Best Actual Play Podcasts?


I got into these way before most people did, apparently, so I’m a fan of several that have been lost to time.

##First and foremost: RPGMP3.
As far as I’m aware, they were the first. They did a recording of World’s Largest Dungeon in 2005.

While the audio quality on WLD is dire, they eventually moved on to binaural surround recording, which makes their recordings extremely easy to follow if you’re wearing headphones. Eventually, when their in-person groups fell apart, they moved back to stereo, but what’re you gonna do?

Their website hosts so many different groups and games that I can’t vouch for most of them at this point, so I’ll have to make some specific recommendations.

  • The “RPGMP3” group itself does mostly bombastic, combat-heavy D&D/Pathfinder stuff.
    If I was going to recommend one thing, it’d actually be their Rolemaster campaign, just for how weird the whole thing is. It’s not finished, nor will it ever be, but it was amazing.

  • The “Bradford Adventuring Guild” are rather more subdued, but still tend towards combat stuff. One of their main members was also a main member of the early RPGMP3 stuff (before they left England), and is also a main member of one of the groups I’ll be talking about later.
    Their Warlords of the Accordlands game spanned several years and is 105 episodes long, an episode typically being over 2 hours. It started out in stereo, but they got a binaural setup a few episodes in and then it becomes much easier to listen to. I’ve listened to this whole damn thing twice. There’s so many hilarious moments.

  • Whartson Hall” mostly play smaller, storytelling-focused games, and their games tend to only be a few episodes long. Like the main RPGMP3 group, they initially recorded everything in person but eventually the group fell apart and now they do remote stuff. I thiiiink they’ve moved to another website but I forget what it is currently and I’m mostly familiar with their old stuff anyway.
    Their one-off of Point Blank is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever listened to, and I listen to it at least once a year at this point.
    More seriously, I absolutely love their Sorcerer Cyberpunk game.

A lot of these might be hard to just jump into, but the early recordings have truly terrible audio quality. Those old ones are where I started, though, and I know it’s easier to get into one of these if you already know someone doing it, so it was helpful for me how they all kind of branched out slowly :stuck_out_tongue:

##Now, on to a different website: Yog-Sothoth.

They were sort of a spinoff of RPGMP3 (two members of Yog-Sothoth were in every early RPGMP3 recording), a single group who play nothing but Call of Cthulhu and related games.

The vast majority of their stuff isn’t available for free, but perhaps their best game of all time is: Horror on the Orient Express. You do still have to make an account to download, though.

All of their stuff is very high quality, but since most of it isn’t freely available, it’s hard to recommend much :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m a fan of a lot of the series on The Gauntlet’s Comic Strip AP podcast, particularly Dungeon World, Sorcerer, Dogs in the Vineyard, and The Indie Hack. They are short and highly edited bits of play, serialized across a number of episodes, focusing on 1-on-1 play.

They also have each series uploaded as YouTube playlists to make it easier to listen to them in-order if you want to binge.


I’ve had passing thoughts about this before, but never committed to pondering it. Now that I see someone else propose it, I think you’re definitely spot-on. There’s a very clear inspirational through-line from FATT to TAZ, and TAZ it at its worst when it forces the grandiosity and awesomeness that FATT comes to naturally.

At this point I wanna stop ragging on TAZ, though, since this is a thread about all actual plays, not just the one! Just wanted to… agree, I guess, before I stopped, heh.


Austin Walker & Friends Sabotage 30-under-30 Media Property


I actually started following Austin because of he was a great guest on Cool Games, Inc (back when they still had guests!). So I guess it’s come full circle for me.


I’m glad I’m not alone. The whole Lost Century-arc definitely feels like something someonewho is new to GM-ing would think is very cool, when it in fact robs the players of their ownership of their own characters. You can definitely tell that this is something Griffin thought up when they first started the campaign.

