Best Boss Fight Theme Contest FINAL RESULTS


Day 2 Results

Make This Right (Furi) over Abyss Watchers (Dark Souls 3) 9-6
Rivers in the Desert (Persona 5) over Battle B2 (Shin Megami Tensei IV) 13-3

Day 3 Matches

Weight of the World (Nier: Automata) vs The First Hunter (Bloodborne)

The Final Song (Drakengard 3) vs A Beautiful Song (Nier: Automata)

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don’t make me make this choice, I can’t.

I can’t.


weight of the world is gonna win anyway so i might as well just show gehrman some love


Final Song vs. Weight of the World is the final destination.

Also I dunno, check out this bomb ass boss theme that I forgot about.


When all the choices are from games (or parts of games) that you haven’t played yet and the songs are pretty good (but not amazing), but you really don’t have a stake in any of them winning over the others.



Wish I had the emotional context for The Final Song because it’s interesting, but I’m going to go with A Beautiful Song because I know it worked quite well when I played Nier.



No really, it’s exceptionally hard for me to connect to music from games I haven’t played.


Day 3 Results

Weight of the World (Nier: Automata) over The First Hunter (Bloodborne) 16-5
A Beautiful Song (Nier: Automata) over The Final Song (Drakengard 3) 11-9

Day 4 Matches

The Unsung War (Ace Combat 5) vs The Defender (Shovel Night)

You Will Know Our Names (Xenoblade Chronicles) vs Coils of Light (Dragon’s Dogma)

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Oh right! You Will Know Our Names is still in the running! While I wasn’t a huge fan of the game (much prefer its sequel), it’s just the kind of butt metal that I can get behind.

And The Defender is still a banger.


It’s Neir V Neir! Only one Neir can make it Neir the top.


Day 4 Results

The Unsung War (Ace Combat 5) over The Defender (Shovel Night) 8-6
You Will Know Our Names (Xenoblade Chronicles) over Coils of Light (Dragon’s Dogma) 8-6

Day 5 Matches

Bergentrückung + ASGORE (Undertale) vs Battle for the Umbran Throne (Bayonetta)

Gwyn, Lord of Cinder (Dark Souls) vs It Has to Be This Way (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)

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This is the hardest match-ups yet.

I almost wish we could delay Gwyn vs It Has To Be This Way til next round…

but at the same time ASGORE and Umbran Throne both deserve to be this far in the bracket…

I think ASGORE slightly edges Bayonetta out though…

Still, but that other choice. I’m… I’m gonna need to think about that one…


8 people are cops


I know right?

8 people voted for Ace Combat 5 over Shovel Knight


To be fair Ace Combat has some of the best boss themes ever


no i agree with that one so it’s the 6 who are the cops there


I’m starting to think you’re the cop here…


Cop thread, everyone who posts in this thread is a cop and enjoys Mountain Blast Flavor Powerade


The Bayo song may lose but I’m so glad it got this far.

(not a cop)