Be Good and Rewatch It Community Wishlist


There are many unholy things that I would do to hear Rob and Austin dissect Snowpiercer.


Bohemian Rhapsody somehow won big at the Academy Awards, so that means that people need to be reminded about this fucking masterpiece.


@austin_walker suggested Avatar: The Last Airbender for Rewatch It and I AM 9000% THERE.

P.S. Check it out in Mandarin.

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I really want them to watch Resident Evil: Vendetta.

If not for Castlevania, it might be my absolute favorite video game to tv/movie media ever. It’s the most hilarious, over-the-top, stupid and weird (In a good way) film I have seen in a while.

It also somehow offers a critique on capitalism and drone warfare. It’s the LIGHTEST of takes, but I appreciated it.

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The thing that I thought was most awesome about the D&D movie is that if you put the DVD in your computer, there was a little pen and paper ruleset PDF in there. I made my poor family play it.

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After listening to this week’s Waypoint I really think that Rush yeah good one go back to especially with the Rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt


Gonna throw in two anime from this decade.

First off, Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World). Super interesting coming of age/supernatural thriller epic spanning 20 years of the life of a girl growing up in a world and society that has changed over the last 1000 years after humans began developing telekinesis and posing a threat to everyone around them.

It’s notable first, as Danika’s favorite anime, which she mentioned on a Waypoint Radio before she left. But more importantly, it would offer up great discussions on the show’s questionable but accepting depiction of bisexuality, enslavement of a sentient naked-mole-rat species, and the rules and lengths the society goes to over fear that anyone could theoretically destroy their entire civilization single-handedly. (Available on: Crunchyroll)

The second is last year’s Devilman Crybaby, which is based off a classic manga and directed by Masaaki Yuasa, arguably the best director in animation right now. It’s really dark and dreary, but why I really bring it up is that the original manga heavily inspired Neon Genesis Evangelion in themes and symbolism, which really comes through in the adaptation. Since they were eventually going to get to NGE when it releases on Netflix, it’d be cool if they did this first. (Available on: Netflix)


I love Rush probably much more than I was supposed to but counterargument:



I would be really curious to see the team take on this movie. From one of my favorite directors of all time (Park Chan-wook), this quickly became my favorite. Their is a POV crotch cam moment that is super funny and incredibly horny. The trailer is a great hook into the movie, can’t recommend it enough.


The Handmaiden kicks so much ass, probably my favorite Park Chan-Wook movie to date.

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I saw this in a theater full of lesbians, and it was VERY GOOD to hear their reactions.

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Rush and Senna fascinate me as two films that seem to believe Racing Isn’t Worth The Risk. Neither fulfill the joy of racing for me - I think the way they are edited highlights danger more than sport. I kind of hate both, but not in a way where I think they aren’t worth discussing. So yeah, I’m down for Rush and Senna.


Into the Spider-Verse rewatch mentioned in the last P&P episode



Allow me two requests based on rewatches I did today.

  1. Godzilla (1954.) I think discussion of the film’s anti-nuclear politics, along with the ways it’s genre filmmaking engages with tropes, will be fantastic and lay groundwork for discussion of future films - the way referencing back to Split and Glass has become a part of our conversation about BBC’s Pride & Prejudice.

  2. Stop Making Sense (1984.) I would love to hear the party talk a Talking Heads party, the presence of black touring musicians alongside an all white band, David Byrne’s stage presence and lyrical mission, the Genius of Love performance, and Demme’s visual play. Very probably an episode longer than the movie’s cool 88 minutes. Currently on Prime Video.

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