Best food in a food fight

A food fight has broken out in the Waypoint cafeteria. What are you slinging?

I’m personally grabbing some jello because it’s solid enough to throw but unstable enough to give a good splat on whatever it hits.


When I food fight, I don’t play around

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Tteokbokki cause it gives me an excuse not to eat it. Assuming using the container to splash is alright mostly due to the spiciness of the sauce tbh

Fondue. I play to win, no matter what.

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Join me!

Between my rotten spike balls and your molten cheese/chocolate, we’ll be an unstoppable coalition

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Bacon. Everything tastes better when you add bacon.

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Avocados. Variable firmness, good chucking weight, aerodynamic, expensive so they know you mean business, gross thing to get hit by; hard centre for a nasty surprise.

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Sea urchins…nuff said

Mashed Potato.

It’ll make a satisfying thwack on whatever it hits.

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I’ve played enough Hitman to know that the only winning move is expired spaghetti sauce.


Rock sandwich. Finally, others will suffer as I have.


Applesauce + plastic spoon - the classic food catapult

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Food. Pre-processed.

I go for a melee build. Duel wielded fish, pocket of sardines to toss when escaping close quarters fights


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