BATTLETECH,,,,, It's good

One of the things I liked back in 1990 (when I was getting into the Westwood games and trying to understand what was going on) was that the first full scale fusion reactor was completed in 2020.

It’s a small thing but it felt like not only did the universe have a local history but also a full path from today to there. That in 30 years we might have fusion power, and from there the stars. Everything building and being eroded on a scale that felt like it filled a thousand years (and somewhat provided the cover to basically mirror the past into this theoretical future).

The iterative structure of large fictional universes means we’ll always be building out detailed tiny sections of them (as this game builds on its own tiny space to fill in new details and shape into a story) but they need to have that foundation that makes it all tick. Something that defines the theme and makes it so you can instantly say if you feel that a new story fits into the world.

@The_JoE: AFAIK the game called Battletech for the Genesis was just the rename for the port of the SNES game MechWarrior 3050. Developed by Tiburon Entertainment. Yes, Madden developer now owned by EA; that Tiburon. (I think someone else actually did the port work but the versions are, not guaranteed for the time, so similar that Tiburon should get the main credit.)

FASA was often pretty cool in letting lots of people play in the setting, quite a lot of events in the Canon are based on player AARs and other fan-submitted stuff. This has a lot to do with why it’s wildly uneven, of course, but it’s such an expansive setting that it all sorta works in this big shambolic messy way that I dearly love.

These days, it’s hard to understand just how big Battletech as a franchise was, for a while there. Hundreds of books, a Saturday Morning Cartoon, even a really cool arcade experience that I remember very fondly.



I’m well into my thirties and have a son and tomorrow is my birthday and right now I want nothing more than to go here for my birthday

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Also just little things like how the only reason the US, Europe, and eventually the Asian sphere of countries combined into the original one world government type of scenario was because the Soviet Union lasted until 2014, and fell due to a brutal civil war that saw itself ripped apart. At first the Western Powers were aligned in NATO and the EU for the protection against Soviet Aggression. But as they watched the Soviet power bloc implode, they slowly all realized the necessity of greater cooperation and in unifying so something like that never happened again.

Just an interesting take on it, and a slightly more realistic one considering It is genuinely a bit easier to believe that localized national tensions would only be beat out by the idea of a greater evil, threats from without or within. And the Soviet Union, especially during the time that FASA was writing this, was still that threat from without to draw from.

Course there is also weird stuff like the fact that Comstar is pretty much just the Galactic Internet Pope. But… one thing at a time.


That’s wild! I had no idea.

The pope’s more dedicated followers would, later, declare Jihad upon everybody so hard that it fucks up the Space Telegram system for years

god I love this setting. it has everything - Knights in 100 foot giant walking tanks, a Space Pope, Fairly problematic original influences, Mike Stackpole books that blur together, and elected monarchs!

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The pope’s more dedicated followers would, later, declare Jihad upon everybody so hard that it fucks up the Space Telegram system for years
god I love this setting. it has everything - Knights in 100 foot giant walking tanks, a Space Pope, Fairly problematic original influences, Mike Stackpole books that blur together, and elected monarchs!

…Is this EVE online with mechs?


EVE Online wishes it was as insane as Battletech.


EVE Online always seems like it skews more in a Robert A. Heinlein direction (or even [going for more modern references] straight into cyberpunk, at least it wants to be but with stories from the corporate offices and hackers mainly in the social engineering form) while BattleTech is busy lusting after the more Frank Herbert end of the scifi spectrum. When I think BattleTech it’s the families, the bonds, and the technology that verges on magic and cannot simply be replaced (and certainly isn’t part of some eternal progression forward, lubricated by the blood of disposable troopers).

I dunno, Eve is basically just Feudalism masked as Corporatism. All the null sec groups and bickering in fighting and so forth. Yes, it’s all about resources and the rights to control, exploit, and further use said resources, but it’s done under the banner of high profile, vetted, ruling elite who control both the tone and the direction of the entire enterprise.

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I note with dismay that no-one has actually told me what their favorite battlemech is yet, I MUST KNOW

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My ironic answer? Urbanmech. I laugh so hard whenever I fight against one in Mechwarrior Online that has the police sirens. It tries so hard.

