'Before Your Eyes' Uses a Webcam to Craft an Emotionally Devastating Story

It's rare a game moves me to cry, but the moment children are involved, all bets are off. The nearest sentimental TV commercial about a tissue box set to sappy orchestral music can and will destroy me, but for whatever reason, holding a controller puts a strange distance between me and a story. This was not the case, however, in Before Your Eyes, a new game whose big hook is that scenes end and the story moves forward when the player blinks their eyes. A real blink, too, because here, your eyes are being watched by the same webcam you're been using for Zoom meetings this past year.

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Watching someone else play this game still had me emotionally wrecked. The game I think is a bit emotionally manipulative but I don’t think it’s bad for it and I think the story it tells is good but incredibly bitter sweet. Definitely the best narrative in a game this year so far IMO and the voice acting is good as well.

Hearing Patrick talk about it made me really wish the crew did more video content. I don’t have a PC to play a game like this, but I’m super interested in it. I remember watching Patrick play Soma. It went from something that is on in the background while working to something I was hyper focused on. I would have never thought I’d be so into a game like that if it wasn’t for him playing through it. I understand it’s much more complicated than just press the stream button though.


There’s a playthrough here without any additional narration by the player

As the developer commented on the video though the game is $10 on Epic/Steam and will help them create further similar projects. If you watch all the way through and don’t plan to play it would still be a good gesture to pick it up.

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