Best Boss Fight Theme Contest FINAL RESULTS


That Bravely Default song is a heavy loss, indeed. Rarely have I heard such immaculate european power metal in a game, absolutely spot on cheese of the highest order.


I dunno if I’m too surprised by anything yet; maybe Locus and Bravely Default, but I also think that whoever won either of those matchups might be walking into a slaughter anyways.

Glancing at the second round stuff there’s… a lot of choices to make.


Yes, I know the Shovel Knight soundtrack is a banger. I love the soundtrack and actually have a signed soundtrack by Kaufman and Matsumae but Revived Power is, like, Top 5 if not GOAT material.

This person gets it.


if skyridge never recovers revived power wins by default; no take backsies times infinity


I’ve upgraded from “wanting to die” to “my throat is aggravatingly itchy” so the next round will be up mid-day tomorrow.


Day 13 Results

Boss Battle (Chrono Cross) over Bismarck ~ Woe that is Madness (Final Fantasy XIV), 11-10
The Marvelous Duo ~ Popple Battle (Mario & Luigi) over Final Battle (Zelda: Spirit Tracks), 12-9
Possessed by Disease (Nier: Automata) over Passionate Rhythm (Romancing Saga), 13-8
Hopes and Dreams + Save the World (Undertale) over This Cannot Continue (Nier: Automata), 18-3

Day 14 Matches

The Clash of Light and Shadow (Illusion of Gaia) vs. Solaris Phase 2 (Sonic 2006)

The End of Raging Waves (Etrian Odyssey 5) vs. Shadowlord (Nier)

Zero (Ace Combat Zero) vs. The Venerable Ancient Battlefield (Touhou)

A Despair-filled Farewell (Shadow of the Colossus) vs. X vs. Zero (Mega Man X5)

I think that for today of all days, I should remind everyone that you’re voting for the song, not the game said song came from.

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Just throwing some context behind “The End of Raging Waves” from Etrian Odyssey V: it’s a remake of the battle theme from EOIII’s when you were exploring the sea sections of the game.

Back then, EO’s music was defined by being all created using PC-8801 hardware, much like series composer Yuzo Koshiro used with soundtracks like Streets of Rage and Ys I & II.

I don’t think it’s the best boss music in the series (that would go to the already eliminated “Hoist The Sword With Pride In The Heart”), but it’s pretty damn interesting both how much of it was successfully laid out on that old hardware and just how great the arrangement in EOV is.


I have way too many Mega Man remixes in my head…


Day 14 Results

Solaris Phase 2 (Sonic 2006) over The Clash of Light and Shadow (Illusion of Gaia), 16-7
Shadowlord (Nier) over The End of Raging Waves (Etrian Odyssey 5), 15-8
Zero (Ace Combat Zero) over The Venerable Ancient Battlefield (Touhou), 12-9
A Despair-filled Farewell (Shadow of the Colossus) over X vs. Zero (Mega Man X5), 13-9

Not gonna lie, getting a little frustrated that anything orchestral and dramatic seems to be an automatic win. At least Solaris Phase 2 had a much deserved victory.

Day 15 Matches

Gym Leader Battle (Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow) vs. Moonstruck Blossom (Kirby Triple Deluxe)

The Dark Colossus Destroys All (Nier) vs. Megalovania (Undertale)

The Fall of the Final Enemy (Etrian Odyssey 4) vs. Boss (Golden Sun: The Lost Age)

In Circles (Transistor) vs. Moonlight Butterfly/Dark Sun Gwyndolin (Dark Souls)

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I get where you’re coming from, believe me, but at the same time there’s no accounting for taste. If the majority of people enjoy orchestral and dramatic boss themes then that’s just how it is, even though we both know that the Bravely Default power metal cheese fest is objectively the best boss fight theme ever.


Honestly I think Solaris Phase 2 is one of the weaker Sonic orchestral tracks. There’s not a lot going on in it, compared to something like the ridiculously epic Sonic Colors’ Egg Mega Wisp Phase 2.

As for this set, I was gonna vote Nier and then I saw it was up against Megalovania and yeah no you don’t beat that easily.


You could say that if you go up against Megalovania… you’re gonna have a bad time…


In Circles vs. Moonlight Butterfly is such a hard choice tbh. Transistor’s soundtrack is a masterpiece but Moonlight Butterfly is my favorite souls song.


alright i gotta ask is the moonstruck blossom the actual theme cause its on gilvasunner’s channel, whose whole schtick is slightly/drastically changing game music


I’m pretty sure that’s from his channel that has legit music uploads. But if anyone actually knows the song, feel free to point out of it’s not the original.


That’s from the legit Gilvasunner’s channel, not Giivasunner. You can tell by the checkmark next to his name whether it’s Gilva or Giiva.


…theyre different?


Ooh. It was tough to vote down Pokemon but that Kirby theme is great! It sounds like a freaking undertale boss theme.

Speaking of, megalovania really doesn’t gel with me. Not sure why but I just don’t like it that much.


giivasunner/silvagunner is a parody of gilvasunner, an actual youtube channel that uploads video game music. That’s part of the joke. So if people are looking for actual versions of the song, they might get The Flinstones theme instead by not noticing the subtle difference in the name.


I can’t believe I’ve had to vote against megalovania