BATTLETECH,,,,, It's good


And the great thing is that an AC/20 isn’t actually hard to get (check the shops, it should be around & cheap reasonably early in the campaign) but it’s a right pain to slot (unless you give over a 'Mech to just being a single weapon tank with potentially dubious armour on some facings).

I think the granular armour system is basically essential to the feel of configurability in the loadouts. So much of the mental work I’m doing when crafting a 'Mech is about how much weight I can get away with vs how much I’m prepared to lean on to make a solid 55T into something that can walk all over a 65T+ that doesn’t have the armour filled in (which is the standard difficulty modifier the missions seem to play with, offering a range of armour levels to your opponents).


Managed to get an SRM, M laser, and AC/20 on the Centurion and it’s been great. Forget what I said about the light mech; at this stage (2 star and under missions) if the AC/20 connects on anything it’s basically destroyed.

I haven’t checked the shops enough; I have that JRPG problem of just hoarding everything even though I’ve had a run of great missions and have several million in the bank (incidentally, manually jumping to a lower level system has been great for my finances, easier missions means less in repair costs and the ability to do several missions back-to-back with no real losses). Definitely will check some more out. And I have a Jagermech I can slot an AC/20 and some more goodies onto…


You can find some real choice bits of gear for sale. If you scan through all the different attributes a system has you’ll notice some that will increase the tech on offer. Industrial worlds and any with a connection to the old Star League tend to offer up something tasty, and not just in terms of weapons.

I discovered cockpit mods relatively late in the campaign and they’re excellent. They add health pips to your pilot but also prevent injury unless all the cockpit pips are depleted first. There’s also a comms system that slots into the head that gives you +1 morale a turn. Gyros are good too, especially those that reduce stability damage, but everything else costs tonnage. I have a hard time justifying stripping out guns, heat sinks or armour for a situational bonus.


About 400 days into the campaign and I’d ensured a decent supply of gyro+/++ and cockpits+ to give a few “free” injuries before anyone had to sit out the next engagement (basically allowing a faster cadence of contract than the early game, even with higher difficulty missions) and also some permanent +X against hits (my preference for gyros, which seem to have quite a few different effects) as I like to try and offer up a hard target where possible.

Definitely worth giving up any potential head hardpoints and keeping the majority of the 'Mech central body filled with the gyro package.

Some of the other bonuses (actuators to boost melee dmg, leg struts to reduce self-dmg from DFA, per-weapon-class acc bonus) seem cool but I have a hard time with tonnage and I keep thinking that I’d rather put that weight into more armour when it’s not free.


yeah so basically half my squad is running AC/20s + as many SRMs as they can carry now, so much fun. Doesn’t hurt that half my lineup has a ton of points in piloting as a combination of how I specced them out and also who were the highest level pilots available to recruit at the time. So I got a couple snipers hanging back shooting PRCs and LRMs while the other half of my squad just runs into enemies while shooting AC20s and SRMs that basically get to rip at least one body part every time they fire.

Bought some +/++ weapons from the shops but I’m holding back in favor of upgrading the argo for now. Want as many tech/medical points as possible so that I can get pilots/mechs back into the field as fast as possible, and permanent boosts to morale seem really good (the training module points probably add up too). Viewing it as a long term investment vs short term gain thing for now. Plus I’ve only found arm mods that give +20 to melee, which don’t seem worth it quite yet as I’d rather have more armor/weapons/heatsinks. Maybe they start to make more sense once you get heavier mechs, but I’m still only on the one heavy in this campaign.


I’m not sure if they ever do. Melee damage mods are at least 2 tonnes each, and you can take 4 Small Lasers for that weight. Some of the larger melee focused mechs have the slots for that, and, while it might not all hit the same spot, that’s still an additional 80 damage for very little heat. You can bump that up a little with ++ versions or, if you’re feeling spicy, go with +crit and try to fish for component damage/ammo detonations in whatever part your fists just tore the armour off of.


Morale cockpit mods are INCREDIBLE btw because they stack. If you take 3 +3 morale pods that’s 10 morale per turn plus what you kill. Handing out called shots left and right.


So I finally got to play the game! It’s good! I’m terrible at it!

My XCOM instincts are absolutely worthless here and it’s been difficult to adjust my thinking. Closing in to close distance is often a bad idea, holding position for multiple rounds is NOT a viable option for a sniper, there’s a great deal more information to process about whether a shot is worth it. So far my missions have turned into awful slugfests where my mechs keep whaling on a light mech for five rounds without destroying it because I keep making suboptimal shots. I’m excited to improve and kick ass with my robot buddies!



It’s… glorious.


So I’m at Day 548 and still haven’t managed to scrounge together a Heavy Mech. Im massively outclassed at misisons recommended for my tonnage and I feel like I fucked up somewhere?


If you want, it’s pretty easy to cheat yourself some cash, with a simple text editor.
The following folder has editable files with all the values associated with different weapons.

You probably got a bunch of spare machine guns or whatever lying around.
You can basically just change the value of the weapons to be whatever $$$, and sell a few, then change it back to normal values.
Might be quicker than starting over, if you are concerned about money.
Money is useful for buying better weapons, repairing mechs, boosting your morale, buying mech salvage, etc.

