Best Fashion in Games

OK so the best part of a lot of games for me is getting to create my character… and then get to dress my character up in different outfits. I love when games have lots of clothes you can collect/customise and mix and match with. I especially like when there are lots of disparate styles - games with 10 variations on the same grey armour and nothing ludicrous in azure & pink? miss me

I used to spend most of my time with The Sims 2 downloading cool custom outfits and hair (modders always made MUCH better hair) and admittedly I didn’t care about playing the actual game so much, but it was fun! It was a fun part of the process for me. and now I don’t really have any games that scratch that itch.

So: which are your favourite games that let you play dress-up?!

I’m currently v v v anticipatory of Ooblets, which looks super cute/stylish and which will hopefully let me dress up in different outfits…


i don’t play a lot of games with customisation but Splatoon is good fun for this! and the introduction of clothes/hats/hair in pokemon x/y made me v happy (also hey it’s me, tinyfoxie from twitter)


Splatoon’s got hella good fashion game yo.

Also, underrated PS3 RPG Resonance of Fate.


Fashion Souls is my true love.


TERA definitely stirred me and my wife’s fashion sense, though it’s all a bit “risque” but that’s never a bad thing to us. Personally I loved grinding for hours in Dark Souls 1 & 2 to find the best/prettiest/silliest outfit combos.
The 300+ mods downloaded for Skyrim and Fallout was fun too.

Second Life though is basically “fashion - the game” and as content creators there we also make a nice little sum of money every month. I mean just check this out as tiny, tiny example of the insanity that is SL.

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Lightning Returns had a FFX-2 style dressphere system, where all your abilities needed a different outfit, plus lots of accessories and customisation options. That was a great addition to the really solid battle system, even if there were some bad outfits (pink warrior bikini?).
I’ve never played ffxiv but that has great fashions and I love seeing looks from the game on my Twitter feed.

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Ooblets looks adorable. Farming and dress up are two things I love in games.

Guild Wars 2 had some nice outfits. I spent a lot of time collecting dyes and clothing and enjoyed making outfits with different color combinations.

Recently, an embarrassing amount of time in Yakuza 0 was devoted to just dressing up the cabaret girls. It was a bit of a challenge giving them three max stats while also making them not look ridiculous.

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I really like Splatoon and its unmentioned but almost certain inspiration of Jet Set Radio, even though the outfits are set in JSR and not customizable.

Bloodborne has some really good looks.


Soulsborne fashion is well good, though I’d say Bloodborne has more stuff I’d actually, you know, wear. Dark Souls is all about fashionable armour, which is kinda in the minority among all the armours representing different ailments of sorts.

It’s partly why Dark Souls 2 is best, because there’s a whole lot of armours that are in top shape, or close to it, while DS3 is full of ruined stuff, which isn’t as much my jam.

I should get some pics of my Fashion Souls game someday.


I’m SO happy with my souls fashion right now. Sage’s Big Hat, Karla’s gloves and legs, Undead Legion Armor, and just the Uchigatana.

Warcraft got way better with transmog, particularly with the new system where you save item mogs without a bank brimming with all the things.

I’ve really enjoyed the introduction of dyes in various games, which has allowed for more mixing and matching of styles/sets with a lot more freedom.

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I’m surprised Persona hasnt come up because over the course of that serie’s evolution the cast has become unreasonably stylish.

Soulsborne :pray:

That being said, character customization is huge to me and is so rarely done well in games. GTAV is super flexible, I just don’t like playing the game.

I’m currently playing way too much Playerunknown’sBattlegrounds (boy do I hate typing that name) and the fashion is super underwhelming. For a game I love so much, I would gladly pay money to make my murder-lady look exactly how I want. If I could give her a black motorcyle jacket, black leggings, black bootlets, black shades, and some gold jewelry, I would legit pay $60.

deus ex hr had some real nice stuff in it, one of the few things i actually enjoyed about that game.

shout out to ff14 for variety and beauty and possibilities for personal style

Monster Hunter comes to mind as a game where players can choose to be fashion-focused. In fact, it’s called “Fashion Hunting” and these players are described with a little bit of disdain compared to those who min/max abilities and skills.


The world ends with you. Soulsborne. Any mmo with a transmog system (LOTRO is my go to). Elder scrolls games, especially on pc with mods. GTA doesn’t allow character creation offline but there are lots of clothing choices.


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. In FFXIV, glamour is the true endgame.


Dragon’s Dogma let me deck my character out in a way that was actually satisfying, which is rare for me. Saints Row 3 & 4 are also pretty good for this.


It’s not the most obvious or wild choice, but I’m a big fan of the winter fashion in The Division. Those parkas are stylish yet practical!



Dragon’s Dogma has hands-down the best character creator in any game ever. Literally the only one where you can make an actual 7 year old child.
I ended up playing a 14 year old girl and my pawn was Ganondorf. He was an ace likeness. Helped with getting bonuses from players recruiting him too, because everyone wants Ganondorf on their team.

That said, there’s a sequence where my character very obviously being a child was a bit weird, though it could certainly have been worse.

But yeah, if every game could just copy Dragon’s Dogma’s character creator in it’s entirety that’d be swell, thanks.


So, it’s not… real big anymore, but APB is another title that should probably not go unmentioned in this thread of threads.

The ability to completely design from the ground up logos, coloration, etc. all on a fairly broad set of human clothing was rather remarkable at the time, and is still probably the deepest out there. (I specify deepest, because it’s often time absurdly fantasy/sci-fi clothing with drapery, or effects on it that I love the most.)