Best Actual Play Podcasts?


Seconded. I bounced off that episode hard. Whole thing felt like arriving at a party to meet some people you don’t actually know that well who are already drunk.


Roll Mongers Actual Play Podcasts are big on Humor/popculture ref. and voice acting Roleplay! They Have a Cast of 11 with 2 G.M’s some in each others games for different chemistry in any given 4-5 player crew! They are soon launching either Pathfinders Adventure Path MUMMYS MASK (set in Osirion the pathfinder worlds egypt right next to Kelish the pathfinders Arabia and the 2 cultures mix since Kelish has invaded Osirion a few times so you get Mummys and Genies for a vast desert Arabian Nights feel. The other possibility the may go with is the pathfinder society adventures that strictly deal with that desert region. Sort of a James Bard(BOND) secret missions that will effect politics in the area series! coming to thier profile up on sound cloud!

-As for One Shot pod cast if you like star wars, Roll Mongers also has a Star Wars Saga edition : Dawn of defiance Actual play pod up and well into its first book of the campaign for those wishing to hear events unfolding 3 months after order 66 where Bail Organa…(Blah blah spoliers)

-They also produce CLINTON’S CORE CLASSICS! Another actual play pod of Pathfinders “Rise of the Rune Lords Anniversary edition” Adventure Path. It features a podcast with music on sound cloud, and a raw uncut video version to show roll20 game tabletop mini and maps and battles on Their YOU TUBE Page:

Also if that wasn’t enough for you to burn through A behind the scenes look & Topical talk show featuring the cast ect. is coming out in 2018 with clips from it currentlyup on sound cloud, as well as another actual play podcast for Febuary 2018 release of the Game of Thronesey Pathfinder Adventure Path “War For The Crown!”

Forgive my rant but I hope that info helped!!


My favorite:

Heroes Not Included

It’s fairly new, and they pretty much focus on D&D 5E. Great GM and the players are really funny and fun. The group is made up of long-time friends, and they know how to play off each-other very well. They also do some Star Wars and Shadowrun stuff. Super well-edited and formatted. I can’t recommend it enough.

Really happy this thread was made, though. I have some other podcasts to explore now :slight_smile:


Guys! I’m part of one of these! We’re going to be going through a bunch of different systems playing one shots and giving reviews. Please give us a listen if you’re curious!
Tabletop Potluck


Awesome! I picked up the DVD of Masks of Nyarlathotep and Horror on the Orient Express, and have enjoyed all the other YSDC campaigns (that I’ve been able to catch). I’m looking forward to getting the recordings of the games that I missed.


Just thought I would update since my last post in August. I am about to start the final section of Adventure Zone (on ep 58) and I have found the whole thing an absolute joy. So many fantastic moments, I am totally amazed at how much I am loving this.


Final post on this, finished the arc and think the whole thing was bloody amazing.

“Magnus rushes in” such an incredible moment, as was the “last stand”. Actually got pretty emotional, those guys should be proud of their work. Can’t say I have ever listened to anything quite like it.

I will leave their next project alone for a while, I feel it works better when i can listen in a few chunks rather than wait each week for an episode.


EDIT: On second thought, this was kind of a bummer post. Sorry, folks!


V. late to the thread, but Christine Blight and Austin Ramsay’s show You Don’t Meet In an Inn has had some great series on Dogs in the Vineyard, Apocalypse World, and my personal favorite, Monsterhearts. They’re playing Unknown Armies (3rd edition) right now.

For me, they’ve served as a great companion to reading and learning each of these games, and they’re pretty good at twitter, too. :black_heart:


Hey guys,

So I finished the Balance story arc of Adventure Zone and loved it. Just completed the live shows they did (left them aside whilst I did the main story) and just have the last episode of the mini-arc to go. Generally enjoying the new stuff.

