BATTLETECH,,,,, It's good


One thing that’s impressed me is how well the creators have made the game play well at both ends of the progress curve. The way battles unfold becomes totally different, but the play remains engaging throughout.

To me, light mech play feels entirely built around motion - finding ways to dash from mineral field to forest that build evasive pips for your mechs, splitting fire to bleed pips off the second enemy you’re going to target later in the turn while devoting most ordinance to the primary target, position all your units to fire on the same facing.

Assault mech play feels like it’s all about managing visibility. In the same way I try to manage my threat level by only popping one alien pod at a time in xcom, here it’s about positioning my brawler/spotter mech so only enemy can see him, then blasting that unit with missile boats parked across the map.

To me, battletech feels at its best when each side is fielding mechs in the 45-65 tin range. Mobility is still a critical tactical factor, and jump jets are still commonly mounted and useful for evasive boosts. Mechs can mount enough ordinance to knock down enemies if they work together (solo knockdown is still hard), but have to seriously sacrifice armor to do so; similarly, in this weight class the mechs are big enough to survive a headlong charge into an enemy lance for a close-up assault, but not so big that they can safely tank on their own. I’m loving the end game content, but I think I had my most fun with the game toppling thunderbolts and quickdraws with my pack of shadow hawks.

Lastly, I would love to see an update or mod add drop weight limits to missions as another parameter that scales difficulty. This could even be fit into the current game lore, since some worlds are marked as “high-gravity” and presumably the Leopard couldn’t bring as much tonnage down safely in such a world. If I had a drop limit of, say, 200 tines, that would make me seriously reconsider keeping a couple of Jenners or Kintaros in the mech bay through the late game.


I finished Panzyr last night and came the closest to losing someone so far (Dekker…ofc). But I managed to get out without casualties. That mission was pretty stressful. I managed to take out the Turret controller pretty quick but then got held up trying to get down the hill toward the spaceport. Mechs just help appearing on all sides and I was getting wrapped up trying to take them out. I had a Trebuchet with two LRM15’s unloading everything to force a knockdown which worked out mostly because the allied turrets kept everyone sensor-locked. But there came a point where I only had a few turns left and I still was not nearly as close to the objective as I needed to be.

So I broke out with a Centurion far to the left and sprinting as far as I could, which means it’s evasion was at 5 at the end of it’s turn. The enemy mechs seemed to scramble to turn themselves around but couldn’t get a clean shot on me and luckily weren’t close enough for a melee hit. So I sprinted all the way over to the objective and took it out with only like 2 turns to spare. At that point the enemy mechs were completely surrounded and I easily mopped them up.

Dekker had a scare when he got triple teamed in a single turn, took out one of his arms and crippled it’s leg, knocking him down. They didn’t manage to get a clean shot to the other leg so Dekker stood back up and jumped to safety. He even got the final kill on the big Heavy mech in the end.

The annoying thing was that he was crippled and his jump reach was short so when I had to Evac, everyone was waiting in the Evac zone and Dekker took about 5 turns to hobble himself down the hill and to the zone. But he got there and I got out clean.

Next up… Smithon.


Smithon hot tips: ignore the trucks unless you’re in a commanding position and you can sacrifice 2 crates at no penalty. I’ve found that a lot of people have trouble with it because they try and save all of them.


I had no trouble with the trucks, the trick is just to bring lots of LRMs and somebody to spot or sensorlock the truck. If you stay more-or-less in the starting area the enemies tend to come to you slowly.

I did take my time before doing Smithon though, so I walked in with 3 heavies IIRC.


Sensor lock + a mech with at least 30 LRMs = happy mechwarrior commander.
Wish I had known that on Smithon. I feel like I’m just now starting to get a feel for the strategy in this game and I’m about 20 hrs in.


I’ve got 80 hours and no joke have spent the last week refusing to advance the storyline until I get my third King Crab fragment. I’ve been at 2 of 3 for like… twenty missions.


I’ve not met any King Crabs. What are they?


