BATTLETECH,,,,, It's good


The ammo trucks are pretty soft targets, and they definitely do not expect you to dive into the garrison - the mission briefing clearly advices you to take long range, indirect fire, weapons. You can destroy two crates without penalty, and they almost take down 1-2 mechs by themselves.


Oh, that is nice. I’d not been sure if there was a hidden bonus for not using them at all so had completely avoided them the first time. I went back and this time dived onto those trucks (om nom nom) and then pulled everything back (while clearing the turrets from the area). Got a very nice triple-kill on the lighter 'Mechs with a crate and that basically meant that even without the minerals for defence, it went down ok.

And by ok, I mean my 'Mech lost an arm this time (not even an upgraded weapon there so only a small cost to replace, easily stocked from the salvage bins) and I’m out for a month (that happened the first time with this mission too) thanks to those missile barrages shaking a few cockpits (oh, and that whole arm exploding bit).

Definitely one of those missions where going back a second time means you can really run it like clockwork for at least half the turns (even if this time I was actually slower, I used a few turns moving around to use the ammo crate and then reposition to intend to use another - ended up just burning the remaining 'Mechs down as they stepped around the blast radii).

I do wonder if there might be an expansion change to make missions more dynamic and have different potential events unwind based on what is going on. So far I’ve not seen any signs that reinforcements can come from different directions based on how you’re playing so it does mean that you can reload and do a lot better knowing what’s coming. I’d like to see missions being a bit more reactive to keep the challenge more even (rather than hard the first time through then easy the second).

How a Brutally Tough Mission Leaves Me Grateful for Punishment

I hope someone eventually mods in all the insane shit from battle tech, like the 25 ton mech that’s only use is herding gigantic space livestock.


RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. Story mission #2 for me.

Just like her first outing, Glitch had a completely pristine mech except for that damn CT. :frowning:


So after today’s stream I feel like it would be only fitting to throw out this question for everyone: what is the current status of Dekker in your game?

Dekker almost died in the first mission for me and was sidelined for 120 days. He just got better today and I’m slowing looping him into the rotation, maybe to Medusa’s envy (who took his place as the spider guy).


My Dekker has been kept in a safe spot by acting as my crew’s designated LRM shooter. Now that I’ve got his gunnery and tactics skills up more, I’m going to start putting him in a Wolverine that I refitted to be what’s effectively a Panther with slightly more armor and an A/20. Considering my next mission is Smithon, I’m sure that it’s going to go really well for him.


My Dekker has never even been wounded. He and his jenner are inseparable


Mine died at the end of a mission. Went perfectly up to that point, only armor damage done, four mechs left to one. Early game so I think he was in a panther but not 100%.

Anyway we got this last fucker surrounded and we’re blasting away at him, the turn right before he dies he takes a desperation melee attack on dekker. Connects with the head and destroys it in one hit. Devastating loss.

As for my Smithon run, it ended with my PC the only one alive/not ejected, in a Dragon vs another dragon and another light mech, forget which. My PC put most points in piloting/guts, so I modded the dragon to contain 2 MGs, a couple lasers, and some srms(I Think? All close range weapons, anyway).
My first turn I just get in close and unload everything on the light mech’s torso with a precision strike, which destroys it. The dragon takes a shot on my front armor, which doesn’t get penetrated. The next two turns I basically circle it from close range and get hits off on the rear with all/most of my weapons depending on heat and manage to make it go down. I made it out, but with two heavily injured (out for months) pilots and a dead one. Loved the sequence I had at the end though, and the dragon has become my favorite mech so far. Like the combo of armor plus mobility, perfect for my PC to run up and hit things at close range.

On a metagame note found that just upgrading the engineering points as quickly as possible has made the game feel a lot more survivable; even heavy mech damage like missing limbs and such can be replaced in around 10 days, much less punishing than the early game when such repairs could take months. I feel like the game pushes you to be really callous regarding your pilots, since they’re relatively inexpensive to replace - while it sucks to have pilots die, it doesn’t hurt the fighting ability of your company nearly as much as having your best mechs sidelined for weeks, taking up mech Bay slots.


My Dekker died in one hit from the evil pirate queen on the moon, thus fulfilling his role of “named side character who dies to show how powerful the new enemy is.”


My Dekker survived for over 2 years by transferring into a Trebuchet and providing fire support. Then I got flanked by a heavy lance of reinforcements during a routine engagement. He lost an arm, got knocked down and focused fired into oblivion.

I could have ejected him after losing that arm, but I was convinced I could hide him and keep him in the fight.


Welcome to Project #ProtectDekker. :smile:


Update: my Dekker got wounded but he’s still alive

he has Tactics 9 now and holy shit called shot mastery is SO GOOD

edit: Hey y’all wanna do some MATHHAMMER? 'Cause look what I found!


@dogsarecool Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner but thanks for answering the question. And of course also thanks to Austin and Rob for doing the same!

I’m going to start playing the game today and by golly I’m going to try my best to keep the tiny lasers to an absolute minimum!


Campaign is finished and dekker is alive and well, Assaults that move at +1 initiative are pretty good at keeping him safe as it turns out.


My current 'Mech customization goal is to make a missile boat that fires so many missiles that I have time to take a sip of tea and check my watch while the missiles fly, thanks for listening


I’m pretty excited about being pretty early in and having a vindicator with two PPCs and a centurion with a spread of 20-30 LRMs

Also I’m sorry, but El-Ar-Em is the hill I will die on


Yeah I’ve got a Cent with 2xLRM15++ and an AC/2 and it’s an amazing knockdown machine.

But I’m basically like Kylo Ren yelling MORE!!! when firing LRMs


I’m 70-some weeks in, and Dekker is still alive, and is one of my best pilots. While I did lose Medusa to an awful PPC-to-head situation, I haven’t lost a core pilot yet. Honestly, Dekker has been pretty survivable since I moved him up to the Blackjack. I end up using him like a Jenner, only with double the weapons and triple the armour.

Battletech has basically consumed the three-day weekend I found myself on this week, and I honestly can’t think of a way I would have enjoyed more than this. This game is so so good.


So, this game looks like Extremely My Shit but I’m concerned about performance. I have the recommended specs except for my RAM, of which I have 8 GB rather than 16 (the minimum amount listed on Steam). Do people who know More About How Computers Do than me think that would work?


The minimum specs that I see only ask for 8GB of RAM.

However, I have a machine that exceeds the recommended specs and I still get some (very minor) performance issues at times. Most of these are just slow/stuttering load times or some V/O lines getting clipped oddly as a level loads in. I think you’d probably be fine. You could also take advantage of that two hour refund time limit to find out.