BATTLETECH,,,,, It's good

Hey y’all, I’ve mostly dropped off the forums but I thought I’d drop by to say that BATTLETECH is a very good game and I just wanted to share this:

I’ve had enough BATTLETECH for now

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So I dropped Battletech because it runs like dogshit on my laptop. Since it’s supported by Geforce Now I think I’ll pick it up again. Looks like the perfect sort of game for streaming services.

It’s been ages since I last played it. Are LRM boats still valid?

Yup, still valid.

You’ll want to note that some of the skill perks have changed, though. The most significant one is that Bulwark no longer grants Cover for standing still; instead, it increases the benefit you get from Cover and Guarded pretty significantly.

Hey, does the name ‘BattleMech’ imply the existence of ‘CivilianMechs’?

The Dark Age setting made heavy use of retrofitted IndustrialMechs, as I recall. And I think canonically the first BattleMechs were derived from construction vehicles.

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LRM boats are still valid, but less so than before and the new Archer is probably the best of the bunch. A lot of the newer mechs have chassis quirks that range from mostly useless (phoenix hawk) to situational but useful (assassin, archer) to game breakingly good (annihilator, marauder).

HBS also announced today that the next update would be the last as they move to work on to other non battletech projects:

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Wow, awesome stuff! I’m currently making my own run at a Kerensky rating, though not conffident I’ll get there. I’m just enjoying how different the game plays when you’re constantly thinking about time and trying to maximise what I can achieve in each system. Not even 100 days in yet, though.

Interested to see what HBS works on next, but by the time I’m done with my career run I’ll probably have to check out RogueTech, which has looked interesting but also really fiddly back when the game was being updated more regularly.

HBS changed stability damage effects so you basically can’t knockdown mechs in one go. You can still max their stability bar and nuke their evasion. I have an LRM80+++ Bullshark that can unsteady any mech in the game with one salvo. It is glorious!

Oh, true. You need a second Stability hit after they cross Unsteady to achieve a knockdown. In practice, it’s not a huge difference, it’s just slightly harder to knockdown multiple enemies in one turn.

Oh definitely! At this point, I usually have 4 or more AC20’s on the field, so it’s only a matter of time for that mech to hit the floor.

So I just ventured into Vattletech for the first time and after the first story mission where you escape, I am in love.

I’ve got the basic jist of things but is there a more in depth tutorial anywhere explaining some of the icons and stats?

EDIT: Oh wait, the next mission protecting the IPL has started popping up explanations


Additionally, you should be able to mouse over any icon and have it pop up an explanation of what it means. The main thing is that they might say things like +1 difficulty to hit, which translates to 5%/difficulty in actual numbers. Also you’re going to want bulwark on all your pilots because that’s just what the game is balanced around.

Is it still? I heard they nerfed it.

They nerfed it but not a lot it’s still the only source of straight up damage reduction. Evasion doesn’t work nearly as well for the player as it does the AI because you can’t possibly generate enough stacks when they can field 8-12 (16 if you hit all the waves in an attack/defend mission) things shooting at you to strip them. It’s just now instead of 50% dr for not moving you get 40% when guarded or standing in something that gives cover. This boils down to a lot of standing or slow movement in forests.


Oh, the DLC is on sale and I have next week off work?!

Goodbye money!

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I’m confused about what MechTech is and what it’s for? I got an event which led to having more of it for a couple days but what’s it actuially do?

I may start this up again next week on my vacation.

Is there a good tutorial video to watch that isn’t 6 videos long?

If only we knew a couple of mech game enthusiasts with streaming experience…

On the left-hand side you’ll see your current mechtech points (highlighted in red or green if there are events affecting the base value:

Repairing internal structure, replacing limbs, and adding components in the Mech Bay all take a certain amount of mechtech points. The game doesn’t show you those values, though. It just shows you a cost in C-Bills and the amount of days a job is going to take. But that calculation is basically total number of mech-tech points for all the work you’ve assigned on that mech divided by the amount of mech-tech points you have = number of days for the job to complete.

So, more mech-tech points basically means you can get mech repairs done faster. Similarly, more medical points do the same thing for cutting down injury recovery time.

Edit: A few tips to keep in mind

  1. Changing armor and removing components take 0 mechtech points. This means when you have a new mech in its “stock” configuration, you can strip off weapons you don’t like and max out its armor immediately to make it tankier.
  2. When you start roaming the galaxy, pay attention to the travel time between systems and try to fit your repairs/refits into that window. If you need to spend a few days in the same system between contracts then do so, but eventually you’ll want to be preparing your mechs for the system you’re about to enter. That might mean adding heat sinks or dropping a laser if you’re moving from a system with polar maps to a system with martian/lunar environments.

No offense to Austin or Rob, but I’m looking for something more digestible than a 50+ video let’s play.

A series more centered on tutorial.

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