Behold the Austin Walker Soundboard


This exists and I am delighted by it. The first one I hit was “Who’s that big man?” which seems right.


damn he an EIC,

AND he got a soundboard?


This is the most wholesome thing, and I am here for it.


I love there are multiple buttons for VINNY!


this is beautiful


I can’t stop laughing at number 8. Ahh the memories.


We need an all-VINNY! soundboard, imho




I have nothing to say other than: This is wonderful.


im making a worms armageddon voice pack out of this


“Also, what do y’all think of Machine Elves?” is my top tier, shortly followed by what I feel can be classified as a single genre of “It was a cool dog though…” “Who’s that big man?” and “What are you a fish?”


It me…

Business Frankenstein


Things this board is missing:

The ascending “UhmmmM” Austin does when he’s thinking about what to do next

“One Hundred Percent”

“Who Could Say?”

Also “Papa Bear” wouldn’t hurt


The one I really felt the absence of was “Two things happen at once”


The lack of “I’m good actually” will be corrected with paid DLC I’m sure

(this is great)


I was going to post something about this, but it was other folks sayinng “Papa Bear” and him saying “Hmm?”

So it’s about what constitutes a quote of his, really.


This is a work of love and I support it wholeheartedly.

Can’t wait for the versions of Patrick (mid-sentence “Hmm!”) and Danielle (“I think you’re right, I think you’re absolutely right!”)


I imagine that “What’s Good, Internet?” And “What’s Good?! What’s Really Good!?” will also be DLC.


This is fantastic


tag yourself I’m who’s that big man