Be Good and Rewatch It Is Taking a Break

I assume like from most things, the metrics probably weren’t doing super hot. Probably a combination of that and management going “wait you guys are the games site, why are more of your podcast time talking about not games than games now?”

Which sucks, but vice is a poorly set up house of cards, and anything that can get waypoint to last just a little bit longer I guess I’m fine with


They allude to vice telling them to do more games focused content, which is a shame because pride and prejudice was one of my all time favorite waypoint series.


Man that’s a bummer, I’ve really enjoyed this podcast feed. Really hope there’s enough of a push to bring it back, but until then please direct this gif in the direction of whoever forced this decision


I really enjoyed this podcast. I hope you come back for Neon Genesis Evangelion!


@the unfair state of online media you gotta fight me for taking away the podcast that blessed us with the take “The Bloomin’ Onion is a salad.”


Hey, Waypoint community folks. The Waypoint mod team wanted to step into this thread early to give both a rough transcript of Klepek’s opening statement regarding the Be Good & Rewatch It hiatus and to remind folks of Rule 10 of our forum rules.

The podcast opens as follows, from Patrick Klepek:

Hey everyone, welcome to Be Good & Rewatch It, a Waypoint podcast where we came up with an excuse to talk about movies and TV shows during work hours. And, well, someone figured out what we were doing, because, well, this is the last episode of Be Good And Rewatch It. […] For now! Vice is coming through some internal changes, Waypoint is figuring out where we fit in all that, and part of that is… not shocking that maybe a little more stuff in games. We’re figuring out where that balance is on everything. We’re putting a pause on Be Good & Rewatch It – I guess it’s a hiatus. We’ll still have Waypoints […] we’ll still talk about Evangelion! Just how all that pans itself out, TBD.

Rule 10 of the Waypoint forum states:

Remember that the games journalism community is small, our community is visible, and other personalities have been active here—act accordingly. Do not speculate on hires or personal lives of staff or personalities of this or any other site (and extend this courtesy to public figures in general); remember, this is a person’s livelihood. Their personal lives are not content.

We outline this not to discourage folks from voicing their disappointment at the hiatus, hoping for the return of Be Good & Rewatch It, or giving good thoughts to the staff at this time.

We say this to discourage speculation without basis, as there’ll doubtlessly be folks reading who may not have listened to the podcast yet and may wish to contribute or read the thread to get an idea of what is being discussed. It is easy for conversations to shift and go from being based in points raised in the podcast to baseless speculation. We’d like to hedge against that if possible.


With that said, I’ll join on the well-wishing for Be Good & Rewatch It and a prayer for its speedy return to our podcast feeds. I’m still listening to this episode (which is a banger so far!) as my last bit of BGRW content for right now.

I’ve listened to a number of rewatch and recap podcasts in my time and the Pride & Prejudice series is an all-time top-shelf best-in-show. I can’t choose what I appreciated the most between a deep appreciation of the text, the flexibility of understanding the qualities of different adaptive works, and a five-star runtime. Not too long, and certainly not too short. I’ve loved the rest in BGRW, but that series in particular was outstandingly good.

Even though I passed on watching Pride & Prejudice, I was really looking forward to hearing Waypoint dig into Neon Genesis Evangelion in a similar style. I still hope we get a chance for that to happen when Netflix launches it. It would frustrate me to no end if we couldn’t get a potential critical discussion in a format that would allow it to breathe more than a Waypoints segment. Not that I wouldn’t love that too, but the BGRW format does let an analysis really breathe where there is more to be said about a work.

That’s just my blue-sky view on it. Just getting my positive feedback in, y’know.


Super bummed that BGRW is going on hiatus. I love this series and hope for its speedy return.

This was a really good episode!

My thoughts on Us haven’t changed much since I discussed it in the original thread about the movie in here but I think I most relate to Natalie’s take at the beginning of the pod that regardless of my feelings on the movie I’m just glad Jordan Peele is making stuff.

I thought it was interesting that Austin mentioned Sorry To Bother You because I just happened to watch those two films back to back and after that experience I was left thinking about my relationship with ambiguity in a film’s message.

Typically I would be inclined to say that I prefer things to have nuance, but I wound up liking the arguably heavy handed Sorry To Bother You more than Us, which leaves a lot up to the imagination.

Hearing all these takes kind of made me realize that I think my issue with Us was that it went so far out of its way to explain some of the plot points through exposition while introducing a lot of themes that aren’t really explicitly explored so it winds up being kind of muddled.


I’m going to miss Be Good and Rewatch It. Austin needs to hook us up with a link to wherever he’s posting all of his fanfic, because we need that Good Content.

I’m one of those weirdos who will just turn on the spoiler hose full force directly into my face, so I haven’t seen the film, but the discussion of the bad take where the critic concluded that the red clothes obviously symbolized Republicans despite the rather obvious collectivist uprising reading struck my interest.

The fact that the United States’ conservative party is generally associated with red when the rule of thumb basically everywhere is that conservatives are blue and socialists are red is a total accident. Both of the parties’ official logos are red, white and blue, because of course they are, this is the US. The whole “red state, blue state” paradigm didn’t come into place until 2000 when the TV news agencies decided they would standardize which colors to fill in states on their election night maps.

