Be Good and Rewatch It Community Wishlist


I feel very… unsophisticated, I guess? for suggesting this, but I’d really love to hear the crew’s take on the Jurassic Park films. Especially Fallen Kingdom, which I thought deserved a lot more than the cursory glances it got when it came out last summer.

In particular I think the crew’s perspectives would intersect in interesting ways on these, considering the JP films are a mishmash of sci-fi, horror, occasional schlock (“Alan!”) than run the spectrum from super-earnest to very cold and commercial.


In light of the the recent dives into schlocky horror, absurdist sci-fi, lo-fi aesthetics, and somewhat clueless auteurs, I formally revoke my previous suggestion and propose this:


Folks have suggested Videodrome and eXistenZ, but not together?


I want to suggest Perfect Blue, but the subject of toxic fandom may be too personal. I can’t imagine a fan of this site like this stalking one of them, but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

When red dead came out, there were a few references made about tombstone. I love that dumb film, but I’m more interested in talking about why it worked so well while Kevin Costner’s Wyatt Earp, released that same year, didn’t.

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Bad Lieutenant: Ports of Call New Orleans


that old tekken anime movie. kazuya mishima rips a dinosaur in half with his hands.


I watched Hackers last week. Hackers is great.

Hackers pod with Danielle and Austin, plz.


Strange Days would be a great movie to reassess. But, while you wait for Waypoint to get to it you should check out Blank Check (with Griffin and David)'s episode about Strange Days which was part of their miniseries on the entire career of Kathryn Bigelow.


I am currently watching Ridley Scott’s 1985 film Legend starring a baby Tom Cruise. It’s incredible. Perfect fantasy film. I’d love to hear the squad talk about it.


I would love to hear the gangs thoughts on anything Nic Cage related, especially his weird, good movies from these past few years. Mandy is in my opinion a tonal and stylistic masterpiece, but Bad Lieutenant would also be a spectacular choice.

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I’d also love to hear episodes on Adaptation., Moonstruck, Vampire’s Kiss, and Raising Arizona!


I’d say The Fountain but I want the crew to be ok, so my wish is The Fast and the Furious series instead.

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Necessary counterargument:



Counter-Counter Argument:

Sneakers and Hackers double feature.


Wargames, Sneakers, Hackers triple feature!


I like the cut of your jib!


And then also an episode of Waypoints that’s all about Introversion Software’s Uplink and DEFCON.


Surviving Edged Weapons


Feel like Dark City doesn’t get enough love. It looks goofy now but it’s pretty cool.

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I think the voiceover at the start was an unfortunate Executive decision which spoiled it for people [much like the original cut of Blade Runner], but, yes, if you skip past that, it still holds up really well. (It’s still one of my films I point at for “did The Matrix before The Matrix” lists: there’s definitely something that was in the zeitgeist in the late 1990s about not trusting reality, etc)

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