Best design portfolio ever?

This thing is blowing my mind. It is also incredibly playful and has Easter eggs! Lots of really neat game like elements packed into a portfolio!


This makes me angry how good this is!

That is slick. I’m getting occasional hitches in some of the animations, but given everything that’s going on, it’s thoroughly impressive.

Fuck. And I’m over here, proud of my little squarespace site.

No shame in a squarespace site! Most of my coworkers and former classmates use it bc they want to focus on keeping their site updated with work, and not spend a ton of time keeping the site working. Unless you’re trying to double as a dev, rock on with what you’re doing.

As for the site, maybe my scroll wheel doesn’t work how its supposed to? I had to really flip that shit down hard to get the animation to finish and move from project to project.

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That’s fairly common with sites that use the scroll for something else. I just used the arrow keys and had a much better time with it.

@coldbloom If you want a non-service alternative to squarespace, this popped up yesterday: I’m having a look at it tonight, so this is not an endorsement, I just think it looks like a neat idea :slight_smile:

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Yeah totally, and it definitely seems more so designed for mobile. A little gimmicky, but I just love when people reimagine ordinary interaction experiences on the web!

@coldbloom no shame ever. I do this stuff for a living so I nerd out about it, but I often recommend website builders to many friends so they can get their stuff out there. As a person who has been trying to find time to launch their site for over a year now I should take my own advice :grimacing:

This looks really neat. Thanks for sharing!