BATTLETECH,,,,, It's good


I’ve had really bad luck with it for whatever reason. I have an LRM boat with an LRM20 and 2 LRM 15s, given to dekker who has a 10 in tactics and a 10 in gunnery, and half the time I get 0 headshots.

I think the biggest moneysink in the game are the permanent upgrades for the Argo; I tend to rush the medbay and engineering upgrades to get the turnaround on repairs+injuries as fast as possible.


LRMs only roll for headshots once per rack, srms roll for every missile.

LRMs are mostly for knocking things over, which is SUPER useful.


Yeah in the early game I had Dekker in a Locust running around to get Sensor Locks but I was uneasy about the firepower tradeoff? Something about a bunch of deactivated Griffins popped up after I finished the Prison Break mission but I don’t have any as far as I can tell. I can probably scrape together a Jenner or maybe even a Cicada no problem which I’ve heard people like to use.

The Centurion is off the team now since it lost both arms in the last mission and the Hunchback seems strictly better-- which is a shame because it looks really cool and that is a non-zero factor in my lance composition.


Ah ok, that will explain it. I knew srms rolled per missile and assumed lrms rolled the same way.


Anyone care to suggest an upgrade path for moving into a Heavy with SRMs?

I’m currently quite happy with a Kintaro 55T fully loaded with SRM4s (as they’re the most efficient in terms of heat so moving up to SRM6s means stripping armour/mobility for: tonnage of the 6s, tonnage for extra missiles, tonnage for extra heatsinks and that’s not really where I’m looking for a firing-every-round strike 'Mech). But presumably there’s something heavier that doesn’t ruin the mobility to step up the SRM firepower? Or is this as good as it gets for dependable SRMs, jumping to the front line where extra DPS is needed?


The kintaro has more missile hardpoints than anything else in the game including the King Crab. Your best bet for an SRM boat in the heavies is probably a Jagermech missile variant (JM6-A).

That said, if you just want a short range heavy with big physical hits may I call your attention to the Thunderbolt? 2/4/2/2 weapon slots, 39 free tons, decent mobility.

edit: I updated the OP with a really really good reference spreadsheet. If you haven’t finished the main plot, beware some minor spoilers.


You ever pick up a mission and your XO warns that you’re going to need some bigger 'Mechs with more firepower to pull it off. But who ever snagged some tasty salvage playing it safe?

Four and a half skulls? Well we’ve got one Assault 'Mech so this is easily within the range of possibility. Time to get this base defence rolling.

The initial attack was a few Heavy 'Mechs and Assaults backing them up but their armour was pretty low so that was no worries. Only 10 rounds to hold and we can slice through this lot with ease. And we did, cutting them down. Then the real assault started. Four Assaults all fully armoured. No one was going to alpha strike those chests and cut all the way through in a single volley. Shockingly, we actually had the goods and just enough heat management to jump around and force them to shoot at our dust (while picking each one off).

And that’s the story of how we got our first King Crab.


The orion can mount a few srms and an AC20 and be a pretty decent close range brawler, but if you want pure missiles your only real option is going to be the missile variant jagermech.


Just now catching up with this incredible thread. SO much good info and convo in here, y’all. (Too much to chime in on, honestly, but I’ll try to keep up going forward!)

Here’s my big Q for folks: Have y’all be digging into the more open-ended Merc stuff separate from the story campaign? Is there a good sense on whether it’s worth building faction rep? Any unique rewards/missions that stand out?


I think the game doesn’t work without the open-ended procedural missions. Not only for just the endless loot grind but also as ways of occasionally creating a really memorable encounter. The story missions are great, but without an endless mission system it just wouldn’t feel like Battletech to me. But I think the faction rep is very much underdeveloped - it plays into some random events and it’s a discount at the shop. Some of the shops (in planets with the Fomer SLDF Presence tag, mostly) can have REALLY good stuff that you’ll want the discount on, but to me the rep system seems more like a framework that will get expanded on than a vital aspect of the game as it now stands.


