Behind the Scenes on 'Session,' the Game Picking up the 'Skate 4' Torch

If you saw my first five minutes with Session, the new skateboard sim from crea-ture Studios which enters early access on PC today, you might think I was a competent digital skater. Flicking my controller’s thumbsticks, each one controlling one of my on-screen character’s feet, I was nailing kickflips all across New York’s financial district. Then I saw it: An extremely grindable rail. And for the next 20 minutes, I fell on my ass. Repeatedly.

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Great interview! Looking forward to hearing more about Session.

I’d be curious to learn what their audio/music situation is as one of my favorite things in the old THPS games was the soundtrack. I get that licensing music might not be in the cards for this game, but I’m just imagining only skateboard noises and… I just want to put a boom box down nearby and skate jam. Maybe get some mp3 library functionality is a good idea? I don’t know if Spotify integration is a thing, but that would be pretty sweet.


I didn’t realize Austin was the resident skateboarding game fan at Waypoint, but I enjoyed the interview :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve played about an hour of the game so far and I’m really digging it so far. The devs are totally right about the complexity and adjusting to a new control scheme, but I think I’m getting the hang of it! And they’re totally spot on about the mental aspect. When I’m trying to attempt a trick or short line, I’m absolutely having to plot out in my head exactly what movements I need to make on the controller to try to pull it off. So far I just got a kickflip into Nosegrind, but I’m starting to get it!

@AirsickLowlander I totally feel you on the music thing. The soundtracks for the THPS and Skate games are so inextricably linked to the gameplay itself in my mind. From ehay I’ve heard so far it seems to be mainly hip-hop tracks, which I’m digging, but I too would like the ability for maybe a custom playlist, streaming integration, etc.

Very excited to see where this game goes from here.

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This is a great interview, and Session is pretty fun so far, despite its fairly glaring early access status.

I hope I’ll eventually improve enough to use the video editor to capture my sweet tricks instead of just funny physics bugs.

I really liked the interview and am def more interested than I was. The only thing that bothered me is that while the devs seemed to be thinking of accessibility they were not thinking about in regards to people who may have physical conditions that could make playing this game even more difficult than it already is with a controller or straight up impossible. I felt like this was a big oversite especially when the skate community has a huge and very popular community of people who skate or participate in skate/extreme sports culture despite whatever limitations they may have. I would have liked for that particular point to have been pushed a bit more but I also completely understand that that they seemed to answer the question and y’all have limited time.


Yeah despite a bunch of specific control options you can’t currently remap the buttons at all and there’s not any keyboard & mouse support. Hopefully that’s just a result of it being in early access (and it seems pretty early even by that standard) and they’ll have that stuff in before a 1.0 launch. They seem to want anyone who’s into skateboarding to be able to play this game, hopefully they understand that that means they’ll have to give people more accessibility options even if those might break their “core concept” a bit.


“Session” is something white Sydneysiders call day-drinking, and its use on the internet should come with a content warning.

The game looks neat and i’m glad they are doing it but I lament the loss of games that let me just play as a skateboarder doing neat tricks without the controls being as difficult to learn as actually learning real life skateboarding.

Have you tried OlliOlli? There’s a switch port bundle for both Olli games. I’m not very far in it, but people seem to dig the hell out of it and the controls are nice n simple.