I am looking for something else to get my teeth into now though, and have struggled a bit. I couldn’t get into FOTT when I tried a year or so ago, but I will go back at some point and give it another go. Neoscum I did not get on with at all and I have just tried 8 Bit Saga’s Star Wars arc but am two episodes in and between the varying sound levels between characters, and the seemingly constant need to swear, I am going to ditch that as well.

I don’t feel like I am picky, I just want a good story where the sound levels are all equal and the humour doesn’t rely on swearing or farts (btw these are not criticisms of FOTT, I just bounced off that for some reason). I am going to try the suggestions made by @uphc but is there anything else people could suggest?


Well we’re linked up at the top there but you might enjoy Crudely Drawn Swords, I generally recommend starting at S2E01 as by that point we’ve got a handle on the game we’re playing and the characters, so it gives you a decent opportunity to figure out if the show is for you and you can go back to the start if you like it, nothing lost if you don’t.


Thanks @glenatron, I will download for the commute home and give it a whirl.


Not for nothing, but Critical Role just started a brand new campaign at the beginning of this year, and if you (like me) were intimidated by the sheer weight of the backlog of the first campaign (it’s something like 115 episodes and each episode is around 3.5 hours so… you do the math, I guess) it’s a good place to start. It’s a bunch of voice actors playing D&D and boy howdy has it been a hell of a good time so far. They’re starting at level 1, which has made things a lot more interesting this time around (the previous campaign used characters they’d been playing for a while, so you came in the middle of things).

It is very good, particularly Jester the Teifling.


I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate given they do video rather than podcasts, but since Ford_Dent mentioned Critical Role, I’m a big fan of Geek Space TV:

They’re a non-profit and currently have a Stars Without Number game ongoing and are about to wrap up a run of a Jane Austen rpg after which they’ll be starting up a Powered by the Apocalypse game based on the Kill Six Billion Demons comic. There’s also a d&d 5e game that’s supposed to start later in the year.

edit: I should note that while the tone of individual shows can vary, as a whole they tend towards the goofy side of things rather than serious or crunchy, just to give you an idea of it’ll be your cup of tea or not, but the VODs don’t require a subscription to view so you could just check it out for yourself.

A lot of people are former Hyper RPG people btw, if you’re familiar with that channel.


I just stumbled across Critical Role by accident and thought I’d watch a bit of the first episode of that second campaign you mention. Three and half hours later I’m totally hooked and love all of the participants. Decided to go back and start with season one because I’m an insane person, but yeah, I would listen to Laura Bailey (aka Jester) read the phonebook. Also, the DM is Yusuke from Persona 5. !!!


I think at least four of them have been in various Persona games. Sam was Teddy in P4G, Liam was the hot boxer guy in P3 and Laura was Rise in P4.


I know, I know, I just love Yusuke. :relaxed:


Dungeons and Randomness! They started out in 4e and stuck with it for a while, but in 2017 they switched to 5e (albeit a heavily modded version to fit their established world) and its very very good!
Its a bit of a slog at first, and they’ve since created basically a big supercut episode of the whole (200 episode long!) first Arc to make the show more accessible, and have gone back and tried to censor and remove some offensive things players said way back when they started in 2010-ish, and since then, the cast has been a lot more good about shit and the shitty offensive players have been removed.
(Also: Hey, hey, this is actually my first post on the forums)


Also worth shouting out to the HyperRPG video series Death from Above, HyperRPG’s Battletech show (originally half RP, half Battletech - later shifted format to shorter RP scenes before/after mech combat). The first season, in particular, is a great look at running through a Battletech campaign.

Tyler, AJ, and Steph (cast members from s1/s2) all wound up hopping over to GeekSpaceTV’s Games of Divinity series also.


Dang! This is an old thread, but it still comes up in Google searches. Also contains some awesome stuff.

My personal favorite right now is Dames and Dragons.
I am also a huge fan of Advanced Sagebrush and Shootouts and Spout Lore. (sorry - new user, I can only put two links in a post…)

And I will admit that a part of what brought me here was to shamelessly plug my own show - The Very Good Adventuring Team, but the three shows mentioned above are super super awesome.