Rep is functional but could use some improvement, the biggest reward from rep aside from bonus contract pay is that you are actually allowed to take on hard contracts for that faction. That’s a pretty good incentive since 4 and 5 star assassination missions are probably the best way to farm for 100t assault mechs but it doesn’t exactly feel like a great reward in the moment. That said I also was 4 years in when i dropped for the final campaign mission so the basic system itself is super good.


I personally haven’t felt the effects of rep at all but I haven’t seen late game so who knows, it might become more consequential. I would agree that the random mission structure is critical to the success of the game, but a couple dozen hours in and I’ve seen maps/mission text/scenarios repeat a bit too often. I don’t expect infinite new scenarios but do wish there would be more different scenarios, mission text, maps, etc. Maybe as a free add on or part of an expansion.

One thing I have noticed about the mid -late game is how useless some of the Argo upgrades are. Morale is great, med and tech points are great, but other than unlocking the next tier of upgrades I have no need for more mech warriors or the third mechbay. I only have like 6 mechs at most in rotation, and still only have 5 mech warriors including my PC. With cockpit mods and ejecting if my central armor gets low(I tend to favor additional armor over more weapons or heats ones anyway), I rarely have more than one person injured, maybe two, but with all the medical upgrades it only takes a week or two to heal anyway, most of which can be done in transit. I’m not trying to say I’ve been particularly great at the game either; I just can’t imagine a scenario where you’d need like 16 mech warriors. Just seems like it would be too expensive for one, and not really add any benefits either.

I’ll also add that I wish the morale system had more depth to it, but that’s another story.


I just played Smithion and it’s 2 skull rating is a vicious lie. I went in with a 3 skull rated squad and still had a pretty bad time. I got out of it with all the side objectives and nobody dead, but every pilot was badly injured and all the mechs had internal damage. Plus I got lucky because the mech that got beat up the most was piloted by my main character so I kept it in way past what I would tolerate if anyone else was piloting it because she couldn’t actually die. Every single part of the mech had internals exposed and somehow the only part I lost was an arm with nothing mounted on it.


I’m still doing them, and I finished the main plot about 10 hours ago. I don’t think I’ve had a single mission where I thought “I’ve done this before.” Something is always different, whether that be the terrain between you and the objective or the composition of the enemy force, and you can never get too comfortable. Even a 3 1/2 skull mission (the lowest I’ve seen in the late game) has the potential to go sideways if reinforcements show up.

I’ve been taking the postgame as a chance to train up new pilots and try different lances out. My Dragon saw its first use since the grave robbing mission, and I’ve been making good use of a Kintaro as an aggressive flanker. Sometimes the latter works out, where it avoids enough fire to get behind the enemy and tears through their rear armour. Sometimes it runs into a reinforcement lance of assault mechs and gets torn to shreds before it can pull back. Blip, thankfully, is only in the medbay for 55 days rather than in the ground alongside its previous pilot.

Not much you can do about an AC/20 round to the cockpit, but with a call sign like Flatline I can’t help but feel he was tempting fate.


I’m not doing so on purpose really, but outside of issues with occasional crashing I have not savescummed yet.

It’s actually not as bad IMO for that as something like an Xcom, as while you will lose pilots and that sucks (RIP Behemoth…) you will never fully lose a mech, and so you will always have a way out, even if it’ll be rough.


I feel like I’ve barely played this game but I’m already nearly 10 hours deep and I only just did the first story mission the game has served to me, the moon mission with the derelict ship. I had to go in without Glitch because she got pretty fucked up in a rando assassination mission prior to. But the moon mission went pretty well and nobody died, not even Dekker.

