Be Good and Rewatch It Community Wishlist


Spurred on by the 91st Academy Awards thread, much apropos of Olivia Coleman’s well deserved Oscar win for her role in The Favourite I would like to nominate the works of Simon Pegg as a possible BGARWI nominee. Pegg is brilliant at creating comedy by way of camera work and cinematography and his Cornetto Trilogy in particular is a really good example of this, especially Hot Fuzz in which Olivia Coleman is, once again, great.


Whilst Simon Pegg is great, the director you’re thing of is Edgar Wright (who’s worked with Pegg a lot - since Spaced, which launched Peggy’s career and raised Wright’s profile a lot, too). Pegg and Wright both contributed a lot to the comedy and cinematography of the Cornetto Trilogy.


lol, yeah you’re totally right, complete brain fart from me. Le the record show that I was of course referring to Edgar Wright.


It’s worth noting that Spaced was really a collaboration between Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Jessica Stevenson.

Spaced is also one of the best and most innovative uses of the medium in ages and everybody should watch it.


Yeah, it was remiss of me to not mention Jessica Stevenson/Hynes (my excuse is that she went off and did her own thing after Spaced (except for an appearance in Shaun of the Dead), whilst Pegg and Wright spent a lot more time doing things explicitly together).


A rewatch of the Blade Trilogy would be amazing…


But they only made two movies. :thinking:


oh okay i have a new addition

watch the paddingtons. i just watched the first and i like it (and also have a couple criticisms!) i will be watching P2 Tha Deuce in the coming week.

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No yeah, let’s instead do that Simon Pegg mega movie rewatch. I want the Cornetto Trilogy, that three movie deal that he got stuck in with some American studio, and all the Abrams Star Treks.

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This also includes all Mission Impossible movies post-Ghost Protocol and I wholeheartedly support that

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I’m all for people laying into Into Darkness, so let’s do that.


Co-signing Shin Godzilla. Austin promised!

Also putting my hat in for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Austin mentioned it for a hot 30 seconds during end-of-year podcasts, encouraging the rest of the cast to watch it, but due to inconvenient timing with the break, it never came back up. I’VE REWATCHED IT SEVEN TIMES NOW AND GOD HELP ME I WILL KEEP DOING IT.


I’ve been thinking a lot about First Blood (1982) ever since I saw it for the first time last Fall. I went into it w/ the flick’s reputation preceded by its numerous Rambo sequels, so I was legitimately surprised when it turned out to be not just a decent action flick, but a harrowing parable about PTSD, the aftermath of the Vietnam War, and the utter lack of care or treatment for our veterans that seems to ring more and more true as time marches on.

I think there’s a lot to dig into here, especially in regards to how the sequels undercut the strong ending of First Blood by their existence as popcorn flicks (or existence at all), so that’s where I’m tossing my hat.

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…did we ever get that riverdale podcast?

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happy to delete the comment if it’s not appropriate here, but is there a reason we don’t have a Clueless thread yet?

for lack of a better place to post this: i’m rewatching clueless this morning. it’s still inappropriate, but josh very clearly grabs at cher’s stomach, not her breasts. it is an uncomfortable moment, but i think the joke is meant to be he’s trying to make her paranoid about getting fat, not groping at her breast. which is still shitty; josh gives off a big Brando in Streetcar Named Desire vibe, with a very corny environmentalist angle - set in contrast with his father’s corporate law perspective. this movie has some wild things going on with class and sex - even if it lands on some unpleasant, regressive conclusions.

really looking forward to BBC pride & prejudice. hoping we do get joe wright as well. but this weekend i’m going to finally Finish Reading That Damn Book, rather than making it 50 pages in and taking a break for the day - and forever.


The last couple news stories don’t have threads on them, I’m guessing either whatever automated process is supposed to post them isn’t working or the person who would do that is out of the office.


Also wondering where the Clueless thread is. Listening to the end of this episode made me consider - was I an especially shallow teenager? When considering the ‘why’ of Cher liking Josh I feel teen relationships were being held to a very high standard. Why did I date the people I did as a 15 or 16 year old? Mostly because I thought they were cute, we got along, and they asked me. And a teasing kind of chemistry would have been seen as a good thing. Still would actually.


Here’s the peek behind the curtain on this one: there’s an automated process that hasn’t been working. It was picked up early but is taking a while to resolve, so the topics aren’t being enerated.

If you’d like to discuss it, feel free to make a thread now and we can merge them when the tech gremlins have been put back in their boxes.

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I would love to hear them talk about Green Book. With all of the controversy surrounding its execution, I think it would be really interesting to hear what the Waypoint crew has to say about it.


Update on this further to the post earlier – we now have a Clueless thread.