My real answer? Probably the Fafnir. Because it looks like what it is. It’s a big god damn beast and it looks like a big god damn beast.


I swear I love them all. I don’t care if they’re small. I don’t care if they’re tall. Love them anyway

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Dual Heavy Gauss is legit frightening, good choice

The Urbanmech is such a sad little cutie. But that AC/10 can do surprising things with good rolls. It’s like being assassinated by a hard-boiled egg, no-one expects it

I have a very limited, but memorable, experience with BattleTech. MechWarrior 2 came with my family’s first PC. Couple that with a lack of internet access and growing up in a pop culture desert, MechWarrior 2 was elevated to “mythic” status in my imagination. I didn’t see another BattleTech property until MechAssault was released on Xbox.

There was so much mystery present in my experience with BattleTech. I had no idea who these Jade Falcons were, or what their beef was with those Wolves. I was enamored by these robots regardless. I memorized their names, their armornents, which mechs had jump jets, which mechs couldn’t rotate at the hip, etc. Most of the simulation mechanics were lost on me, though. I was too young to understand heat management or optimal ranges, things like that.

I suppose BattleTech burrowed itself into my psyche because it was this big, unanswered thing through most of my childhood, something I could graft my own imagination onto to create a wholistic memory. Anything seemed possible with that fiction.

Let’s just say I’m very, very eager to start hitting up the wikis and filling in the gaps.

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I know nothing about Battletech but picked it up because it sounded a lot like Front Mission (admittedly Battletech was a thing 15 years before i think), i’m really excited to see how it goes


I like the Hollander cause it answers the age-old question, “What if a gun had legs?”


yes exactly thank you

I’m sensing a theme here because I got Deep Into xcom after watching Austin and Rob play that, and I picked up battletech for the same reason. tho tbh also because the soundtrack/opening cinematic was SO ENTIRELY MY JAM!! I love the lean back towards orchestral/operatic music in sci-fi we’ve been getting for a while now (like, the title sequence for syfy’s adaptation is rad in both its extended and short versions!!).

anyway I’m super onboard for this series. the characters, design, art, music, gameplay, management sim stuff, and the inclusion of NB pronouns all sold me completely. I hope it continues on as strongly as I heard HBS’ shadowrun games did. I only just got up to smithon (which I’m now worried about after that last stream) so I don’t know many mech designs well yet. but outside the starter set I’ve been having fun with centurion, a firestarter, a wolverine, and a griffin!

I am a little confused on how tonnage plays into the difficulty rating though. at higher ones is it just not worth the risk of bringing lighter, less armoured mechs along? also I wish I could edit my character’s callsign. I meant to call them Tumult but accidently confirmed Tumu. :’)

I also hope future games maybe dip into the accessible modding pool a little bit. I’ve got a headcanon Rigour design I’ve been itching to sculpt, and it’d be fun to have a game to slot it into so I can blow it up, haha.

I can’t wait to hear austin and rob talk about how they lost their dekkers. Mine is still alive despite the fact that I had him dfa both of his legs off in a story mission and is now one of my best pilots.

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I’m new to the series, having just picked up the the newly released BATTLETECH. I’m glad I got it and have been enjoying it quite a lot. Tonight I just got my first heavy mech – the Dragon (DRG-1N). I was quite excited, assuming I now had a mech that could take way more shots to its front armor than my medium mechs. Opening the mech bay to look at the Dragon’s stats I was disgusted to learn that the increased tonnage went into extra armor on the rear of the mech! Rear armor is clearly for cowards who don’t face their foes and fight, so I stripped it of most of its rear armor and put it on the front. My mercenary group has no room for pilots who want ludicrous luxuries like rear armor in case they get flanked. They’ll fight their enemies head on and never expose their back to retreat. If they get flanked it’s clearly their fault for not hitting their shots and they deserve their fate.

Anyway, I don’t have an answer for favorite mech, but I can definitely say the Dragon is not it. A bad mech for cowards through and through.