Be Good and Rewatch It Community Wishlist


These are probably way too real, literally, for the tone of the podcast, but I’d love if they did one on Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence, two supremely haunting documentaries centered on the Indonesian killings of 1965-66


Given the recent waypoint about Daniel Mallory, I would love to hear the gang’s thoughts on the 2012 documentary The Imposter. It’s so incredible to see how far someone managed to get with a lie, and a lie that wasn’t even remotely plausible on its face.

I don’t want to spoil anything as everyone should go into it as blind as possible in terms of how the film is constructed. Don’t read about it or watch anything beyond the trailer, it really should be experienced cold for the maximum effect. It also has the added benefit of being free to watch online:

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Mostly because I know Danielle has mentioned it recently, and also because it has hidden depths: Jupiter Ascending.
(Bonus for doing a mini ‘not-Matrix-trilogy Wachowski’ series–Bound, Jupiter Ascending and Speed Racer, maybe?)


The TillDeathDoUsPart Discord was praising Society last October, so I gave it a try, and it definately is something. Even describing it is spoilery, Id say If Saved by the Bell was remade as a comedy/body horror movie. It would be fun to hear what the waypoint crew thinks of it.


As for my own suggestion, Patrick and Austin mentioned the genre that merges their interests is sci-fi/horror (looking forward to the Event Horizon show), so Cronenberg’s The Fly or Videodrome would both be great. Warning that both of them get super gross, the Fly in particular is real body horrorey.


Ooooohhh please! This would be a really fun discussion.

If the team wants to stick with slightly weird horror films, I’d like to suggest Mandy from last year. I know Patrick was a big fan, but I’d like to hear from the rest of the crew. Especially Danielle.


I trust the team to find some worthwhile movies; they seem to have sufficiently diverse interests as to not stray into samish films constantly. As long as it’s something I can watch without having to handle physical media I’m fine.


I would love, love, love a discussion about Speed Racer.


Speed Racer the best.

Also i’d like if they could choose something on a common subscription video service.

So far every movie covered has been a 4 or more buck rental online or the price of a movie ticket so i’ve only listened to the pods so far instead of watching the movie and then listening. because if it’s weekly, 4 bucks a week or more is too much for me. I wouldn’t want the podcast to be restricted to whatever is on netflix or amazon but maybe a few things here and there from those services would be nice.


Whereas, by contrast, I have neither Netflix nor Amazon, so doing that would make me sad. [What I mean is: you can’t include everyone, anyway - any choice is going to mean that some people can’t participate in content directly…]


Yeah for sure. There is no easy way to make it work for everyone unfortunately.


Requesting the Rocky movies.
Danielle, Natalie and whoever else is keen or has time.

Then Creed 1 and 2. Or just do Creed.


Act of Killing and Look of Silence are two of my most favorite films: a Look of Silence episode would get me off my butt to rewatch the damn thing myself. Both films shook me to my core on my first watch: a second watch of Act of Killing helped me to think on it as rewatchable.


I watched david cronenberg’s eXistenZ for the first time this week.

It is a very 90s, gloriously batshit film which takes place inside a videogame, a vr type thing you play by bio linking yourself to other players via a port in the spinal column.

Great cast including jennifer jason leigh, jude law, willem dafoe, cristopher eccleston and ian holm aka bilbo motherfuckin’ baggins

seems firmly in the gang’s wheelhouse and might compliment the Sereneity pod nicely

Also fully on board for a horror b-movie side podcast although instead of schlock & shock may i suggest the title schlock & awe


If this needs a seconding, I am happy to second it; I can’t believe I didn’t think of suggesting it!


I think just about any Cronenberg movie would be awesome to hear them talk about, although I’ll throw my hat in for Shivers. It’s his first feature film, and there’s a LOT going on that I think would be fun to try and unpack.

Also going forward I’d like to see more non-English language films be discussed. The original Suspiria would be a good gateway to old Italian slasher movies. I think The Wages of Fear would be great too, it seems like an extremely Rob Zacny movie. Although there’s probably some greater issues with accessibility and access to foreign films.

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After the recent sci fi films, I’d be interested in either Arrival or Annihilation. Both relatively recent, but strange sci fi films with an existential tension under them and some engaging ideas in their stories that I’d love to hear the Waypointers untangle.


Naked Lunch + Existenz would be a good double feature of weirdness, and the latter has the video game tie-in.


Rob (I think?) mentioned it on the podcast when they last mentioned Evangelion, but I’d love to hear what the Waypoint crew think of Shin Godzilla. Its such a different take on the monster movie genre from anything I’d seen before.


YES, that would be a good one.

For those who don’t know about the film, picture The Thick Of It or Veep but with Kaiju, complete with a running joke about the main character getting an increasingly elaborate job title thanks to rapid government reshuffling