Best childhood junk food?


Oh man, grape Big League Chew, especially. It’s like they know the flavor isn’t going to last so they decided to make your mouth produce 30 minutes of saliva in 15 seconds instead.


The pink popcorn that was seemingly only available at the Stow Lake boathouse in Golden Gate Park. While there are other junk food I ate more I have these intense sense memories of eating syrupy sweet hot-pink popcorn on a grey San Francisco afternoon while watching the ducks swim through the murky green water of Stow Lake.



Full-sized marshmallows. I could fuck a bag up as a kid. I also have extremely fond memories of getting to eat sugar cereal occasionally so I’d eat one of those individual cereal plastic bowls of Trix.




another canadian classic

dare maple leaf


I haven’t been able to find these darn things in a store near me in years and years. It’s getting to the point where I might just order some online.


Are they like the Chex Mix ones?


Wait, I retract my previous answer. This:




When I was a kid we’d occasionally get those pillsbury sugar cookies with the pictures in them. We’d bake most of the roll of dough but always kept some of it to eat straight while they were baking and it always felt like we were doing food crimes in the best possible way.


you can get those here in Vancouver in a Safeway. Only one flavour, but it’s Masala Munch.

Edit: also I am old enough to remember being able to get a child-sized handful of Chews out of a gumball machine type thing for a dime. A dime! I really am ancient.


I would absolutely destroy these things, I would keep going until I was completely covered in grease. Oh sweet, salty, potatoe-ee goodness.


I like most Chocolate, Maggie.