BATTLETECH,,,,, It's good


Watching the latest episode now as it just got put up on youtube (and twitch VODs buffer constantly for me for some reason, even though my internet is fine) All I can say is



w/r/t the Mecha Mondays request for Jagermech S builds… I feel like the important thing for the Jagermech is remembering that you can add armor to it. Rob was concerned about arms getting blown off–well, if you cut some tonnage, that tonnage can go into boosting the shoddy 30 armor per arm. The Jagermech has a low base movement, so it’s a little more suited to range, but its 4 point defense weapon hardpoints also means it can pack a hefty punch in melee, if it can reach the enemy.

My go-to with it is “2 AC/5s on one arm, an AC/10 on the other,” though the temptation to load up with an AC/20 and those 4 slots of small weapons… packs a punch. Throw it on someone with decent called shots, and at this point in the game you can one-shot core a lot of medium and light mechs.


They aren’t exactly 100%, but it looks lime someone modded in the warhammer and marauder after they got cut because of the lawsuit.


AC/20 with max armor on the arm that it’s in is my go-to Jagermech build. Fun as hell.


I’ve actually redownloaded Battletech and been fiddling with the Jagermech in this post-patch world, and have found that the much-cooler large lasers now fill much the same role as the AC/5 (which was already one of the most efficient weapons around)–go with the Autocannon if you have weight to spare, go with the LL if you have heat to spare. I figure 1 or 2 AC/5s and 2 or 3 LLs means you have a platform with 4 punchy, well-ranged weapons, a solid amount of armor, and perhaps even jump jets to compensate for the poor movement.


I’ve kitted mine out for 3 AC/5s and 2 MLs, which gives it a solid amount of firepower and good armour as well, but now I’m looking at LLs and wondering. They’re definitely more weight efficient and don’t have to worry about ammo concerns, but triple AC/5s also do pretty good stability damage. I’m not fighting heavy+ mechs on the regular this playthrough, so knockdowns are still a thing.


Mecha Monday on Friday, whoo!

Regarding team loadout, Medusa with the Bulwark would fit the Jagermech real well, zapping away stationary from a good position 300-450 meters back, and Tire Fire is staying moving–the Shadowhawk needs that Evasive more than the slow Jager. I also think that Shadowhawk’s damage would spike up a good deal if you loaded some more SRM4s onto it.

I’m pretty sure the heat calculation for Shutdown at 100 doesn’t account for pilot’s Guts, so 4 Large Lasers might run a bit hotter than expected on a non-polar map. Losing LLs means you can lose some heat sinks, so the changeover to switching one or two to an AC/5 isn’t tooo painful, though you may have to get a little more frugal with armor. From the distance you can be firing, though, and at this stage in the game, you don’t need armor quite as maxed out as you’ve gone with it, I feel–you can especially cut a bunch from the back, I feel, given that if you’re the last to engage and at a distance things have gone incredibly pear-shaped if enemies are in your rear arc.


The most important reason to have ac5s in a jager is that so it has visible gun arms. It’s why I feel like a criminal for running 1 ac5/1ppc on a catapult k2.


So… I’m not ashamed to admit that I modified some JSON files so that a M Laser was worth 2mil and then sold enough to have 20mil…

Either way, I finally beat Smithon. I basically had to pull all the long-range mechs around the side and forced the enemies to come at me over the mountain where I had two short range mechs waiting to do damage and keep pressure. I took them out slowly one at a time.


I finally launched Battletech again after setting it down right before all the updates started dropping. Now that I can actually see some of the numbers, I’m feeling very compelled to sit down for a month in-game and just refit my mechs, because now I can see how suboptimal they are. For example, between the Quickdraw and Dragon I have, I went and set my Quickdraw to be the mech I use to alternate alpha strikes with melee hits as it needs to cool, because the number of bars in mobility was higher for the Quickdraw. It turns out that extra bar of mobility was solely because of jumpjets, and they’re actually equally mobile. The Dragon makes a much better brawler though, dealing 90 damage vs the Quickdraw’s 55! And here I have my Dragon loaded out with an LRM20 and was never sending it anywhere near the enemy. Stupid stupid me.


I mean, don’t feel bad about being suckered in by the quintessential trap mechs when you can’t read the numbers. They’re basically both just shadow hawks at -1 initiative but they’re heavy so they must be good right? Also the game not mentioning how much of a mech’s tonnage goes into the engine doesn’t help matters. The first heavy mech that’s close to serviceable is probably the jagermech and they don’t actually get to be straight up good until the thunderbolt.


Did they change the system requirements for the game since the 1.1 update? I played like 50 hours on my shitty laptop, but ever since the update the game just crashes every time I try to launch it.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times, as well as verified the the integrity of the game files. The only thing that allows me to launch and play the game is rolling back to version 1.0.4

I like this game enough that I’ll probably just continue my campaign on the old version, but it’s very frustrating to not be able to experience the update.


Speaking of Dragons. I picked up two of them and would like to know how to spec them for peak Danika and have the big dragon robots do the big steppy (AKA she a dragon robot and she got feet)?


Uh…does that mean “move quickly” or “optimized melee” or…? Sorry, 100% not parsing you here.


Ideally its optimized melee with enough armor to perform multiple DFA attacks. Also flamers are a requirement because I question how it can even be a dragon without them.


Salvage is getting silly in my post-campaign missions now (60-ish hours in). Take for example the highlights of this 4/14 salvage from a base siege contract (there was like 50 other junk items):

There was a trio of assaults guarding the base with a tank and a second lance showed up once the base was destroyed.
Headshot 2 king crabs, an atlas and 2 highlanders, cored a victor and knocked out the legs of a third highlander.
Honestly not sure what I even want to take from this pile of loot… (took the atlas and the -30% stb. damage taken gyro)


There’s not many ways to optimize melee, you stick as many support weapons on as you can and max armor/jumpjets ad if you have extra tonnage you put in melee or dfa related mods.


I should probably know this already but what does more jumpjets get you? Lower heat? Further distance?


further distance, though they’re something like 2 heat more per jet. You get another few hexes per jet, until for some of the slower mechs with 4 jump jets, a jet moves further than their max base move.


yeah, Highlanders are very easily faster in the air than they are on the ground.