Bayonetta Megathread: Umbra Switches



That 3 announcement was a truly pleasant surprise.


The first game’s theme was a cover of a 1950s song about the moon.

The second game’s theme was a cover of a 1960s song about the moon.

We all know what’s next for Bayonetta 3. 1970. Van Morrison. Moondance. Let’s go.


Well, the trailer for Bayonetta 3 struck a much darker tone that I was expecting.

I really want to know what’s up with everything - the blood moon, the vaguely Rodin shaped purple flame figure that seems to completely eviscerate Bayonetta, why Bayonetta is in her Bayo 1 look rather than the far superior Bayo 2 look (though she’s not using the Scarborough Fair, instead she’s using a very similar model that seems to be called the Wittingham Fair).

At any rate, I’m extremely excited and I hope they ramp up the gay between Bayonetta and Jeanne even more than in Bayonetta 2.

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Sometimes I wonder if Nintendo is wiretapping my home and making decisions purely to separate me from money.

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Here’s hoping the Switch version of 2 lets you play as Rodin and the Lumen Sage in singleplayer and not just the weird multiplayer thing.

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I’m hyped for Bayo3 and “Umbra Switches” is a very good title :+1:

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As much as I liked Bayonetta, it was Bayonetta 2 that really grabbed me, probably Platinum’s best game. I always wondered how well it did on the Wii-U, on the Switch I’m sure it’ll be more popular.


As someone who is bitter that there will likely never be a Metal Gear Rising 2… I guess it’s time I just get super into Bayonetta.

Please. It’ll obviously be Dancing in the Moonlight.

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Different style games but both excellent in their own ways.

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Popping in to say 2 things:

  1. This is probably the best thread title we’ve ever had
  2. I’m hype as hell to finally play these games

Admittedly I didn’t think of it until after I posted the thread initially, but I am so fucking glad I did. I nearly jumped out of the shower to go change it immediately when it came to me.

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My bf was really excited when they announced that 1 and 2 were coming to Switch. I had bought them on Wii U but he never got around to playing them. I’m pumped to play them again and eventually play Bayonetta 3 in early 2019 probably.

For people new to the series, Bayonetta 1 can be rough on your first playthrough with really obnoxious quick time events, and in particular a level about 3/4’s in that really punishes you for relying on Witch Time. On subsequent playthroughs the game gets progressively better since there’s such a high potential skill ceiling.

(also there’s a couple of absolutely critical upgrades that are arbitrarily locked until about halfway through)

It’s actually the opposite for 2. Aside from the tougher underworld sections, it’s a pretty breezy game to get through since the new Umbran Climax ability is incredibly overpowered and particularly useful for people who can’t figure out how to use Dodge Offset.

I wouldn’t recommend going for subsequent playthroughs on 2 though. The higher difficulty levels have some lazy implementation, the weapon balance is really out of whack, and the ranking system is far too skewed toward speed of completing fights rather than being stylish.

Also heavily recommend Yoshesque’s Let’s Plays of the series, she’s an absolute master of the games.


I didn’t like B2, between Umbran Climax just being a screen clearing mess, rival battles with way too much going on in the backgrounds, flying battles that remove mobility options with bosses putting a lotta distance between you and a new (sorta) cast members consisting of Lumen Sage with all the personality of cardboard and a sassy blue haired child who wont stop calling Bayonetta ‘Luv’.

Edit: Sorry I know this comes off as very negative, I just found that for everything it improves upon over B1 it falls short a bit in equal amounts to me.

It misses some of the details and the work put toward high-level play that made the first game really shine. Stuff like, how much the time ranking requirements stifle mechanical creativity (and makes Torture Attacks a liability rather than a tool), Umbran Climax being an objectively better use of your magic meter than anything else, and how some of the Hell enemies don’t have proper attack visual/audio tells set up when they’re enraged.

Bayo 1 did a really brilliant thing on the highest difficulty level, where it kicks the floor out from under you by almost completely disabling Witch Time, emphasizing a need to master the combat mechanics when you don’t have that ability to fall back on. It’s the game equivalent of a martial arts master making you learn to fight with a tough handicap.

The second game doesn’t do this, Witch Time is still available but the speed and lethality of everything is cranked up to a breaking point. It’s making you rely more on a mechanic that undermines the complexity of the gameplay, and suffers for it.

Though again, it’s likely gonna be a lot of people’s favorite of the two because it’s really flashy and not as punishing as the first game on your first go through.


I couldn’t be more excited for this: I bought my Wii U primarily in anticipation of Bayonetta 2 and played through the whole of 1 and 2 over the Christmas period that year. I actually hadn’t finished the first game at that point because (as @miscu noted) it can get incredibly punishing for the new player. I made it about halfway through but then dropped off, despite loving its aesthetic to bits. It didn’t help that I was playing on the PS3 version, which was notorious for taking forever to load even when doing something as simple as pulling up the menu.

Getting it on Wii U pretty much forced myself into playing through it (wanting to see the second one and having committed to a console purchase to play them). I was so glad I did. I still had some rough times with it, but once I finally pushed past that and got the hang of the combat I had so much fun with it. Going straight onto the second one certainly makes it apparent that the latter game is much more friendly to the less experienced player.

I really enjoyed my time with 2 and it was absolutely my Game of the Year, and I really loved where the story ended up going. That said, the original game certainly still holds my heart for just how wild it goes - while 2 ratchets the scale up in a lot of places, I don’t think it’s possible to top the umbran climax of that first game. Very excited for the next step in the series; as much as I try not to get too excited about company execs, I could have kissed Reggie on the mouth when he pulled that, “You didn’t think we came here just to announce a re-master, did you?”