BATTLETECH,,,,, It's good


My main issue with the AC/20 is the range restriction.

By the late game when I had the frames ready to carry them, it was fun to get a few hits in (with my King Crab) but also really pushed me into engaging quite close (where I’d otherwise be happy to melt everything with SRM boats that could also jump around rather than soaking damage).

I did mainly carry AC/5s to ensure I could engage with a range of ranges in my versatility loadouts.


I mean, yeah. At the part of the game where you can field King Crabs they’re kind of more for showboating than usefulness but so are most of the assault mechs. You can rig up a stalker with mlas and srms to nearly 300 alpha strike but it’s less fun than a 240 alpha KC. I found AC/20s actually shine more at the 70/80 ton period of the game where you aren’t capable of kills from a called shot and they still blow up whatever they hit. Put one on an orion with jumpjets and srms and go to town. Or stick one on a zeus and make it halfway usable.


Thanks for all the feedback. Right now my Lance is:

Dragon w/ SRM6x2 and S Laserx2. Used mostly for melee and close quarters
Shadow Hawk w/ a few SRM2 and M Lasers. Also used for melee and close quarters
Vindicator w/ PPC and L Laser. Used for spotting and sniper.
Centurion w/ LRM10x2 and LRM15. Used for long range stability damage and called shots.

Basically I always have 2 up close and 2 far away and it’s been mostly working. But I am thinking of putting an AC on the Vindicator instead of the PPC


Dumb question, but what is an Alpha Strike exactly?


So, maybe instead of dumping the ppc you dump the L Laser. 1 PPC isn’t that bad in this game, since your mech is going sink 30 heat a turn you might as well use it and they give an accuracy penalty to enemies + do stability damage (a LOT of stability damage if you find ++variants). Large Lasers on the other don’t do any stability and are waaaay more heat intensive than they should be for what they do so I’m guessing you’re running extra heat sinks at the moment. You might be able to dump the LL and some sinks to accommodate the extra 4 tons from the AC+1 ton ammo and pack a bigger punch.

ED: Alpha Strike is the total combined damage you do if you fire all your weapons and they connect. I’d have to check when i get home but I’m pretty sure ~280 is enough to blow the center torso on a max armor atlas as long as it isn’t guarded.


Good idea! I also realize I have a bunch of M lasers on the Vindicator that are barely being used because it’s always too far away. I should dump the lasers for an AC and ammo.


I think we’d all assumed it (especially with the typical Paradox model of building a structure for games and then iterating with new mechanics and regular expansions) but official word that BattleTech is also the next thing HBS are working on:

Also that they’re now owned by Paradox.


If paradox the publisher has them follow a similar dlc strategy to paradox the game studio. On one hand, oh dead I’m going to spend 100 more dollars on this game. On the other hand GIVE ME ALL OF THE DLC FOR THIS GAME, I NEED EVERY VARIANT OF THE MAD CAT (yes i know it’s a timberwolf).


as a dude who has like $200 invested in EUIV, I am all about getting more BATTLETECH on a regular basis forever


Anything else folks want to see for the DLC? I want to make it feel like there’s a more vibrant world outside of the main campaign.

Chained bounties telling a mini-arc. Enemy pilot chatter and recurring enemies. Something similar to Chosen from WotC could be a reaaal cool thing–characters who could act like and fill the role of Commodore Ostergaard, for instance, but flesh out and provide a sense of dynamism to the Directorate, Capellans and Federated Suns, if there were one “champion” per faction. Or a mordor-style Nemesis system! Ok I’ve gotten pretty far into wishlisting now, but… that is what I said I was coming here to do?

But I want enemy mechs to retreat and their pilots to eject, if they’ve lost a leg and both LT and RT; have successfully destroyed the base they were trying to defend; or are the last mech out of a dozen mediums and you still have 4 heavies in decent shape. I want to hear about and interact with other mech companies–joint missions? And then later possibly having to be pit against those merc friends when they took a contract for the other side. I want a sense of a more lived-in, dynamic world with more people in it than “the crew of the Argo and a bunch of nameless, faceless enemy pilots we cut down in droves.”


