BATTLETECH,,,,, It's good


On the podcast Austin mentioned that he only had 8GB and was able to play it - presumably at lower settings. So I think you’ll be good.


That’s good cuz I’m Extremely Gay For This Game


“gay for giant mech combat” is a mood I never want to be out of


See also: Heaven Will Be Mine, another mech game that I am Immensely Hyped/Gay For.

On somewhat related note: Ive recently been playing Fire Emblem: Awakening for the first time and I can’t express how dissapointed I am that there’s no game with that kind of tactical combat, roster management and relationship building but For The Gays. XCOM 2 came sort of close with it’s bonds system but all my badass warrior women with level three bonds could still be interpreted as “Just Friends” and that’s not good enough, dammit.


I made some clips of the last stream.

Obviously they were almost all Dekker focused.

Thankfully, there is a mod for that…

Honestly the reason why I stopped playing Fates was because a similar mod was announced and I wanted to wait until it was done because this is just too cute for it not to happen.


I haven’t played fates but my friends inform me that shipping Sakura with anyone other Lucina is heresy. I’m more of a Lucina/Tharja girl myself.

Is there a way to play modded ROMs like that on 3DS or do you need an emulator?


hello, this game is very good actually???


Either an emulator or a hacked 3DS. A hackable 3DS can be a huge hassle to find tho.


I love this game so much, particularly for the little vignettes that come up during the transits. Please give me a dedicated mech merc company slice of life DLC, thanks!

There is one thing that’s bummed me out, though. Maybe it’s just the RNG being fiddly, but I’ve noticed that every single custom Kickstarter mechwarrior that’s shown up in my hiring hall has been a white dude. And like, part of me thinks it’s super unfair to have any criticism about that, because OF COURSE if you paid however many dollars to back this game at a level letting you create an NPC mechwarrior you might want to make the portrait look like yourself, and maybe that’s all it was. But in a game that’s otherwise such a refreshing wealth of diversity that’s really stood out to me.

(Also TBH a lot of it is that I am a bad person who got Behemoth killed on the moon, so now I’m looking for another lady pilot with a cool custom background and I can’t find one…)


So… salvage.

What do you chase? Is it building up your heavy 'Mech count into assaults as quickly as you can knock them down or do you still enjoy the speed and versatility of a good medium 'Mech and so are pretty selective about those partial frames?

Personally, because of the rarity of some of the equipment and upgraded weapons (and these often being pure improvements, the bonus is completely free and doesn’t cost extra heat or weight or end up with less mobility so will slot in and just make your 'Mech loadout better) then I generally try to focus on anything tasty there (give me ++ or above). I’m pretty selective about what I’m looking for (don’t try and give me those really slow 'Mechs or ones that you have to fill with 60% heatsinks just to run) in terms of moving up the weight classes - that stuff generally becomes free credits or an emergency spare for a single contract while I’m busy repairing my primary 'Mechs.


My original save kinda got fucked when I got boned on multiple missions in a row. I’ve enjoyed not save scumming and having to deal with the consequences (the tactical genre w/metalayer is like, the only genre where this is true for me), so I started over. Hit the First Strike mission where you assault the prison and start the war off for real and had great luck with the loot; despite the fact that I blew off both its arms, a leg, and the center torso to destroy the Jagermech, all three pieces were available to loot. So despite how early in the game it is I’ve got a Heavy mech already, which didn’t come in my first playthrough until much later.


All Mechs, all the time. Either they become a new fun tactical option, or they let me skip a month of work because everyone is laid out in the Medbay. Maybe I don’t look close enough at the salvage, but I haven’t seen much that’s impressed me that I want to take it over a third of a mech. Maybe I’m wrong, since I do run stock a lot, outside my Custom Centurion and Blackjack.

A small complaint, but I think you should be able to give Mechs a custom paint job. I want my Ace Pilots to have the whole Custom Zaku look to them (my character’s callsign is Queen Bee, and her mech should look that way dammit).


I still focus on trying to salvage mech chassis, both for more robots and more money, but after finding an AC/20+++ that does +20 stability and +20 damage I’m reconsidering my approach.

Do exceptional weapons show up when you scan enemy mechs during a mission, or are they only revealed afterwards? I’m 90% sure I didn’t see any pluses on the mech I took that gun off, but I’m not certain.


Ye, I don’t think I’ve noticed the pluses in the scans during combat so you only find out about them in the scrap listing at the end (and the flavour text is about how your MechTech, Yang, is noting the interesting non-stock enhancements when looking through the scrap for you so it would make sense in the fiction to not realise it was a fancy gun until you saw it as salvage).


I’ll always grab the mech salvage if it’s something I want, but if it was a chassis I want to salvage I probably killed the pilot via chaining lrm knockdowns anyway and just done called shots to the center torso if i didn’t care so I don’t really have a lot of 1/3s. An AC20+++ is way more valuable than something like a quickdraw or dragon part, and even a good half of the assault mechs are really not great because they waste too much tonnage on the engine. I feel like once you can field a 2+ heavy mech lance you get to be way more selective about salvaging because there’s a lot of mediocre larger mechs. Hell I’d take a medium laser + over a banshee part because it’s a 95 ton mech that’s armed like it’s 60 tons.


I feel like you really need to commit to melee with a Banshee, but also that you can’t build a slow, easy to hit mech around that. It’s going to take things apart when it gets in, but it’s also going to get chewed up on the way there.

I’ve only found two assault mechs that I really like. There’s the obvious one, and the King Crab. The latter required some work, but now it’s an unkillable jump jetting brick that doesn’t run out of ammo half way through a fight.


The atlas, battlemaster, base model highlanders, and stalker all seem perfectly serviceable. The atlas is essentially a 30 ton heavier orion so with a bulwark pilot it can eat almost any amount of punishment while still standing and an ac20+ lrms can let you completely fill up a stability bar in one salvo. The battlemaster isn’t really great at anything but even it’s stock configuration is decent all around just because it has so many hardpoints, and the stalker can carry far more weapons than several of the heavier assaults because of how much free tonnage it has. The zeus and awesome (depending on the variant you get) can be alright, maybe not optimal but at least side-grades, I put an AC20 on a zeus with srms and it made a decent brawler at least until i got better assaults.


I just purchased this Very Good Video Game and now I just have to make it through a 9 hour workday before I can go home and play it…


I bought this last night and after a couple hours…

Giant robot good. Very good.

The intro missions felt like they kinda dragged on and I absolutely was a dumbass and let my blackjack get torn apart the first time out but…I like this a lot. I did have to turn off all the follow cams though because they were driving me nuts.


Just got an AC/20 for the first time real early in the game. First shot I took with it just absolutely destroyed a light mech, oneshot by destroying the center torso. My Centurion just ripping through everything now. I actually really like the RNG in this game; sometimes you get absolutely nothing but then you’ll occasionally get a mission where you get weapons way earlier than it feels like you should and getting to take that sweet loot out and just run over everything with it feels great.