Best childhood junk food?


As the title states what was your favorite junk food as a kid?

Personally I was all about Gushers and in fact I still would be all about Gushers if they weren’t so expensive. I often got fruit chews in my lunches but getting Gushers was a rarity that often was only given out at soccer games.

Also I just saw this image on Amazon and now I am wondering if Gushers would actually be good on a graham cracker


Starburst. Always used to get that pack of 12 from the snack stand at the pool and so I associated them with the smell of chlorine for a long time. My stomach and teeth don’t tolerate candy much anymore but…that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally try.


An absolute delicacy


Shout out to all the budget candies for letting my stretch a toonie into a variety pack.

Also, shout out to the boutique candies like Tropical Skittles and Bubble Jug for special occasions


That second one looks amazing.

I have a pretty gross story about Bubble Jug. My grandmother sent me one as part of a birthday present and I remember chewing it and then after about thirty minutes it for whatever reason started to break down and cease to be gum in my mouth then running to the bathroom to spit this bumble gum chunky like broth into the toilet. Turned me off from the normal bubble gum flavor for quite awhile.

Anyone ever get those candy band aids? I remember really wanting to get those and my mom being repulsed by the idea.


When the bubble jug gum breaks down that’s just phase two. Toss a bit more of the flavour powder in your mouth and swallow it. You know you’re not supposed to eat gum but that broth is your forbidden treat.
…is what I used to think. I now know that is gross and to not swallow gum.


Hot Cheetos which I still devour to this day.

I really miss the Hot Cheeto Asteroids. They were, for whatever reason, hotter than the normal chips.


Uhhhhhh what the heck is that second candy?


Reese’s Puff Cereal. No Question.


Honestly most of the junk I ate as a kid I still eat today. The one thing I can think of that I can’t get anymore is Sonic Sour Cream Doritos.


They’re called Chews. You pretty much only get them from 25 cent candy machines in grocery stores or whatever. They’re a gum that are kind of a tangy and sour fruit flavour for the four seconds before they completely lose their taste, but unlike most gums they are not homogeneous in their consistency which is interesting. It’s basically bland gum with tasty candy pieces inside.
Maybe they’re a Canadian thing because I never really hear people talk about them but they are pretty much everywhere here. I kind of want to flood this thread with Canadian delicacies now.


That, and this might have been a regional thing to the tri-state area, but I remember there being these ice cream sandwiches that came out around Christmas time when I was a kid called Chilly Bears. They were ice cream sandwiches, but instead of the chocolate rectangles they were sugar cookie and shaped like teddy bears. They were… incredible. I’ve not seen one in over ten years now, and you can’t even find a picture of them or even the box online. The only thing that remains other than my memory is, of all things, a trademark drawing. Behold, the last remaining fragment of a treasured childhood memory.



No question, Little Debbie Nutty Bars


The secret was the slide the layers apart, so you could basically turn one Nutty Bar into four peanut butter and chocolate wafers.


These aren’t very easy to find outside of India I think? But oh man! If you like spice and you’ve got an indian supermarket near you, I would recommend looking for these.


They’re so spicy! They have the Good Cronch! I remember when I was a kid I used to stay up super until the sunrise, eating kurkure and playing the sims. Now I can only get them rarely from the indian store, in just one flavour, alas. Someday… more grocery stores will pander to my specific ethnic demographic and provide the forbidden snacks… :'c


Big League Chew, that sweet cavity producer. I still remember the commercial from the 80s…'You’re in the big league, when you make a perfect slide…"


My parents would only ever get this for my siblings and I at the end of a school year because they felt they were actively contributing to our deaths by letting us eat them. The event of getting them was often much better than the reality of eating them, but I still enjoyed the specialty of it.
The Hell Tub


So good, so brazenly artificial, despite the “made with real cheese” claim… the filling is bright red, common.


I’m certain that these were awful healthwise and probably a terrible thing to feed to a child, but I miss this shit. As shameful as it may be, I would love to squirt a plastic tube of oreo cookie filling onto a big square cookie once again. I’m banking on the nostalgia train pushing Oscar Mayer to revitalize the Lunchable Fun Snack game


But specifically the chocolate frosting kind.


I remember when I was a kid that went to blockbuster I would always walk out with a game and this green apple candy ooze. I probably wouldn’t like it anymore but I love the idea of squeezing green apple candy sludge into my mouth.image