Beer! Are you interested in it? Let's be chill and non-judgemental while talking about 🍺!

To start off I’ll suggest that there’s something for everyone (ok with consuming alcohol) to like in the beer world, and the biggest obstacle to “craft” beer being a significantly better thing is the relatively toxic culture surrounding drinking and beer in particular. I want to tear that down a bit and help open it up to more people.

I’m a certified Cicerone and really like beer! And lots of other things. But this is a chill space to talk about beer, ask questions, and maybe even talk about brewing at home if anyone is interested.

And maybe making discussion a bit too broad, but I’m totally cool with discussing bars/bar culture/giving advice on easing into being at a bar here as well.


I’ve gotten big into the local craft beer scene lately and here in Saint Paul/Minneapolis it seems to be exploding. Of course there’s the behemoth, Surly, but there are all sorts of small breweries cropping up doing super interesting things.

There’s a new one in an industrial district in Saint Paul in an old food cannery that’s been converted into this beautiful tall ceiling tap room with a great selection of delicious brews.


I’m very enthusiastic about craft beer. I’ve been homebrewing (albeit poorly) since 2012, and I work for a brewery here in Minnesota (Bent Paddle Brewing Company) doing events and tastings. I attend craft beer festivals regularly here in MN, and I also help out with an organization that helps give exposure to MN beer and music in areas outside their homes.

So… I’ll say yep, I likes me some beer! I’m super pumped for Belgian beer season this summer. I love my stouts, but I’m a bit weary of them right now and it’s time for something lighter and fruitier.

EDIT: What are the odds that the first two to respond are MN beer geeks?


That’s how it feels in Cleveland right now, it’s like there is a new brewery opening every other week!. It’s pretty awesome as I’m a fan of pretty much all beer. Haven’t been drinking as much as of late, but I can always appreciate a good beer.

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Were you at the Saint Cloud craft beer tour earlier this year? I’ve been the past couple years and I think my favorite thing I tried there was actually a cider, a mango-habenero that had just the right kick from Blake’s hard cider.

Edit: wow waypoint is so awesome. There’s this serendipitous moment and everyone’s just so nice and awesome to talk to and holy smokes y’all I love this place.

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Flagstaff, AZ here! We have a very good scene for the size of the city, 5+ breweries putting out consistently good stuff. I tend to like most styles outside of a lot of Belgian/wheat beers, and I’m starting to enjoy more stouts and IPAs after previously favoring everything closer to the middle of the light-dark scale.

I was there, working for Bent Paddle! That was a phenomenal fest. That one has grown so much year-over-year that I think it might be one of the most successful in MN.

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It’s really well-run for how big it is too, and shockingly affordable compared to some of the fests in the cities.

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One thing I’ve really been enjoying lately are sour ales. They have such a unique flavor that’s way different from the overpowered hoppiness or IPAs or the sometimes-boring taste of lagers.

Ha, faster responses than I’ve expected! Awesome. I’m in Philadelphia right now, but spend a decent chunk of time around Tampa/Miami, Chicago and DC. Beer professionally I worked with several restaurants and hotels around the Tampa area to introduce beer programs beyond “blue moon, Miller/bud, Heineken” and staff training as well.

As far as drinking goes what is everyone into most recently?

Best beer that I have had (mind you, not a huge beer person) is Sweet Baby Jesus, which is super dark and super heavy, but also tastes like a peanut butter cup in beer form. If anybody is around the DC Maryland NOVA area, I would highly recommend it.


I’m a member at Fair State in Minneapolis, and they do sours better than anyone around here. @Sextro to answer your question - that’s my big thing lately. Fair state makes a Simcoe single-hop sour that’s great, and their Bric 3/4 and Flyover Country are dope.

Live near Philadelphia myself. Haven’t explored much beyond the local expectations of Yuengling and Victory, and I’d be happy to try some new things through general recommendations. I’m not too keen on the super hoppy stuff Victory produces but they have some seasonals that I buy a case of every now and then.

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I’ve been digging sours forever, and I’m totally in love with their newfound popularity! Haven’t seen many hopped sours though, I think I need to try that.

Lately I’ve been really into Hitachino’s beers, but that’s probably just this really warm spring.

What sorta flavors are you interested in? How much ability to get around the area do you have? I can probably suggest somewhere to try most anything you could want around here.

I’m also by Philly, but I am inclined to the hoppy stuff Victory makes.

I am a lady who loves craft beers, ciders, lambecs, fruity beers, give it to me light and sweet, my friendos. I live in Milwaukee, quite possibly one of the best craft beer destinations in the US. You can get quite a lot of great small batches around here in bottles as well as on tap and it’s amazing. We’re also in close proximity to state faves New Glarus and have several city-specific breweries here like Lakefront, Milwaukee Brewing Company and the like.

Just a heads up to other ladies and femme-leaning individuals, there’s quite a few groups around the country for hanging out and doing beer tastings. Women are a rising demo in the craft beer scene, though on the brewer side that’s still incredibly low - but don’t feel like this is a dude-only scene!


Also gotten into craft beer over the years. They were essentially on the rise when I first started drinking, and especially so since being able to legally buy (from Sweden, drink in bar etc at 18, buy at 20 - i.e 4 years ago). So it was for sure a great time to start drinking lol and I can’t help but always pick up something new when I can.

Albeit being from Sweden I don’t exactly taste many of smaller craft stuff from the US. Some make it over (I sincerely hope my local stores get a batch of Ballast Points Grapefruit Sculpin - I need some grapefruit ipa’s for the summer) but there are tons of beers, from rankings posted by Paste for instance, I just wish I could try. Granted we do have great local beer Gothenburg and Sweden so I am not complaining too much.

I’m in San Diego, so avoiding the craft beer scene is nigh impossible. There are quite a few favorite places that I’ll go to on any given day, but I usually make sure to have some Pizza Port or Coronado Brewing Company beers available at home.

It’s been interesting to see places like Stone make super-hopped beers the accepted norm - it’s been even more interesting to see a lot of people turn on IPAs in a major way.

I am not an IPA person (and that’s okay!) but the Grapefruit Sculpin is truly light and drinkable.