Best enemy names!


Bloodborne has some badass shit:

  • Lost Child of Antiquity (gargoyle things at Castle Cainhurst)

  • Living Failures

  • Giant Lost Child (lol. The big hulking dudes at Nightmare Frontier)


Keep 'em coming!


Not a name, but riffing on wicked BB shit, you need to check out the kickstarter for Blasphemous:

Check this shit:


Undertale’s got some strong, strong names.


Tsunderplane made me laugh a lot the first time I encountered it. Especially when to defend against it’s attacks you just need to move close to it and get it embarrassed. Undertale is good.


Dragon Quest!

Tyrannosaura Wrecks












SMRPG is very underrated for this. Probably because the names are easy to miss.


Always had a lot of affection for this guy.


The Scumbags from Bastion were pretty funny. Also completely agree about Bloodborne, boss names in the later areas like Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos and Mergo’s Wet Nurse are some of the most haunting and evocative.


Earthbound has some great enemies with great names

Diamond Dog
Carbon Dog
Care Free Bomb
New Age Retro Hippie
Cute Lil UFO
Over Zealous Cop
Crazed Sign
No Good Fly
Mostly Bad Fly
Annoying Old Party Man



Alien Soldier has a boss named “Wolfgunblood Garopa”. that one’s pretty good.


One of my favorites is from Ys III: Wanderers from Ys. Ys has a lot of parallels to Breton/Brittany mythology with a flying city and all kind of fantastical stuff going on. The guy responsible for setting everything in motion in Ys III is…Chester.

Another favorite of mine used in the English versions of various games from Phantasy Star to Castlevania is Bugbear.

Now when you think Bugbear you’re probably thinking a bug that’s big, or a bear that’s buggish, or a bear that’s sort of humanoid like in Dungeons and Dragons, all wrong!

There’s a type of yokai in Japan you’ve seen in tons of pop culture, an eyeball that floats in from the sea with a hoary “beard” of seaweed hanging off its back. In fact, it’s Japanese name literally translates to “back beard.”

This creature’s been called Bugbear my mistake in tons of English localizations, it’s awesome. :smiley:

Lastly, I like how Japan doesn’t have a word for “bounty hunter” so we always get these “new” terms for “wandering dude that fights monsters for money” like Geo-Hound, Hunter Warrior, etc., but most importantly we get Buster. I’m assuming this is a mistranslation of bushi-something. But the results are hilarious because if you play 90s action games and RPGs you get enemies with names like Buster F in Knights of the Round.


All of the bosses in Crypt of the Necrodancer have punny names.

Coral Riff

King Conga

[details=Deep Blues]

Deep Blue is the name of a chess computer, it took me a while to get the pun in this one.[/details]

Death Metal

[details=Dead Ringer]

The Dead Ringer turns out to be Cadence’s father, so he’s under a false identity.[/details]

The NecroDancer

[details=Golden Lute]

Cadence thought her father went looking for “gold and loot”. [/details]

eta: Oh, and in the DLC there is Fortissimole.



there’s a guy in Dragon’s Dogma named Balsac. i laugh every time because i am 8 years old


I’m going to go with this one.


I feel like you could probably pick a boss at random from the Souls series/Bloodborne and it would be great.

I dig a lot of the enemy names in Xenogears. There is this group of elite warriors called the Elements who each have a unique gear (mech, basically) and are tied to one of the elements (uhhh as you may have guessed).

Human on the left, gear on the right:

Also “Ibex, the Candidate of Righteousness” is awesome.


The fact that so much of the distress and decay in Kentucky Route Zero traces back to a business called the Consolidated Power Company communicates basically everything you need to know about where KRZ is coming from.


I was watching a friend play Pokemon Showdown and his opponent named a bibarel god so the text came up “the opposing god” and I lost my shit reading that


No name strikes more fear into my soul than Mr. Shakedown.


Tons of the bosses in the Darius series of shooters.

Mother Hawk
Bio Strong
King Fossil
Full Metal Shell
Hyper Great Thing
Eight Feet Umbrella
Lightning Flamberge

to top it off all of them are introduced with a WARNING A HUGE BOSS IS APPROACHING