Best Actual Play Podcasts?


I’m a huge fan of Spout Lore. I think the thing going for it is how light-hearted and funny it is in comparison to other ones mentioned like Critical Role, or TAZ etc. Which isn’t to say that the other AP podcasts/ streams mentioned aren’t funny, but I sometimes find myself getting very tense when I listen to them and sometimes I want to unwind.

I’m going to try some of the ones you mentioned and other ones mentioned in here! I could always use more content.


Can anyone point me toward podcasts that are most similar to TAZ, FaTT, and the One Shot network products (Campaign, One Shot, Neoscum)? By “similar to,” I mean two things:

-The AP podcast is delivered as a performance vs a recorded game (this is both the most important to me and the hardest to describe, but examples are the One Shot network’s use of improvisers and actors as players or FaTT player’s consistent preference for “interesting” choices over optimal play)

-The podcast has consistently high audio quality and tight editing (no background or skype-call noise, all players sound like they are in the same room; no awkward pauses or significant time spent on rules-lawyering and other uninteresting exchanges)

Last, I’m only really interested in shows with at least one woman player or GM. I know about and like She’s A Super Geek; I tried but could not get into Venture Maidens and Misfits of Space, both due to audio quality issues and to them seeming too much just like recorded games.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


I don’t have a recommendation as I’m checking out some shows with more women and LGBTQI+ myself, but RPG Casts is a website that lists actual play podcasts according to the following categories:

  • women hosts/players
  • non-binary hosts/players
  • LGBTQ+
  • POC

It was started to highlight women in the actual play space, so that might be a good one to check out!


If you are a fan of silly jokes, parties made up entirely of bards, and punk music, then I would like to shamelessly promote Dungeon Punks. It’s the story of all-bard party that is also a punk band. We also play music from local/Canadian Punk bands (because we’re Canadian and we have to support that Can Con). I’m probably biased but I think it is one of the funnier D&D pods out there.


James D’Amato found this thread, and I’m really glad he shared it! It’s great to know people are enjoying Six Feats Under and I’d like to thank everyone who recommended it, and everyone who gave us a shot.

To contribute, my favorite AP that hasn’t yet been mentioned is Starfleet Engage. They only got out 4 episodes before going on an indefinite hiatus due to the GM having a baby, but those 4 have me really hoping for more.They’re using Modiphuis’ recently released Star Trek Adventures game to tell the story of three ensigns that barely graduated the academy and got posted to a space station that’s barely holding together, in the middle of a political situation that’s even worse off. It’s fully produced with sound effects, setting-appropriate ambient noise, and rules descriptions at the table cut out and replaced in post with the GM summing up the important points for the listener. Regular OneShot listeners will recognize Pat O’Rourke as the GM, and Stephen Kropa as a guest star in episodes 3 and 4.


I’m the dude who ran Exalted for the One Shot podcast. I run Swallows of the South, an Exalted 3rd ed actual play largely by and about marginalized folks (we have one straight white guy as of our fourth season) and combatting and deconstructing oppressive systems of power. We blend comedy and drama, with a major tonal shift toward the latter at the ninth episode of our first season. We are about two months out from the show’s end, and after that we are going to be launching a follow-up project that focuses on a blend of weird fantasy and technomagic that continues the focus on marginalized voices.

I also cannot more highly recommend the Orpheus Protocol, which is my biggest listen that I haven’t seen recommended in this thread yet. It’s an action-horror show with impeccable production and is using a system in development to meet the genre needs of the game and which lends itself well to the podcast format.

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This was ages agon and I missed, it, apologies! What you’re talking about here is pretty much my jam too - it’s a lot of what we aim for with Crudely Drawn Swords ( linked up top ) - the audio quality hasn’t always been great because microphones are difficult but we aim for a tight edit, always. You can jump in at the start of Season 3, which was a few weeks ago to miss anything shonky and if you enjoy what we do, there’s a lot more there to go back to.

Rusty Quill Gaming hits your brief nicely and that’s from the same team as the Magnus Archives so their production skills are pretty great, I find Pathfinder a bit dice-intensive but they do everything else well enough that the game doesn’t slow things down too much and the setting is great. Likewise I enjoy the C Team from Ac Inq - I know a few people have very strong feelings about anyone involved with Penny Arcade but that’s another show with strong storytelling chops and an outstanding cast- I enjoy it a lot.


It’s entirely possible that I missed it above, but any suggestions for cyberpunk themed AP podcasts? I saw NeoScum and once I’m caught up on Friends at the Table I’ll probably give that a shot, but I’ve really been feeling that itch lately. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I’ve recently been listening to a newer one called Anthology: Table Top Stories. It was made by a few friends from back home, but ive really been enjoying it. It’s not perfect, but its entertaining. Right now, they’re going through a superhero centric campaign (fitting for the recent explosion of marvel movies in pop culture).

If any else is interested in giving it a listen, it can be found here


Just wanted to second this request because I’m sort of burnt out on high fantasy and am jonesing for some cyberpunk


NeoScum is a delight! The cast are really likeable folks and Gannon (the GM) is extremely good at directing the action. The production values, especially the music, are top notch. It’s so funny and so good.

Not cyberpunk (pity, given the name) but recently I got into Neon Rival, particularly their short** Tomb of Annihilation adventure. I was immediately impressed how tightly edited the show is - there’s constant atmospheric music and almost zero OOT talk. Quite a production feat!

The result sounds like a radio play than an AP and I’m keen to see if their other shows follow the same format. (Neon Rival are also responsible for Starfleet Engage mentioned above, so I’ll definitely try that next!)

**(at least it’s only 5 episodes right now, and hopefully it continues!)

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This seems like an old thread but, there’s a relatively new one out there that has the sound of a The Adventure Zone and Campaign Podcast lovechild. It’s called The Notorious RPG. It consists of 4 professional improvisers with 10+ years performing experience each, and the audio quality is dynamite. They play a game called Mutant: Year Zero that focuses on survival and community building in a world plagued by nuclear fallout.


Tabletop Garden is a great actual play podcast too!

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