Over the past few years I keep coming back in my thoughts to just how much it seems to me that this oversimplification has sunk its claws deep in the American political imagination over the past 20 years. By the time I was old enough to vote, its was after the 2004 election which really cemented the “red state, blue state” idea, and by 2016 my home state of Michigan went from part of the “impenetrable blue wall” to apparently being completely indistinguishable from West Virginia in the mind of whoever wrote that garbage take basically overnight, because a tenth of a percent more people voted for the Republican than the Democrat.

Set aside the United States having basically no fundamental understanding of class. When the mainstream cultural and political discourse is dominated by people who can’t even tell entire states apart, of course some of those same people can’t find any shred of sympathy for the antagonists of this movie.

Again, I haven’t seen Us yet, but the fact that the same visual icon from the movie could be interpreted so wildly differently based on whether or not you’re willing to write off the antagonists as purely bad or not sounds like it’s in conversation with the themes Jordan Peele is clearly trying to work with here (based on the discussions I’ve heard/seen on this podcast and elsewhere). It’s definitely something I’ll be thinking about when I do get to watch it whenever it comes to streaming services.


Big oof. I’m really gonna miss BGRW.

On an unrelated note, how much money do y’all think it would cost to buy Vice?

A google search says about 5 billion dollars as of the end of 2018.

This is really disappointing! I love Be Good and Rewatch It, and since Waypoint started it, it’s been an important part of my weekly podcast schedule. Until it comes back (fingers crossed), does anyone know of anything that could fill the void?

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I hope that this gets reconsidered down the line.

My best friend and I, who both love video games are avid Waypoint media readers/listeners/watchers. However, it was Be Good and Rewatch It (in particular the Jane Austin Podcasts) that finally provided a bridge to our non-Video game friends.

My wife loves video games, but isn’t an “of the moment” video-game news consumer, and never really cared about Waypoint’s stuff. But she listened avidly to these podcasts, and then eventually branched out to other Waypoint podcasts because she loved listening to Natalie, Rob, Austin, Danielle, etc. so much. (Shoutout especially to Natalie, who is her favorite.)

When a group of us friends were playing a table-top RPG on Discord/Roll 20, there were jokes about “remarkable condescension” which 100% of the group understood, even though previously there were people in the group who normally didn’t listened to Waypoint podcasts

I don’t know if our friend group is “representative,” but I at least wanted to call out how much of an olive branch these podcasts were for extending our passion for Waypoint to people who normally wouldn’t care.


I might suggest making another thread for reccomendations like this. Rewatch/recap podcasts are definitely A Thing, but I’ve generally found them to be hit or miss in terms of how I gel with them. I don’t say this to discourage folks from chatting about it here, but I suspect this will be the topic that would get lost in the muddle between Us and the Be Good & Rewatch It hiatus.

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I just want to note for anyone who hasn’t listened all the way through to the end of the podcast, Patrick and the crew mention the hiatus/VICE pushing for them to stop the podcast is not for performance/money reasons.


I seem to be in the minority here, but I’m actually kind of glad Be Good and Rewatch It is going on the backburner. As much as I enjoy listening to the Waypoint Crew’s conversations, four podcasts a week is a lot to take in and a lot for them to put out. (Still hoping for Waypoint 101 to return!) Especially when despite being a gaming podcast half of them weren’t about video games. I liked the series, and listened to the Pride and Prejudice episodes despite having never read, seen, or known anything about Jane Austen. But the amount of content was just kind of overwhelming, and I can’t imagine what that was like on the production end. I feel like BG&RI would be better suited for an ad hoc structure rather than a weekly pod? But that’s me. Still want to hear the NGE Lore Reasons/Rewatch, though. :wink:

Regardless, the series was fun. I’ll have to listen to this episode after I finally make it out to see Us!


i really really really wanna watch both US and get out… but im such a wimp when it comes to horror i just cant :frowning:

Anyways, in regards to the podcast itself, I just watched Us this weekend and the only things I left the theater certain of is Jordan Peele and the folks he worked on this film with are incredibly talented, and I wanted to watch and listen to tons of critisism of the film. I’m not going to lie, the ending blindsighted even if I should have seen it coming a mile away, and while I was starting to feel bad for the tethered in the third act I can’t say I had much of an idea what social commentary this film was making.

Hearing the waypoint staff talk about this film was just as eye-opening and fun as I was hoping it would be. In particular the discussion at the end regarding how there isn’t a 1 to 1 Marxist reading on the film was insightful for me, and perhaps why I was having a difficult time making sense of trying to find the allegory in this film.

I will be missing this pod, but then again I still have have the checks notes um… 16 hours of Pride and Prejudice discussions to listen to?

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Chucking my voice on the pile for anyone it might matter to at Vice - I love Be Good and Rewatch It, and their Pride & Prejudice series was a highlight of the last month for me, something I listened to the moment it was available every episode. Ditto their Purge series before that, and I’ll listen to this episode on the way home tonight.

Deep dives on culture are where this team excels, and while I think they do an amazing job of contextually relating lots of things to gaming (and I want them to keep doing that), it’s a real treat to let them cut loose on other topics sometimes too. I also want to second Schlabz in saying that Waypoints and BG&RWI are really valuable crossover points for gamers and non-gamers. I’ve referred plenty of people who would never listen to a gaming podcast to both of those sub-shows, and they’ve thanked me for it.

This is one of the smartest teams working in this weird, cool space we all live in, and I’ll keep showing up for just about anything you’ll let them do.