Being the first time it served a heavy mech to me I was wondering what people recommend doing when it feels like your enemies are absorbing all your damage even though they have so many exposed structure? I’ve been posting up my long range mechs like the Shadowhawk and Vindicator up on something tall and basically barraging the enemies with LRMs and PPCs while the other more close range mechs circle around hitting from the back. It took SOO LONG to take out the heavy, but I assume that was the point.


I think it’s important to work out where you want precision vs force. You’re only going to be able to spend a limited amount while using tools to increase your precision so it’s important to always make it count.

Obviously the big one is spending morale to target a location (once in a suitable position to get a good hit percentage) but that can come with subtlety: the first strike from a large-dmg weapon is maybe just a random blast and then you follow up with a second 'Mech which exploits whatever armour is damaged to really knock through and partially disable the enemy (limping with no heat dissipation or hardly any online weapons to shoot back with) with that targeted shot.

You can also push the percentages with facing (the back is a great location for not needing to spend morale but still knowing roughly what you’re going to hit) and the big system that maybe doesn’t get tutorialised enough as a mechanic is the second dmg type: stability. Your missiles (and some other stuff like a PPC++ with stb. dmg. boost) are a great source of free targeted hits because once a 'Mech has fallen, it’s open season. I optimised my play style to being able to make the biggest 'Mechs fall down and then unload onto them as I moved deeper into the game.

Ideally, if you’re going for a swift takedown, you can try rolling the dice on a headshot, but you can also just focus fire and go through the chest. The alternative, if they spent a lot of their weight on chest armour but lacked it on the legs, is to remove both feet for the disable (which also works together with a strategy of knocking them down, as they’ll fall when you remove the first leg). As you boost your dps (with upgraded weapons and bigger 'Mechs) it should be easier to pull off those alpha strikes.


As you said, flanking helps a lot. Shooting a mech from the side seems to heavily favour the leg and arm on that facing when it comes to determining hits, which will hopefully allow you to topple the target (setting up free called shots) or take an arm off (removing weapons and allowing further shots from that angle to chew into the torso). Shots from the rear can be devastating, especially if you have fewer, higher damage weapons.

Another thing to keep in mind is that hitting a mech from all angles will sandpaper it from all angles. If you’ve stripped most of the armour from the front of a mech then it’s probably not a good idea to go for a rear shot. If you can get 2-3 mediums firing on a single target from the same side you’ll do a load of damage and hopefully blunt whatever offensive power the target has.

Later in the game you’ll have some pilots with the Tactics skill upgraded to the point where you get a bonus to called shots, at which point it becomes very easy to move to the side and remove a leg with a single alpha strike. At that point I usually like piling shots onto one torso side, hoping to hit structure, trigger an ammo detonation and remove an arm/bunch of weapons.


A 'Mech has 11 independent armor and structure locations so using lots of weak weapons will tend to just gradually grind them down. The best way to deal with a big 'Mech is to knock it over with stability, or to focus on one side with as much punch as you can get. Side shots are very good at removing arms, side torsos, and legs, but there’s no point in going for shots from two different sides.

The emphasis on damaging the structure under the armor is also what makes the big single-hit guns like the PPC and AC/20 worth all their tradeoffs. An LRM20 can do 80 points of damage, but that damage will be randomly distributed over as many as 8 different locations. An AC/20 hits for 100 in one spot, which means it’s EXTREMLY likely to punch through and hit structure, and hitting structure gives you a hope for a critical or, even better, an ammo explosion.

Incidentally this is part of why I don’t really care for the Battlemaster or the Hunchback 4P - a ton of medium lasers looks cool but is bad at decapitation.

but in general, I find that stability damage is extremely good. Kill the meat, save the metal.


Good points. One thing I haven’t been doing is trying to get any more powerful weapons so I have a lot of the basic stuff like LRM5, SRM2, PPC, AC/2 and 5, etc.

Is it worth buying higher damage stuff or should I be focusing on getting it from missions? Or a mix? I tend to avoid buying stuff because what if I’m suddenly broke, ya know?