the single biome and 3 'Mechs without much talk of how they’re going to make the stuff all more dynamic outside of the Flashpoint mission chain additions and the one new scenario type).


I’m a little surprised the marauder and the warhammer aren’t in there, my understanding was they were only left out because of the now settled lawsuit and people have already figured out how to mod them in… I’m never going to complain about us getting the hatchetman instead though.


If they also include enemy pilots ejecting/ trying to retreat after the rest of their lance has been taken out, honestly I don’t mind semi-scripted mini-campaigns that this sounds like, rather than just dynamic mission chains in regular bounties (my dream), so far. As far as a first DLC goes, this sounds like a good direction to me. Remains to see how substantive it is


Well, it looks like before the expansion they’re tinkering with pilot skill trees.

Nothing super surprising, bulwark was overpowered as hell and juggernaut was completely useless. Sure footing looks like it might be a little too strong but then again so is stability damage.


I wish the modified Bulwark just counted as light tree cover, rather than “basically having to pass on shooting to benefit from this Guts purchase,” but I’m still interested in seeing how this plays out.


Coolant vent sounds gnarly!

When you trigger this ability, you manually shunt coolant out of your ‘Mech, right through the cockpit, in a way guaranteed to make your MechTechs and MedTechs cringe. Coolant is nasty stuff! By doing this, you increase your heat sinking for that round by +100, effectively guaranteeing you’ll end the round at 0 heat. But, in trade, you take a pilot Injury.

I was a bit surprised that they dissed the old sensor lock. I was always using it by having a scout run around out of sight and sensor locking targets for my missile boat.


Coolant vent appears to still be kinda ehhh, compared to master tactician. If i need to sink that much heat I’ve been standing in the trees and bracing which new bulwark means i basically don’t take any significant damage and I also clear all my stability. It’s a damn sight better than juggernaut was but it’s competing against +1 initiative and that’s not even close.


It’s definitely not something you’d want on everyone, but would be so fucking cool in the edge cases where it’s exactly what you need! Battlemech isn’t always about the optimal strats :wink:


So Battletech is still going on my GotY list. What a great game, really enjoyable. But…

Anyone else starting to feel like these two expansions are… probably offering rather less in terms of value than you’d maybe want them to?

I (along with 41,732 others) backed the game and got it for US$25. A good deal IMO, lots of fun over the 80 hours I put into it and I’ve got no doubts I could go back with a few mods and get many more hours of fun from that package. I chatted in here about what I’d like to see from any official expansions and how the announced features of mission chains and new biomes and variability to what’s currently there looks good for what I wanted to see. And then we got the pricing info.

US$40 for the Season Pass that bundles both announced expansions and a third expansion without a name or even rough date. And it’s not just that I got my copy of the base game cheap by taking a risk on backing it. On Steam I am offered the game at SRP for £35 while the Season Pass is £42 (currently discounted to “only” as expensive as the base game). I’m sure these expansions will contain a lot more game but… they’re asking for more than a straight (ie not changing price tiers) sequel. This is very much asking me to think about budgets and how I engage with this hobby (I am on the low end of the scale in terms of income so maybe I’m more sensitive to this stuff than most).

Especially given Paradox’s model for long DLC plans, it’s not even as if I’m that confident that the Season Pass won’t become a Season (Year 1) Pass as various Ubisoft games now do (games I can often basically enjoy but have to ignore the various ways they try to monetise those years of drip content) and lead to even more content at even higher prices later. I’m reminded of Cities: Skylines, another game I got at launch and loved (for about £13; SRP today: £23) enough to write about for my games of that year. For which Paradox have now released £105 of DLC. Yes, cool that you’re still extending the game three years later with new content but don’t you feel like maybe you could work on another sequel or maybe even four of them (the price of buying that piecemeal DLC)?


We can’t accurately judge the content of expansions we haven’t actually seen but honestly I’m not really concerned with HBS not giving me good value for money, especially when it’s still cheaper than a brand new AAA game. With the disclaimer that I backed the kickstarter at the level that gave the flight jacket. It seems like from what HBS kiva was saying elsewhere that the projected path for right now is probably flashpoints->urban combat -> Unannounced expansion that is likely centered around the 4th succession war. My guess is the base game isn’t expanded more than that, they’ve been very upfront that they really haven’t figured out how they want to bring in the clans so I’m expecting a clean break for a Battletech 2 with whatever systems they need to make that work.


I’m going to reserve judgement on the value of the DLC until we have more info about how extensive Urban Combat and DLC3 are going to be.


Now that they’ve announced an official date for the Linux release (there’s been a beta build for a while now), I’ll finally be able to play this soon! Truly ready for more turn-based mech combat in my life.


So after messing around with the dlc some, here are my thoughts:

  • Career mode owns, although i think this is technically free as part of the patch.

  • The hatchetman is bad, no support hard points make it a more fragile shadowhawk in the same weight class

  • Flashpoints are cool and some of them are fairly challenging, there’s one involving a major BT lore character who i was very angry with for his choice of mechs to bring to a moon mission.

  • The crab is serviceable but underwhelming and also extremely rare, if i hadn’t headcapped the only one i saw I don’t know that i’d ever have gotten one

  • The spore effect on the new jungle maps is extremely unfun to fight against, especially early game.

  • The cyclops is okay for it’s tonnage but it has very flexible hard points. There’s also a variant with a battle computer which gives your entire lance +1 initiative and stacks with master tactician which uh, holy shit.

overall i’d say it’s about an 8/10. The medium mechs are a little underwhelming but flashpoints and career mode are 2 great tastes that taste great together. The new jungle maps are very pretty but the unique spores terrain effect can be real nasty on enemy light mechs in a way that isn’t fun.


Is there a complete Battletech playthrough by Waypoint/anyone at Waypoint out there on YouTube or Twitch or anywhere? If not, can anyone recommend any good playthroughs of it? I’d quite like to see the story and some of the tactical shenanigans but I didn’t find myself overly enjoying the gameplay itself.


Austin and rob played through about 1/4 of the campaign on twitch before they shifted priorities away from streaming, i don’t really have any good recommendations for full plays though.