It really is kind of broken, ahaha. I’m thinking of stripping most of the armor from the Trebuchet so I can add more LRM ammo because even with two sets equipped I ended up burning through all my ammo before the end of the mission. Behemoth had to go hide behind something for the rest of the game.


I’m still in the relatively early game but I’ve found running two missle boats (Centurion and trebuchet) and two shadowhawks has made everything so much better for me. Especially with LRM++s.


Nah. It’s good in whatever context. :smiley:


100 tons with an AC/20 on each arm, and they look rad as hell.


The other 100-tonner aside from the Atlas and Atlas 2. They come stock with two AC/20s and they’re super cool.


Love the shadowhawks, so versatile. Even though I have assault class mechs, I still use at least one shadowhawk each mission as a spotter and flanker.


For those that love Shadowhawks, what is your preferred load out? I am still in the early game (just finished the prison) and nothing I have done with my Shadowhawk has totally clicked yet.


One AC, one LRM (or go SRM for short-range punch), and then throw in M/S lasers and cooling. Almost full armour (1000-1080) and jumpjets (my general rule has been to always push armour up and never leave home without at least some jump capability).

It’s a versatility role so you’ll never have the SRM-boat potential of a Kintaro but you’re also able to do just about anything in the 55T role with it (and switch it up in the field). I can hang back and take snipe shots, join in with destabilising with a few missiles (when I’m just on the edge of knocking something over), or unload a bit of closer dmg with the lasers. Oh, and I can use multi-target to do all of that, in the same turn, while in the middle of combat. All without losing mobility or creating a glass cannon.


So, there’s a couple ways to go with the shadowhawk that are pretty good (man it feels weird to say this). It has high melee damage for its weight and support hardpoints, so you can stick some small lasers on there and make it your punch mech, with full armor and jumpjets and whatever you have on hand while it gets into range, melee or DFA equipment if you have it.

The other way is a close range brawler, with an ac5 or bigger and as many SRMS as you can fit because srms are extremely good at damage/ton. Also remember depending on what your fit looks like 2 SRM4s is less heat than a 6+2 because…reasons. Fill it out with as much front armor as you can and then slap on some mls/heat sinks/jump jets.


So do you tend to keep it in a medium range to long range role? I have trying to use it to fill my close range gap with an AC and SRM and, while it is going ok enough, I feel like the rest of the lance is doing the heavy lifting.

I think I will refit with an LRM and shift roles a bit.


So ideally that’s hitting a lot around 250m (where the M lasers are online and an AC is still good) but as noted above, you’ve also got a lot of melee potential.

I generally was using a SH towards the front of any attack with looking for melee tackling of any Lights trying to break for my rear lines, point-blank M/S lasers on top of that for the short range potential engagement, keeping an eye out for the longer shots (as initiating combat as part of the sniper line thanks to having the AC available), and having the missiles to assist another 'Mech which was planning on knocking someone down.

At no point did I ever think the SH was the best at any of the roles it did, but I kept one in my lance up until almost the very end of the game (and played a lot of the mid-campaign with two in my lance) because it could be doing all these things and was good enough at all of them to be my pocket versatility. You can’t spec a Centurion the same way and keep the mobility; lots of other options simply lack hardpoints to pack a bit of everything. You couldn’t catch me out because it didn’t matter what you came at me with or what the mission became, the SH was going to be taking an active role or filling a gap that my more specialised 'Mechs didn’t have the potential to.


AC2, LRM5x2, M laser x1. Full jump jets, couple heat sinks, max armor. Doesn’t do a lot of total damage, but it can snipe, assist in knockdowns, and help finish off knocked-down mechs. The rest of the time i’m using my pilot with sensor lock to spot for my artillery or flanking.


Mine are currently both stock, and act mostly as mid-range damage soaks and spotters for my artillery mechs. The ACs give them some significant punch though, and their full arsenal can do a ton of damage and leave some weak points for my tactician missile boats to exploit.