Because 2017 Needed Something Good, We’re Getting ‘Spelunky 2’


It's been a long time since game designer Derek Yu announced a new game— Spelunky was released in 2012, itself an update for the original Spelunky game, released in 2008. It wouldn't have been shocking if Yu was ready to leave Spelunky behind, but instead, he's headed back into the caves, with a full-fledged Spelunky 2. I'm already terrified.

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Spelunky was so good I’m glad we’re getting a sequel and I love the art of the little girl. I can’t wait to buy this then suck a ton at it then stop playing it just like the last one. Not an insult to the game, I think it’s really cool I just am bad at Spelunky.


Just saw this announced, can’t wait to get my grubbies on it. The first one was such a huge time sink for me.


Spleunky 2 is going to be a very hard game to follow-up at PSX. The first is an incredible game and hopefully the second builds off the creativity of the first.


Have any of you played something that made you feel like Spelunky made you feel at your most enthusiastic state?
I can’t think of one personally.
I’m very skeptical that this could be anything beyond a few new worlds in the Spelunky style. That will be fine, but it won’t be like playing Spelunky again.


Spelunky is probably my favorite game of all time; I’ve sunk somewhere on in the range of 300-400 hours into across 3 platforms, which is basically unheard of for me. I honestly never thought I would see a Spelunky 2 but hey, I absolutely will not turn it away. I can’t wait to die a lot all over again.


This is the best news because Derek and Mossmouth must have more to say, things that can’t necessarily be expressed in Spelunky’s core design. Will the trailer themes of passing the literal and proverbial torch mean some sort of Rogue Legacy-esque inheritance/dynasty systems? The possibilities are exciting!

This is the worst news because I’m not at a place in my life where I can spend 1000 hours delving into a single platformer any more…


This came out of nowhere and is now easily my most anticipated game release of the near future. I still play the original (HD) game almost every day so I cannot wait to die in some new and exciting ways.


@Tool: “I still play the original (HD) game almost every day…”

Out of curiosity, what keeps you in Spelunky’s delicious clutches? Is it just the daily challenge? Are you still working on some crazy rules restricted eggplant run?

Like Chris Remo, I eventually managed to break the habit of playing when other life events broke a streak, and my gaming life has become more diverse now that I merely play Spelunky in my head while playing other games.


The sequel I never expected but now my heart needs this more than any other upcoming game.


This is exactly how I feel. I didn’t want to hope that it would exist, but I’m so glad it will.

Probably my most-played non-MMO game, and easily in my top couple games of all time. I can’t wait to see what Derek has in store for us.


I’m surprised that Yu is coming back to Spelunky, but I think this little project definitely has my curiosity. What does a sequel to Spelunky look like? I’m very curious about what stays the same and what gets shaken up.


I thought i remembered Derek Yu saying he wanted to move to something different in his No Clip interview, maybe i was wrong.


I think Yu is also working on organising/developing for UFO50 (the fifty-in-one game), so maybe this is just his big project for after that?


He is, which I think is what he was talking about in NoClip.


OH MY GOD. Spelunky 2? What a really pleasant surprise! I can’t wait!


I feel like the only good news in 2017 has been video game news.


i’m absolutely destroyed by this news. i can’t deal with it. spelunky 2. the things you could do if you made spelunky and then you did it again…
i would probably be less excited if any game came close to doing what spelunky did in that design space since it came out but as it is…
spelunky 2…


I wonder if I could beat Spelunky before Spelunky 2 comes out. I’ve gotten as far as Olmec a few times before, but never past that (and the last couple times I picked it up I was struggling to get out of the caves).

I’m really looking forward to this sequel. The original is a masterpiece of game design, but there are aspects of it that could be improved. I don’t want to set expectations for what this new game will be, but there are so many exciting possibilities for what it could be.


I… never played the first one and I’m totally prepared to be told what a mistake that was.