BATTLETECH,,,,, It's good


I’m unwilling to lose glitch or pearl in my playthrough so have sent decker to his death repeatedly but HE NEVER DIES!!! Its insane! He’s a brawler in a heavy mech with more kills than any other pilot and i’ve literally sent him on suicide missions before and comes back laughing everytime!


OMG! That is insane… Shrapnel could take that down with a a lucky hit! Bet it does a ton of damage though. All my mechs are at max armour and feel hampered most of the time in this game with that loadout. Tended to leave everything as default and just change out for “++” items as i buy/salvage them; I’m only too aware how bad i am at this game and fail miserably at making my own loadouts for mechs given the restrictions they have


Having been aware of Dekker’s reputation for dying, I’ve kept him in lights for my entire campaign so far but only as a sensor lock scout who hides in woods and behind hills. However, my next priority mission is the notorious Smithon so we’ll see how he goes.


Yeah. My understanding is that it’s kind of A Thing in the Battletech fiction/tabletop/universe that stock loadouts are kind of dumb. It gives them character.

Although, I think that particular mech might make more sense in other contexts, since this game made some balance adjustments to the weapons.


I continue to love this game, but I think it would really benefit from some way to incentivize the player to do missions with suboptimal teams.

Some of my favorite missions have been ones where I brought a pretty weak lance and had to figure out how to make it work, but the costs of botching a mission are so high compared to the costs of just waiting for the A team to be repaired that I feel like it’s almost always a better choice to just wait until you are close to full strength before going on a new mission.

I think what I would really like is if they did a sequal or expansion with a campaign structured more like the older Fire Emblem games where it is a bunch of back to back handcrafted missions and you unlock mechs and pilots at specific points in the campaign. That way the designers know roughly how strong you are going into any given mission and can design the levels accordingly.


I also like the feeling of refitting mechs to make them just the way you want it. It reminds me of the way I feel like car enthusiasts must get with the tuning options in a Forza or more hardcore racing sim. If anything I’d like ways to access more stats like mobility and such.


In this case, that stock config is way better in TT for a number of reasons, the engine has double heatsinks in it instead of singles in Battletech and weapons generate ~5x the heat they do while heatsinks only cool about ~3x as much as TT numbers. This means that almost any of the those mechs run extremely hot when they normally wouldn’t (and actually makes most of their equipment bad compared to ++ variant regular stuff).


Started a new playthrough where I am not allowed to excede the difficulty in tonnage. This means running both 3 mech lances and light mechs. Very exciting so far!


1 mech=1 pilot might also be an interesting and fun challenge. Each pilot gets “their” mech. and if they get injured you can’t just slot someone else into that mech.


Might try that out. Will probably add ‘must use 1 light and no more than 1 assault’ as the game goes on.


If only this game had XCOM style customization for the mechs so you could give them their own paint jobs and LED colors, stuff like that. Could really individualize a mech to fit a certain pilot.


I was getting tired of the assault/heavy slugfest of the postgame so I’ve started a new game using a sandbox mod a friend of mine put together. There’s a few options for starting out (Argo, Leopard or a Leopard based fusion I’ve yet to try), but they all start you off after the tutorial missions by yourself and with a much lighter starting lance. I spent hours running missions with almost entirely Light mechs and really enjoyed it. Panthers, Jenners and Commandos were significant opposition and I was forced to figure out how to use Locusts while other mechs were undergoing repairs.

The mod is here if anyone wants to check it out. No installer, but you just need to dump the files from your chosen variant into <install_dir>\BattleTech_Data\StreamingAssets\data. It’ll overwrite files and affect existing saves, so you may want to backup the originals.


Ohh that is really interesting. That might be too much for me, but I’m definitely gonna try it for a couple missions.

I like the tonnage rule @MiBasse is using as well. I just did the first story mission after Smithion with tonnage matching the difficulty and the level of challenge was pretty much perfect. Half my pilots had to eject and the other two were overheated and out of ammo by the end.


I hope they don’t decide to artificially buff light and medium mechs to be on par with heavy’s and assaults.
Having missions where speed, or an early turn order is key to a mission’s success, would be a much cooler thing to add. Give us Lots of covert operations, Lots of Recon missons.
It would be even better if you can still decide to drop into those missions with assault mechs and make it through.

I could see future story campaigns where your character is separated from your company, and has to make do with whatever you get your hands on planetside on some battlefield, but even then I would still appreciate a progression toward better “heavier mechs” to get back to your team or out of enemy territory.

A Battletech survival campaign could be really cool. Potentially a travel distance / battle readiness trade off for the tonnage of your mech. Worry about that ammo and armor some more.


Personally, I’d love some chained missions. Get hired for a campaign against pirates - recon, skirmish, base assault, mop up, something like that.


Finished creating my character!


Finally saw the light


I just finished the prison mission and did some contracts after. Haven’t lost any mechwarriors yet! I’ve pretty much entirely moved on from light mechs and it’s been a good choice so far. Dekker’s been transitioned into a “post high up and barrage with lasers” position.


I was joking earlier with that ridiculous centurion fit but it really is kind of silly how powerful missile boats are in this game. The stability damage they pump out is just so good.


I think they might benefit from tweaking the dice rolls for missiles. Especially when it comes to targeted shots, there’s just something a bit too good about pumping morale into a SRM alpha strike which boosts morale generation (if it can cut right through an enemy) and leading to very rapid subsequent use of those abilities. And that’s before you even consider the stability collapse (which unlocks targeted strikes that don’t even cost morale).

It would seem that missiles would be better balanced if they weren’t able to be precision targeted at the same accuracy levels as other weapons (and so, when rebalanced, always resulted in a broad spread of damage to different locations while offering lead-on precision strikes from other weapon types due to how the stability system works). As it is, I was building SRM boats as dps kings that could slice through any armour.