Best Boss Fight Theme Contest FINAL RESULTS


RE: Adjudicator. For me at least, I really appreciate the personality of the boss theme as it relates to the boss’ design. But I also really like Demon’s Souls and am not a huge fan of FFXIII so I may be biased on that particular match-up.

This day 4 bracket is a tough one though. Specifically match-up #4. The Four Fiends boss theme is one of my favorite FF boss themes, but the DS version is my least favorite version of it. And Final Battle is decent in its own right if a bit limited in scope, plus the original GameBoy sound chip is one of my favorites.

(Also I’m even the one who suggested FFIX Battle 2 but I think I actually prefer the SMT IV boss theme, unfortunately for me.)


There’s a contender in day 4.


i mean the winner is already probably going to be a persona song


I nominated steinway to heaven but am probably voting for rivers in the desert sighhhhh


Random thoughts:

Not really a fan of either of the songs in the first match

Second match is about what was expected

Final Fantasy IX might be one of my absolute favorite games ever, but I’ve NEVER liked the boss theme.

Last match is surprisingly close.


Same. A lot of the mystique for Demon’s Souls’ bosses, for me, came from the music. Where Dark Souls was all about bombastic orchestras, Demon’s Souls was more tense and suspenseful. Really enhanced the fear and trepidation of moving through those levels on the first playthrough, not knowing what to expect or what lie around the next corner. Gave them more character than if they went with some generic fantasy orchestral work.


Day 4 Results

Rivers in the Desert (Persona 5) over Steinway to Heaven (Crypt of the Necrodancer), 12-4
Death by Glamour (Undertale) over Area 4 Boss (REZ), 13-4
Battle B2 (Shin Megami Tensei IV) over Battle 2 (Final Fantasy IX), 13-4
Final Battle (Final Fantasy Adventure) over Four Emperors (Final Fantasy IV DS), 10-7

Strangely uniform day until that last match.

Day 5 Matches

Weight of the World (Nier: Automata) vs. I’ll Face Myself (Persona 4)

Crimson Fighter (Ys 8) vs. Last Stand (FTL)

The First Hunter (Bloodborne) vs. Astaroth ~ Battle with The Fallen Angel (Shadowhearts: Covenant)

Fierce Battle (Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne) vs. Tridimensional Cannon: DDD (Kirby: Planet Robobot)

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Question for everyone:

Should ASGORE and Hopes and Dreams have their companion tracks added to their entries? They’re clearly meant to be parts of the same individual song, but are separated in the OST due to how the music works in game. That would make it Bergentrückung + ASGORE and Hopes And Dreams + Save The World.


I would say it’s fine to compile them. Especially with Hopes and Dreams + Save the World, since the only reason they’re separated is because the boss fight has two phases. And even though Bergentrückung technically plays during what would be considered a cutscene in Undertale, it’s clearly the intro to ASGORE and is the part of the song that sets the tone for the encounter. Plus by the point it’s playing, the UI for a fight sequence is already being presented to the player.


@skyridge Heads up, the version of Weight of the World (Nier: Automata) up for vote is the wrong version. For it to be considered a boss theme, it specifically needs to be Weight of the World (The End of YoRHa), not the English version. The English version is just a credit song.

Also I think it’s fair to compile the Undertale songs for the reasons given above.


Fixed, thank you.


goddamn i reckon itll be close between nier and p4


P4 is one of my fave games ever and even I’ll admit that Nier blows I’ll Face Myself out of the water. Honestly, I always felt that it was a lacking boss track compared to the rest of the entire SMT franchise.

Hard choices overall this time. I really wanted to vote Kirby, but I still hum Fierce Battle years after I first heard it.


Match 17 is such a damn Sophies Choice to me.


I feel like for some of these songs i’m missing what makes them so good because I may not have played the boss that they play in.

FTL’s sounds like a fantastic track considering how tense that game can be…

Crimson Fighter’s sooo damn strong and I love it though.


the butt rockiness of Crimson Fighter is top tier stuff, just wonderful all the way through. I haven’t played either game so the context is kinda lost on me with both but man do I like me some anime ass butt rock.


Eh. For Ys, it’s a pretty weak track. I mean, this is the franchise that gave us The Strongest Foe.


Unfortunately The Strongest Foe is not in the contest I believe.

I don’t know which to choose between Fierce Battle and Tridimensional Cannon.


If The First Hunter does not win its match I will denounce this contest as a phony contest for phony people.


That one is kind of handicapped, because it’s one that benefits more from context. On it’s own, it’s not as effective.