On the other hand, I don’t think FatT has been bad for TAZ. On the contrary, I don’t think the interlude episodes would have evolved the way they did without FatT, i.e. we wouldn’t have had Taako’s date with Death or magic lessons with Angus, or Merle’s date with the director and so on. And the show would have been worse for it.

Also, I think at least Travis is doing a pretty good job at playing Magnus as a pretty different character in the Lost Century, and the last few episodes have had some pretty funny moments as a result.


Six Feats Under is a very good Actual Play podcast group. They finished up a long, long campaign of The 13th Age late last year, which is very good but a little slow starting, and have just started running two concurrent Mouse Guard campaigns which are great so far.
They also do a bunch of short one-shots, usually with guests, and often involving the actual creators of the games they run. My favourites are Law’s Out, Goblin Quest, Lasers and Feelings, and Inspectres (NSFW for what the players describe as “heavily implied Yeti-fucking”, though I question the “implied” part of that).


I like the Mouseguard ones they are doing, they’re a lot of fun.


To blow my own trumpet a little here ( and I doubt enough people have heard it for anyone else to ) most of my spare time goes into a podcast called Crudely Drawn Swords which I think is pretty great. We’ve got a team of players who are the funniest people I have ever met and then me trying to play it straight as GM while my awful players come through like a wrecking ball. We’re playing Dungeon World and we’re currently about 35 episodes in so the game is pretty well established. If you don’t want the early “figuring out the game” stuff jump straight in to season 2, although the first season does land pretty nicely once it gets going.

The other really great AP show that doesn’t get mentioned as often as they deserve is The Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast - they do a great job in terms of production and they’re playing a Pathfinder campaign in an intriguing mildly-steampunk alternate 19th century earth. In general I find more crunchy systems hard to listen to but they carry it off really well.


the downside to nerd poker is all that behind a paywall right now Brian Started a new Series that only 5 episodes in thats free to listen to but all the other Episodes are owned by earwolf and are not accessible


Aw man that really blows. I hadn’t even thought of that, I haven’t really listened to many Earwolf shows since they started their pay service.


Oh hey I am in that Implied Yeti Fucking Inspectres episode :wink: Some of the FaTT cast have appeared on Six Feats Under as well, Art played a Luchador in one of their WWWRPG episodes.

All the ones I listen to have been mentioned pretty much: Campaign, One Shot, Rusty Quill and Six Feats Under and FaTT.


Brian Said he trying to work something out but I don’t know if anything will come of it which is a shame cause that whole first Adventure is quite something


Most AP podcasts I listen to have already been mentioned here, except for Dice For Brains, which is about Force And Destiny, one of the new Star Wars RPGs by Fantasy Flight.


I listened to the Doubleclicks’ Fiasco podcast (Gosh Darn Fiasco) for a while, but had to quit because it’s just painful. They don’t actually play Fiasco, they just “improv comedy” their way through each scenario. So that’s an un-recommend, I guess?


Does anybody know of a podcast with a Morrowind-like setting?


Not exactly, what are the elements of the Morrowind setting that interest you in particular?


Near Eastern Mesopotamian Babylonian\Sumerian\Cannanite influence. Strange alien landscapes. Mystcism and philosophy.


Interesting, I don’t know of anything that covers all of those points at once ( it may exist, and it sounds cool, but I haven’t heard it yet, I do tend to switch of quickly though if the show sounds bad or isn’t edited ) - in terms of strange alien landscapes I would think that something in a Dark Sun setting or maybe based on Numenara might be a good fit. Penny Arcade playing Dark Sun gives you a few episodes along those lines, but it’s really just an introduction to the setting.

Maybe this is your time! You know, assuming you have a team who are into the concept and you don’t want to have any free time ever again…


Hmmm, there might be a Numenera actual play somewhere. It lacks the cultural influences (at least, inherent to the system - one could easily do that on their own), but it definitely supports and encourages strange, alien things in a way that few other systems I’ve played do.

Probably comes down to the GM more than anything else, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I’m an idiot 'cause I somehow skipped glenatron mentioning Numenera. Only picked up the Dark Sun part! Oops.