BATTLETECH,,,,, It's good


I gotta say that the Thunderbolt is just extremely #aesthetic to me and I always try to bring one


The thunderbolt is just a solid early heavy in general. A lot of the heavies up until about 70T in this game are kind of bad either due to being over-engined but being held back anyway because of the initiative system (Quickdraw, Dragon) or not having the good variant (Catapult) but the thunderbolt owns.

I also just have to disagree with anything that fits an AC/2 on principle. Sniper range or not its 25 damage at 6 times the weight of a medium laser before you even factor in ammo. HBS did what they could to it without upsetting TT grognards too much but it’s still just a disappointment of a weapon.


I gotta say that I’m actually happy that they’ve included some 'Mechs that are just outright bad, like the Banshee, the Cicada, and (bless its heart) the Urbie.


The dragon may not be good but I will always love it for singlehandedly killing the last three mechs to win Smithon for me the first time around.


I will hear no slander against the urbie. It’s trying it’s hardest and it answers important questions such as “What if you put a 14 ton gun on a 30 ton chassis?” and “What if a light mech could headcap an an assault?”


I love the trashcan but it’s still bad even if AC20 urbies are hilarious when they manage to pop something.


I just finished Smithon for the first time. I restarted it when I realised that the trucks were going to be an objective and I’d run the wrong way round the base, but then managed to get all the objectives without anyone dying or having to reload. The sightlines are a bugger on that level; I couldn’t find anywhere satisfactory to hide and kept getting whacked by long distance weapons. That’s my tactic, god damn!

Very satisfying to curbstomp then core the last two enemies though.


I got to thinking, and I realize this is very important information. If battletech had an equivalent to jackass it would have to be centered around urbanmechs, right?


So…Dekker finally ate it. In a random Battle Contract no less.

But…the entire battle was going pearshaped so I quit out.


Update: I retried the same mission and Dekker died, again. But I managed to beat the mission. I refit the Dragon with more short range stuff and maxed out the armor across the board and ran him in as a melee fighter. Behemoth stayed up high in a Trebuchet and LRM15’s and just volleyed missiles at everyone.




This poor Quickdraw lost its weapons and jump jets and had to sit on top of a rock for four rounds while I dismantled their friends.


Any of you got a Grasshopper? I got one a couple missions back and I’m extremely into it, easily my favorite heavy mech right now. I stripped off the LRM5 and replaced it with 6 small lasers, which is frankly a ridiculous number of small lasers.

Medusa is piloting it and I’ve given him the perk that moves him up in the initiative, so he can reserve until an enemy moves into jump jet range and then jump in and light them up. Then if they live next turn he can melee while firing the small lasers before the target can act.

It’s very satisfying to use and right now I’d take it over at least one of the 2 assaults I have (I’ve got the Highlander, which is obviously amazing, and a Victor which honestly feels like it needs a refit to really shine).


The grasshopper is probably the best non-lrm heavy in the game by a wide margin, it’s extremely versatile and has a lot of free tonnage to play around with.


Yeah I think a big reason I like it so much is because so many of my high performing mechs are LRM oriented and it manages to excel while doing something completely different.


No Dekker stories yet (RIP Medusa), but I can’t begin to tell you how many sticky situations I’ve gotten Behemoth into. Her cockpit has been cored out twice by random shots (in the Dragon, of all mechs), and she’s been fine, just on medical leave for months. That girl is the right kind of stubborn, and it worries me for when I finally inevitably lose her for good.


Actually hearing about Behemoth in a Dragon that has me wondering a general question for everyone:

What roles do the opening squaddies fill for your team now?

For me, Behemoth is a melee specialist, Glitch sort of an all-around character but also fills my PC’s role when they’re out of comission, and Dekker became a long range specialist after a near death scare.


Dekker has ended up being a medium/close range specialist. Put points into piloting for him, so he can do some decent work in melee range. Otherwise, he’s rolling around in a Wolverine with lots of lasers.

Behemoth is rocking the Dragon, and is my close combat specialist. I suppose that’s why she tends to be hurt the most, being in the front of the fight.

Glitch rotates between the Centurion and the Vindicator, swapping between being a PPC sniper and an evasion shredder, but is a medium/long range character.

This is all with my PC sitting back in a Trebuchet lobbing in LRM 15+s onto anyone with an indirect line of fire. That mech has literal zero armor, so the entire rest of the squad is set up to provide line of sight so I can shred stability and armor with the missile barrage.


Behemoth is a sit-back-and-aim role, usually at the heaviest end of the 'Mech weight range deployed and with a few mid to long weapons (using breaching shots to maximise damage early on).

Dekker scouts, which ended up being a sprinter with an extreme SRM build which does more harassment and even alpha-strikes than actually sitting back and scouting later on.

Glitch never really picked up a strong role, being hospitalised a lot early on.


Just finished the Dropship mission, and my core squad is Geoduck, a hire to replace Dekker (RIP), who spots and evades in something fast that can run hot for a finisher punch when not sensor locking; Glitch in a missile boat spreading the love around with Multi-Breaching Shot to burn evasion from 3 targets or concentrating fire for knockdowns; my PC, Viator, in something heavier and longer ranged for spot targeting, and Behemoth in a close-range tanking brawler to kick ass and take names.

After finishing the Dropship mission I got to the post-combat readouts and… laughed at how lucky I had been. Not a piece of armor left on my mechs aside from their cockpits, and only two limbs down (RIP my AC20+, you were missed more than Dekker)

One of the next missions I played on 2.5 stars I brought a similar team and Geoduck and Glitch got separated from my two heavies by a hill and chewed up by 7 light and heavy mechs. Geoduck went down hard and fast and Glitch lost both arms and those lovely LRM++s and had to eject. Behemoth and my other pilot finished off the 2 more medium mechs they were stomping though on the other side of the hill and came over in my Thunderbolt and the Orion I had just picked up, punching mechs aside left and right. They barely got out of there standing, and I’ve never been happier to see Geoduck’s face in the infirmary, though she’ll be out for 100 days. One of my most gripping and dramatic non-priority missions yet.