My suggestion is to move to the starting periphery sectors (Detroit), if ya don’t feel like cheating some money, and taking on easier missions. Get Money, and focus on fighting cowardly.
The way difficulty works is determined by story progression, which slightly increases the difficulty of each sector. Those starting sectors should be more manageable though.
Won’t spoil the game for newcomers with details, but at some point you will be able to buy decent mech salvage at a few places.

What’s your lance look like right now. Maybe we can give a few pointers?
I like having an armored charger, along with an all rounder mech, for close engagements,
and an ac cannon sniper mech, and a LRM missle boat for indirect fire.


Something the game doesn’t talk about is that you can manually move to a star system. I feel like the game has a tendency to send you to higher and higher leveled star systems but if you can’t keep up, just go to a lower level one. I did that early (like mission before Smithon), and if anything that made the game too easy because I was able to slowly grow my funds and pick up high leveled weapons, and gradually got into missions with heavily damaged heavy mechs, so by the time I actually got to Smithon I had 4 heavies (3 and a half stars tonnage). If anything I kind of regret it because it feels like the game didn’t intend to do this; everything seems really easy at this point, even when I’m seeing assault mechs for the first time.

It’s interesting in that it potentially works as a difficulty modifier in some ways because you can choose the difficulty of your missions and how fast the difficulty escalates, but don’t go out of their way to specifically tutorialize the star map to new players. The only reason I tried it myself is because I read about it somewhere, maybe this thread even.


Well at the time of posting I had two shadowhawks, one standard build and one more SRM heavy, a stock Centurion and a Trebuchet I modified to carry an LRM 15, and LRM 10 and a PPC. Not long after posting I did the prison break mission, lost one of the Shadowhawks and gained a Dragon (not great the but a heavy is a heavy) and a Hunchback which I slapped an AC20+ I’d found on so I’m feeling a lot better about my Lance atm. I still wish I could find that last third of an Oni somewhere-- I had a mission early one that was just one Oni and one SRM carrier and I managed to take out the Oni’s legs without blowing up the CT but my salvage deal was only 2/8 and rng didn’t give me the third :frowning:

Money doesn’t seem to be an issue for me? I’m sitting on 3 million or more most of the time I just can’t find anything worth spending it on. I haven’t been able to find heavy mech salvage for sale anywhere and the + weapons I find are usually too big to mount on mediums.


For what it’s worth, I’ve found a pack of Shadowhawks can punch wayyyyy above their weight class. Max out armor on a single SH, then give it bunch of jump gets and some SRMs and/or medium lasers to shred armor and put it in the hands of a patient with piloting and tactics. Then make three more SHs kitted out with ~30 LRMs (ideally with stability damage upgrades) and some jump jets and give them to pilots with gunnery.

Your first spotter mech is mobile enough to get 5 evasion pips with a sprint or jump jet and still packs enough of a punch to shred armor so your missile mechs can crit-seek. Since your lance is highly mobile, you should be able to carefully position them so that the enemy only ever has eyes on your spotter, who is running from cover to cover and/or using vigilance enough they can even tank a couple heavies while the rest of your lance knocks your enemies down and then tears them apart. Even better is kiting the enemy so that you’re blowing up their spotter halfway through each round.

I’ve managed to take down mixed medium-heavy lances while outnumbered without casualties using this basic strategy. <3 Shadowhawks.


Shadow Hawks are probably too good. I’m definitely trying to find spaces for a 65T 'Mech and asking, “but does this give me anything I can’t do with a SH? And at what (usually mobility) cost?”

They can’t fit quad SRMs or something but they can carry most things in moderation while having more armour than you’d expect for their tonnage and enough mobility to jump around anything heavier.

I found that I was happy to stick with them until the 75T+ options started to offer firepower I couldn’t compete with. They’re why I think I found Smithon comparatively easy.


That has more to do with the stock mech designs for a lot of ~60T heavies being extremely bad tbh. One of the jagermech variants at least has enough launcher hardpoints that you can make it an LRM boat as an upgrade from the centurion, but the dragon isn’t really ever going to do much and both of the catapult variants are lackluster.


Nice! Congrats on getting the Dragon. It’s a nice all round mech.
Only thing I would notice about your lance, is that the centurion tends to get shredded like paper, and it doesn’t seem like you currently have a super maneuverable mech.
I recommend fielding a griffin to hop around, if ya get your hands on one. It has decent armor, and enough firepower to snipe butts.
It’s a spider that won’t get oneshoted, if the enemy somehow manages to hit.

Might give that dragon some jump jets and extra armor!
Those are my suggestions, but you play it as ya want to.

Good to hear the bottleneck wasn’t money.
After a certain point in the story, money becomes more of a thing. You can blow through 2.7 mil with any of a few upgrades.
More Mechs to buy, and permanent upgrades to everything, which related monthly costs that can balloon to 800,000 a month. (though I’m fielding a larger team of mech pilots)


Yeah I think my monthly cost is like 725K at this point and I don’t even have the third 'Mech bay.

Also if any of y’all aren’t bumrushing to Tactics 9, Called Shot Mastery, you need to do that. It makes a called shot to the head a 16-17% chance. It’s amazing. I have a 'Mech with an AC/20++ that i’m gonna rename Robespierre. Especially in combination with my paper-armored Jagermech LRM boat which can take a 'Mech to full unstable with one salvo.


Oooh, this is good info. This thread is so good. I learn a new thing every time I scope it out. Makes me more excited to jump back into the game and try something.