BATTLETECH,,,,, It's good


I only buy ++ or +++ items generally, I’m never really short of basic weapons. I tend to take salvage-heavy contracts.

Autocannons are a little weird, because of the range differences they all have their uses. The AC/2 is longer-ranged than the PPC. SRM4s are more efficient than SRM6s. LRMs I just pack as many as I can fit, because to me the purpose of those is stability damage.


I made do with scrounging for quite a while, and only realy started buying weapons when gear++ started showing up in stores.

I only once found myself in a situation where I wanted to buy a weapon, and that was to replace the PPC on the Vindicator when its arm was shot off on my 3rd mission. I made do with a Large Laser and found the reduced tonnage and heat generation was largely worth the trade off.


RE: rob saying on stream that he’s never found a centurion build he’s happy with, well you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like


Yeah, This kinda works because you basically take a mech designed as a brawler / general assault, but has way too crappy durability to ever fulfill those roles,
and basically strip all the armor and make it an indirect long range missile boat, that should never be within targeting range of it’s opponents.
Pretty good use of those 3 missile hardpoints, unless it gets ambushed by multiple mechs. Then I guess you eject!


I’ve got a jagermech that looks like that. Poor thing only has 320 armor points.


Same, but then you get to shoot like 80 missiles at a poor mech and they don’t know what to do. My favorite is loading up mechs with AC/20s; where I’m at you still get light mechs and the AC/20 just rips the torsos apart, feels so brutal in an amazing way.


So, are there any little vignette beats or events that are tied to the attributes of planets in the map? I love the scattered descriptors (planetary storms, quarantine, battlefield etc), but other than a few tags seeming to be associated with good parts in the stores, I haven’t found anything special - unique pilots or equipment, a new scripted mission, etc - and I feel like I only ever encounter the same four or five events now. It makes me a little sad!

I can’t wait for the mod that just adds a bunch of flavor and mini-events, ala Massive Chalice or King of Dragon Pass. I want to be able to hire the pilot who punched me in the bar when I badmouthed the Magistracy of Canopus to her face, or do a base defense mission that turns into a mission for the Argo, moving a ton of refugees to a new system, or take on a string of missions from a sketchy “entrepreneur” pitching me on the opportunity to score some Lostech.


Oh no, I just reached the “this is the final story chunk, you’re playing through until the conclusion so prepare” point.

*Flies off to every corner of space to enjoy working through random missions and battle-testing my heavier 'Mech loadout/strategies*

Have been having a lot of fun taking less weight than the skulls demand and just dancing round the enemy, although it does mean that as soon as you get caught out, if a 'Mech hits the floor it may not be able to get up with any limbs left.


I beat it! Dekker survived! All is good!

I’ll be honest, besides having played a bit of the Mechwarrior 2 demo and some MW 3/4 at a friends place a long while ago, I knew nothing of BattleTech until know. Heck, I wasn’t even aware that there was a larger universe behind it until the Kickstarter campaign for this game.

This game did a lot to pull me in to the universe. Almost to the point of wanting to pick up a few of the novels to see what they’re about (tips are welcome!). It seems cheesy, royalistic and ridiculous, but damn if I haven’t been sold on some god damn space warfare!

What a great campaign, too. This sort of campaign where you muck about doing mercenary stuff in-between story missions seems to have fallen out of favour since long ago, and not for bad reasons—there was a time when most RTS’s (although this isn’t one) where mostly about killing the enemy, making too many missions too similar to each other. Then came a wave where almost all missions were unique, but sometimes you just want to build a damn base and kill the enemy! BattleTech hits an almost perfect balance of story missions with unique elements, and regular missions where you can just land your squad, blow up shit, and still have to stay on your toes.

It’s such a great campaign structure! Falters a bit in the end game, but the combination of sometimes being stressed for resources (thus being forced to go through missions to stay alive), being able to eject your soldiers and even withdraw completely really works to keep you on your toes. It’s been an amazing ride.

I’m really hoping that HBS will get the chance to follow up on this series with some more mechs, new style of engagements (maybe something to encourage fielding more light mechs) and missions. What a fantastic studio they are turning out to be.

Now, from this long strategy game with RPG elements to a long RPG with strategy elements: Pillars of Eternity 2. What a spring for tactical games!


Yeah, I’m having a lot of fun with the mission structure.
Though I’m ready to just plow through the story, after wandering around a bit with a heavy lance.

Wanna finish this up, and start Pillars of Eternity as well.
Looking forward to an expansion for this though.
Hopefully they can fill out systems, storylines, and battle situations for the existing attributes regarding planet and pilots. Don’t even need new mechs, just more writing and scenarios would be nice.


Took 477 days, but the Reach is free! All the original crew is alive and well.

I found that the story missions had a tendency to resolve any risk of resource shortage, so might have to try a non-story start some day.

Now to keep playing with ma beefed out ship or try out multiplayer.


Finished the campaign not too long ago, and would love a hard mode to get me back into another one. An interesting personal challenge I read and might try out was to only allow 1 slot on the drop for each weight class, with each slot also able to carry lower classes (basically limiting you to one assault and forcing you to use light mechs). Anyone else have any good challenges?


I’ve considered following a standard 'Mech lance configuration (2 mediums, a heavy, and either an assault or a light)

I did actually play my campaign respecting the Leopard’s official cargo capacity - 300 tons max.

I’ve seen some people playing it really to 3025 rules and running stock configs only. That might be cool.


Does the mech variety change in different parts of the galaxy? I mostly took travel grants, which kept me in the Aurigan Reach. I never saw many of the cool mechs like a Kintaro, Atlas or King Crab in the field to get salvage from. Should I have moved to other places more?

By the way, this article on speeding the game up a bit helped me a great deal. Like Xcom 2 there’s a few too many weird pauses in-between rounds for my liking, and the mechs are just slightly too slow. Like Alec I ended up modifying the files manually (although the linked program didn’t work for the GOG version, so I wrote my own) for the speed increase since 2x is more in-line with keeping a mech seem heavy than 5x would be.


I found the slow camera helped me cheese positioning a bit before engagement.
If you sprint everyone up, into a enemy sighting, the combat will start with Max Evasion, and folk in better firing positions.
Where it seems if you just send a mech up, and wait for them to finish their camera shot focused on movement, you will start the combat turn. You’ll have one mech up top, and the rest of your lance sitting on their hands away from the action.


If you advance a bit more slowly and don’t sprint too far into sensor range you will have time to brace everyone, so it’s less cheesing and more trading hard defense for soft.


That’s how you get him to survive. Harden him early with risky moves so that he believes he can make it.


Not sure if mechs are region specific, but the weight (skull) indicator can affect what sorts of mechs you encounter. From my understanding, the types of mechs you see are randomized.


This is one of those “needs context” comments.


*A thousand tiny voices screaming in my head*

I would not play like that with BattleTech, even as an extreme modifier. Every time my lance includes Kamea’s Atlas II I’m just dying. Yes, this is “right” (to the technical readout) - but the way the systems actually work in this game then who would ever actually build a 'Mech from scratch with this gear? It’s a mix of equipment that can’t possibly be cooled and you’re not even getting particularly good armour (and no mobility) out of it. What has a million heaksinks and yet will cook the first tine you even try to fire it (let alone capable of engaging in a drawn-out back and forth)?

As soon as I got my hands on it, off everything goes to new homes in more balanced builds. Complete refit time.