Best Boss Fight Theme Contest FINAL RESULTS


Having listened to First Hunter and Astaroth I gave it to First Hunter.

I haven’t played through enough of BB to hit that boss and I can’t remember the Astaroth boss fight music at all.


Persona 4 is the only one of those games I have played but that Nier one is just better, sorry
(also wow I kind of hate DDD? Sorry. I was all prepared to vote for it but. Well here we are, instead.)

  1. Weight of the World hands down, I never was a fan of P4 music (love the P4Dance remixes though)

  2. I love Ys music but FTL always managed to convey a dreamy take on science fiction

  3. Astaroth. I will never understand the appeal of Souls music outside their context, they sound like movie tracks

  4. Kirby Robobot has a killer soundtrack but Nocturne is out of this world :hugs:


That P4 theme got a couple of really good remixes in Golden, but I would still take the Weight of the World medley having played both.


Day 5 Results

Weight of the World (Nier: Automata) over I’ll Face Myself (Persona 4), 20-3 (ouch)
Last Stand (FTL) over Crimson Fighter (Ys 8), 14-9
The First Hunter (Bloodborne) over Astaroth ~ Battle with The Fallen Angel (Shadowhearts: Covenant), 14-7
Tridimensional Cannon: DDD (Kirby: Planet Robobot) over Fierce Battle (Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne), 12-10

Day 6 Matches

The Final Song ~ Black Song, White Scales (Drakengard 3) vs. Waterblight Ganon (Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

Ludwig, The Accursed & The Holy Blade (Bloodborne) vs. Rage Awakened ~The Origin~ (Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep)

Frontier Brain Battle (Pokemon Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver) vs. A Beautiful Song (Nier: Automata)

Gone Guru (Dead Rising) vs. The Stains of Time (Metal Gear Rising)

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Before: three of these are very easy and I don’t know anything about the fourth.

After: three of these are very easy and the fourth apparently came out of a time machine from late 90s nu-metal, but one of them has double bass, so…


snowboarding with the yeti eating vegi spaghetti


Waterblight Ganon is kinda meh to me, The Final Song I love even if it’s accompanied by a plain mean spirited boss fight.


Easy vote this time. These are some mismatched choices outside the last one.


sorry mgr youre great and all but i gotta give the vote to the fever dream of navigating those three assholes at night on a standard definition tv


Well, the entire bracket was randomized (except for the last match when I had to take out two duplicates and add two songs in real fast).


No big, it’s all gonna end with one winner anyways.


Sorry about the delay, been exhausted.

Day 6 Results

The Final Song ~ Black Song, White Scales (Drakengard 3) over Waterblight Ganon (Zelda: Breath of the Wild), 19-1
Ludwig, The Accursed & The Holy Blade (Bloodborne) over Rage Awakened ~The Origin~ (Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep), 13-6
A Beautiful Song (Nier: Automata) over Frontier Brain Battle (Pokemon Platinum/HeartGold/SoulSilver), 17-2
The Stains of Time (Metal Gear Rising) over Gone Guru (Dead Rising). 15-5

Nothing even resembling a close match, geez.

Day 7 Matches

The Unsung War (Ace Combat 5) vs. Boss Fight 1 (Kid Icarus: Uprising)

Scars of the Divine Wing (Ys Origin) vs. Dragonslayer Armor (Dark Souls 3)

Revived Power (Shadow of the Colossus) vs. The Defender (Shovel Night)

Fight Hard! (Hybrid Heaven) vs. Final Rival Battle (Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow)

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sotc is defs an ost that deserves more than one nominee but i dont recall seeing more than just that one in the full list :pensive:


Wow, I was not expecting to pick Shovel Knight over Shadow of the Colossus, but that was one hell of a track.


I’m going to vote for Kid Icarus over Ace Combat due to the rad guitars and hope that noone will consider me a plebe for that fact. Ace Combat is still friggin’ amazing.


Kid Icarus Uprising is a really amazing game that not nearly enough people played.

Hybrid Heaven is a really weird game that not nearly enough people played.


The Defender is so damn good.


Day 7 Results

The Unsung War (Ace Combat 5) over Boss Fight 1 (Kid Icarus: Uprising). 13-8
Scars of the Divine Wing (Ys Origin) over Dragonslayer Armor (Dark Souls 3), 11-10
The Defender (Shovel Night) over Revived Power (Shadow of the Colossus), 11-8
Final Rival Battle (Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow) over Fight Hard! (Hybrid Heaven), 13-6

Everyone who voted for Ace Combat and Pokemon has terrible taste.

Day 8 Matches

You Will Know Our Names (Xenoblade Chronicles) vs. Alexander ~ Locus (Final Fantasy XIV)
Enemy (Deep Fear) vs. Force Your Way (Final Fantasy VIII)
Battle! Champion (Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal) vs. The Decisive Battle (Final Fantasy V)
To Make the End of Digging (Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure) vs. Coils of Light (Dragon’s Dogma)

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Bummed about Kid Icarus and Pokemon. I liked 'em. Day 7’s matches are looking a lil one-sided if you ask me.