Before 'Dragon Ball FighterZ' Blows Up at EVO, Here's What You Need to Know


When the world’s best take the stage on Evo Sunday 2018, it will have been just over six months since Dragon Ball FighterZ was released. In such a short period of time, the game has seen titans rise and fall, metas broken open, and a whole boatload of Gokus.

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Might be the first time I ever watch something EVO related.
This article will be very helpful for getting a read on the scene and who to keep an eye on, I have no idea about the meta or even how to read the game competitively.
I really like Dragon Ball, I like the game too, and even though I can’t reliably pull off a quarter circle move (just got the game the other day) I still enjoy playing and watching it a whole bunch, which is more than I can say for most fighting games.


I would like to invite anyone even remotely interested in Evo (the biggest video game tournament in the world, after all) to take a gander at the schedules for the main streams and some of the side streams and just picking something that stands out to you for any reason at all. I’m sure you’ll find something to like!

Main tournament:
AnimEvo side tournaments:

If you want an in-dept look at the main games at Evo and what/who to look out for, I recommend watching this episode of UltraChenTV:


My thoughts on Dragon Ball FighterZ going into Evo: Super hyped to hear the entirety Mandalay Bay scream for Cell’s intro while simultaneously hoping beyond hope that there isn’t a Cell in every single matchup in top 8.

Really though, even a couple months ago I was worried grand finals of this game would be a foregone conclusion (SonicFox vs GO1), but like the article says, lot has changed. Hoping for an interesting tournament and an interesting rebalancing of the game shortly after.


As someone who wishes I knew how to follow these scenes more closely and understand the games themselves better as an onlooker, I really love these articles.


Great article, and great job of highlighting not only meta in a way that makes it easier to engage with as a concept for us laymen, but also emphasizing the human side of the scene, which is a thing I largely struggle with to a great degree when it comes to e-sports in general.


Thanks for the primer; I usually only follow Melee. DBZF has the makings of a dramatic story.


I’m hoping Kazunoko goes far so I can hear some of those AWWWOOOOOOs


SonicFox won a major pretty convincingly around 2 weeks ago with a new team. Will be interesting to see if people have figured out how to deal with it.


Thanks for this!

I really want to learn how to play Drgaon Ball Z but I don’t know anyone and i’m poor and probably bad at it coz I clam up under pressure, so maybe I’ll watch it instead :slight_smile:


Hell yeah! From the tournaments I’ve seen there’s almost no way Kazunoko won’t make it. Love that he’s singlehandedly making Yamcha top tier.

Hoping to get some Piccolo action from HookGangGod and Tien (and more Piccolo) representation from Apologyman as well. Bring on the weird characters!


Answer is nope. Land 16 assist -> Bardock lariat -> infinite block string.


This was my first time watching EVO, mainly because of this write up, many thanks! I’m definitely going to keep following this scene. The commentary was very entertaining and even though I didn’t always exactly know what was going on, I never felt lost.

That finale was so great to watch and the epitome of DBZ! I’m so happy for SonicFox!


Watching the latter half of the DBFZ brackets along with the WP Discord chat was really powerful. It’s my first foray watching EVO for a game or setting I cared about and I think I kind of get what’s good about sports a little?
FighterZ was decently easy to follow, the commentary was great, the play was better, the crowd yelling along with Cell as he does the charge in the intro, everything about it was very exciting and I’ll definitely be checking out similar events for Z in the future.


I don’t play either game but i’m not gonna lie, the DBZF game was much more of an entertaining spectacle than SFV was. I’m not into any anime at all but that game is gorgeous and was a blast to just watch. It was clear enough how matches were going between the game and the commentary and the hype was big enough that it was easy to get sucked in. Go Sonicfox.


this was also my first time watching any of EVO, which i did because i read this writeup… funnily enough i didn’t catch any of the DBFZ stuff, but i watched all of the SFV final, staying up until 1 AM or so to do it… and man, what a rush! so intense! i think i became a believer. i don’t see myself following the scene in the interim, but i’ll definitely make it a point to watch more of this tournament when it comes around again next year. thanks for getting me to check it out!