Ye, this is what I’m looking for before I go back (after 80 hours and closing the campaign, I’m happy to say I’m completely satisfied but interested in cumulative tweaks or DLC as offering a reason to go back before the end of the year).

There’s the iterative balancing tweaks (which the online will probably help guide as the meta develops); maybe a new biome or two (keep things visually interesting); new terrain options (boost the range of potentially generated scenario maps); new scenario outlines/mechanics (and more randomisation of events in each scenario, maybe some branching paths beyond the optional objectives currently seen in the scenario generator); new enemy behaviour (so they actually eject out rather than always playing as if they don’t have the option of scrapping their contract/mission); and maybe extending the loot tables with a new set of plus models beyond what’s currently in there (who knows, even a few new 'Mech variants in there). All that should hopefully come over time (and stuff like new visuals is very much something Paradox can monetise as DLC without fragmenting the base game).

But the bigger stuff: I’d much rather they build out the mechanics and micro-stories inside the endless contracts mode rather than building a new story campaign. Give us a load of vignettes that are more than the current barebones scenario text (also maybe write some alternative text for the existing scenarios, especially when the same jokes repeat over and over - just making it so those joke sentences only turn up 20% of the times you get the scenario would help) but not the fully-authored story missions/unique maps full of unique assets. At least in terms of giving this game a Year One and Year Two of continuing content, before moving on to a full sequel. It’s that mode that felt like it had great potential but needed a bit more iteration to really feel meaty. I realise the Shadowrun RPGs were all about building new campaigns (eventually spinning out the first DLC campaign as a second game and doing a DLC epilogue story for the third game) and they could go that way here with epilogue story content. But I’d much rather some additional iteration on this game, try out some new things in smaller updates, before building a long and detailed story (like the story campaign here) in a full sequel.


They’ve talked about some of that in the AMA a month ago ‘broader systemic gameplay, recurring enemies with grudges, contracts that aren’t what they seem, and “unexpected events” in battles’. I’m excited to see where that stuff goes. Multiple lances are definitely out, so I’m curious about the plans they’ve mentioned for making non-assault mechs more desirable. I actually think batchall could be an interesting mechanic for that when the clans show up…but that would also mean having to play as as the eugenicists and I don’t want to do that.


Gonna plug a mod here someone turned me on to. It adds all the missing variants for this time period for mechs that have art assets already. This means cool stuff like catapults that are good at being missile boats and a banshee that is terrifying instead of hot trash. It’s super cool and I’ve been enjoying the variety.


Austin wanted people to post their jagermech-6s fits after the stream today so… best of a mediocre situation it is


I don’t have a JM in my bay, but you could replace those AC/5s with 3 PPCs and slap in a bunch of heatsinks since PPCs are a ton less than the ACs and you also free up the ammo tonnage.

Even better if you somehow had Double Heat Sinks…


I got that same Jagermech as my first heavy, too! It’s kind of hard to make it work - the default loadout is only good if you just love doing chip damage from a distance. I ended up turning mine into a front-line tank with one AC/20, a couple small lasers, jump jets, and a whole lot of armor. It’s beefy enough to tank a number of hits, and doesn’t need any heat sinks.

If you have a Gunnery pilot with Breaching Shot, the AC/20 will wreck everything at this stage of the game, guarded or not. If that same pilot has Bulwark from the Guts tree, you can just jump jet into close range, then stand still and blast everything without worrying about having to move.

There are much better mechs for this kind of build, of course, and when you start facing off against heavies regularly it’ll be outclassed. But early on, I definitely want one AC/20 in my lance, and this is the first mech you have that can realistically field one!


Yeah, but that’s freeing up 5 tons to generate 81 more heat per salvo for +15 damage. That’s not really worth it since that’s 7 tons worth of heat build of every turn once you factor in the engine sinks.


So Harmony Gold just got it’s lawsuit against HBS booted out of court hard it sounds like!



I beat the game tonight. :slight_smile:


I finally got a King Crab last night.

Also, large lasers are good now?!?!?!?!11