Best Character in the Game - Day 15: Teppen

Day 1: Undertale - Undyne with 28%
Day 2: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Maya Fey and Miles Edgeworth with 19% (tie)
Day 3: Night in the Woods Bea with 30%
Day 4: Chrono Trigger Frog with 37%
Day 5: Kid Icarus Uprising Palutena with 53%
Day 6: Nier Automata Pascal with 46%
Day 7: Super Mario RPG Mallow with 34%
Day 8: Final Fantasy IX Vivi with 50%
Day 9: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Kass with 40%
Day 10: Team Fortress 2 Scout with 28%
Day 11: Super Smash Bros. Kirby with 35%
Day 12: Mega Man (entire classic series) Proto Man with 37%
Day 13: Sonic Adventure Big the Cat with 45% (sigh)
Day 14: Resident Evil 4 The Merchant with 50%
Day 15: Teppen


  • Alphys
  • Annoying Dog
  • Asgore
  • Flowey
  • Metaton
  • Napstablook
  • Papyrus
  • Sans
  • Temmie
  • Toriel
  • Undyne
  • Other (please specify)

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Yes, a vote for Flowey counts as a vote for Asriel

Poll will remain open for 24 hours!

Powerful fish warrior, all day, every day

2nd place goes to Asgore, my hunky dad

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Undyne is like the fish prince from BOTW except I don’t have to pretend she’s gay to have anything approaching a positive opinion of the character as she both is actually gay and an actual character that warrants having opinions of them

Why is it giving me an error every time I try to edit the poll end time.

I couldn’t decide between Papyrus and Sans, so I looked at the results to see which was further ahead (so I could vote for the loser), but they were tied. I went back to the poll and hovered between the two for a while, but I guess it got tired of my indecisiveness, because it locked me out…

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The end date I set for the poll didn’t take and instead set it to close an hour from it being opened. Probably gonna have to remake the whole topic and flag this one for deletion because it won’t let me edit the end time on the poll at all.

EDIT: Gonna wait and see if it will let me edit it after it closes.

Napstablook is god tier. Let’s all lie on the ground and listen to spookwave.

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Gotta live my truth and vote for Mettaton.

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Thank you to the mods for fixing the end date on the poll. Hopefully we can figure out why I wasn’t able to edit it myself.


though this poll is impossible


This is Mad Dummy erasure.

That’s what the “Other (please specify)” option is for.

Hopefully it will let me edit stuff after the poll closes.

Day 2: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


  • Damon Gant
  • Dick Gumshoe
  • Ema Skye
  • Larry Butz
  • Maya Fey
  • Manfred von Karma
  • Mia Fey
  • Miles Edgeworth
  • Phoenix Wright
  • Red White
  • Other (please specify)

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It took me a moment to get past my rage at the omission of actual best boy Apollo Justice to realize this is the cast of the first game… and another to not vote for Ema as a way of voting for actual best game Apollo Justice. But that would be unfair to Maya.

First game only, yes.

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Red White over Wendy Oldbag?!

Despite having said that, I’m going to vote Penny Nichols.

Ema Skye is the best character in the entire series, even if she is a fucking cop.

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