Beastars - Keep Walking on the Wild Side

Beastars released today on Netflix worldwide, and I thought it deserved its own discussion topic.

A high school relationship drama centred in the midst of a murder mystery, adapting a unique manga in a beautifully rendered 3d-style, and its opening is a bop and a half while utilising stop motion to great effect.
To short-sell it, it’s a more mature anime zootopia except the canine is tall and the bunny isn’t a cop.




Just watched the first episode, the English dub is pretty good!

Is it a bit much to say Haru and Legosi are the best couple in anime? Because I think they’re the best couple in anime.


Good show. 3d anime usually doesn’t look very good but this is motion captured or something I think?

I’m pretty sure it is, yeah. It does a lot to bring a sort of realistic weight to the characters I really appreciate. Also if you’ve got a keep eye you can spot that not everyone is a 3d model, certain smaller roles, and shots are just 2d animations but if you’re not looking for it you’d hardly notice.

Like many others I was pissed when this got pushed back, so when I booted up Netflix and it was the first thing to pop up I audibly cheered. Really looking forward to starting it.

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It’s Studio Orange (who are easily the best CG studio in the entire industry btw) so probably about half the show is motion-capped and then touched up by animators, since thats their studio process. This production in particular also had all the dialogue pre-scored & acted out so they also had the voice actors themselves as references.

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BTW for people interested in the production side of thing: Studio Orange has an official english account and you can find many interesting tidbits there:

Also, the most important info:


Studio Orange also handled the anime adaptation of Land of the Lustrous, which is excellent

Sadly it also only has one season with not much of an ending and it’s unlikely to get another one, so if you want the full story it’s better to read the manga (which is also fantastic).

I ended up binge watching the entire thing and like others said I actually ended up liking the art style. Most 3D anime really bothers me because it often ends up feeling low quality where I can’t tell if it’s a style choice or just people who are inexperienced with 3D media trying something new. Can’t recall the name of it but there was one in particular on Netflix a few years back that ran at something awful like 15 or 10fps in the majority of scenes and it just felt nauseating.

I think I ended up really liking it? Will probably need to sit on it a few days to really decide but I think overall I would recommend it and I’m glad it could touch on some serious relationship issues without turning them into jokes like so much other media tends to do

Hadn’t read the manga, but I have watched Land of the Lustrous, so my expectations were high. I can say now that this was easily the best anime to come out of 2019 (the Netflix Jail issue creates some annoying uncertainty about when if it’s a 2019 or a 2020 release) and a remarkable work even for Studio Orange.

That they took on a series as stylistically and tonally weird (not to mention as subversively sexual) as this, and gave it the VIP adaptation treatment, is incredible. I can’t wait for the second season.

Also, the way the series culminates like a Yakuza game in the 10th and 11th episodes is delightful.


I’m about 3 episodes in, and I’m liking it. It’s very melodramatic? Again I don’t know if it’s good or if I just have a really low bar for anime.